Who Has The Best Dragon Ball Z Villains Team?

A couple of days ago, I stumbled upon an article listing the top ten Dragon Ball Z villains ever. I realized I couldn’t make the same thing considering I had already made a top ten Dragon Ball Z villains. So I got creative and came up with something a little different. I got some of the blog together and we created our own list of DBZ villains based on a draft.

A little warning for those that are into Dragon Ball Super though. Some of my guys weren’t familiar with it and we didn’t want our guys walking into something they didn’t know. So, I sent them a group of villains from Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and then villains from the Dragon Ball Z movies.

There are four teams that you must choose from with eight villains on each squad. The four teams were picked by our own bloggers; Derrik Whiten, Josh Elsass, Ryan Marte, and Austin Moorhead. You can see how the draft went in our video right here;

Enough chit chat though, here are each individual’s villains and why they were picked.


Kid Buu

Kid Buu is a great pick for Derrik to start out with. He was formed when cutting out all the individuals that were absorbed by Super Buu. His childish and psychopathic demeanor make him a worthy and unpredictable adversary in battle. He destroys entire planets for fun for god sakes. What more do you want? His ability to regenerate from basically any hit also makes him tough to take down.


After dispatching Frieza on Namek, no one could have imagined a stronger force…until they realized Frieza had an older brother; Cooler. He arrives on Earth to exact vengeance on the one who killed his brother. Not because he missed him, but because someone killed him before he could. That’s pretty hardcore. Cooler was also able to find one transformation past his brother which gave Goku a hard time until he went Super Saiyan and blasted him off the Earth.


Janemba started off as a big yellow creature that didn’t pose too much of a threat despite his destructive powers. When he transformed however, he gained a very aggressive and agile new body with new abilities including shooting a beam out of his mouth, using a dark sword which can shoot piercing diamonds of energy, and finally the ability to teleport by disintegrating his body by a molecular level. Goku and Vegeta are actually forced to use the fusion technique for the first time to defeat him.

Garlic Jr.

Garlic Jr is an interesting villain. He appeared in the first ever Dragon Ball Z movie. Garlic Jr. actually succeeded in gathering all the Dragon Balls and wished to be immortal. That way Goku and his friends couldn’t kill him. Instead he was sealed away in what is known as the Dead Zone; a personally created Black Hole by Garlic Jr. himself to suck the whole world into it. He also used what was known as the Black Water Mist to infect the people of Earth and put them under his control. Sadly, what knocks this character down a few pegs for me was that he was defeated by Gohan when he was just four years old.

Android 19

Android 19 way look like a creepy circus clown, but he packs a punch. He is able to absorb energy through his hands to power himself up to max capacity. Whether it is draining the life force of the humans on Earth, or absorbing energy blasts such as the Kamehameha wave from Goku, it is a deadly attack to use. He also comes close to killing Goku in his Super Saiyan form, but a heart attack ultimately makes Vegeta step in who had recently achieved his Super Saiyan form.

Dabura The Demon King

Dabura is the king of the Demon realm and was placed under the control of Babidi to become his right-hand man in the resurrection of Majin Buu. His power level is equal to Gohan’s when he transforms into Super Saiyan Two. He has the ability to call out a sword of pure dark energy, and can turn people to stone by spitting on them. A most disgusting tactic indeed. He is done by Majin Buu when he is resurrected by being turned into a cookie and eaten by the monster.

King Cold

King Cold is the father of both Frieza and Cooler. He is only seen in his second form in the Dragon Ball Z series, so we have to get what we take here. However, looking up the stats here, King Cold in his perfect form might have been stronger than Cell. It’s an interesting fact coupled with his high class attitude. Yet he is defeated by Trunks when he and Frieza come to Earth to seek revenge on Goku.

Dr. Gero

For Derrik’s last choice, he went with the leader of the Red Ribbon Army and the creator of the Androids himself; Dr. Gero. Gero actually made himself into an Android dubbing the name sometimes as Android 20. He has the same abilities that Android 19 possesses as well as the brilliant mind of an unhinged scientist desperately trying to find ways to kill Goku. He is ultimately done in unfortunately by his own creation Android 17 and again in Dragon Ball GT by Super Android 17.


King Piccolo

Josh chose a great one here as his first selection was none other than King Piccolo. An evil Namek, King Piccolo was once the evil side that lived within Kami who now protects the Earth. Kami had the evil separated from him thus creating Piccolo. He first appears old and worn down, but his power is still there. He has his henchman gather the Dragon Balls and wishes to have his power and youth returned to him making him even more ruthless and cruel. He also decided to kill the dragon Shenron after granting him his youth and power back to him. He ended up being killed by Goku when he was a child, but man was he a brutal tyrant.


Broly is one of the most well-known villains in the history of Dragon Ball Z. From his countless appearances in movies, to the level of aggression he has Broly is one of the most ruthless and destructive villains to ever cross Goku and the Z-fighters. However, his hatred for Goku burns deep as they were born on the same day and Goku’s constant crying upset Broly as a child to the point that the name Kakarot sets him off. His Legendary Super Saiyan form took the fight out of everyone. Goku needed to borrow the last remaining energy from all the Z-fighters just to beat him.

Vegeta (Early Days)

Make no mistake about it. Vegeta may be on the good side of the Z-fighters now, but he was very much a villain when the Saiyan saga started its course. The Prince of all Saiyans had pride and entitlement beyond believe as the elite warrior never lost a battle…until he came to Earth and fought Goku. His power level required Goku to max out the Kaio-Ken technique to the point where his body was going to burst from it all. Also he killed his right-hand man Nappa and can turn into a Great Ape whenever he so chose to do so. He would grow to become Goku’s most powerful rival.

Android 18

Android 18 was the only female Android designed by Dr. Gero. Though she eventually leaves her evil ways, she was a very critical killing machine who basically did it because she was bored. Let us not forget she basically humiliated Vegeta when he tried to fight her at his very best and failed. Her arc in the Future Trunks saga was even more brutal as she and Android 17 killed basically everyone including Gohan who had lost an arm in the battle prior. She eventually gets absorbed by Cell and after decides to marry Krillin and leave the evil ways behind her.


This muscle bound brute was the right-hand man to Vegeta and sadly was killed by him when he couldn’t believe how easily he was beaten by Goku. Nappa brought some entertaining moments to the screen as we watched Dragon Ball Z as he easily dispatched almost all of the Z-Fighters including Piccolo. What he lacks in intelligence, he makes up for with brute strength.


Raditz is the older brother of Goku and was the first main villain in the Saiyan saga. His power at the time exceeded both Goku’s and Piccolo’s and it too the two of them to take him out killing Goku in the process. This would mark the first time Goku died so it was a pretty big deal. They had help of course as Gohan’s rage exploded and he charged at Raditz giving Goku the chance to hold Raditz while Piccolo used the Special Beam Cannon. His power level isn’t the greatest, but he is remembered well in the history of Dragon Ball Z.


This is a bit of an odd one for me personally because to me Chi-Chi didn’t really seem like a villain, but I get it I guess. Chi-Chi is the daughter of the OX King and was skilled in martial arts. She first met Goku when they were kids and eventually wound up fighting each other later in life at the World Tournament. The only reason I could she her being a villain is that she held Goku back from training constantly which could have made him impressively stronger. A very villainous move indeed Josh, I see where you’re going here.


The last pick from Josh is Guldo; a member of the Ginyu force. Though he is the least powerful member of the Ginyu force, he possesses some very interesting techniques. He can stop time by holding his breath and he can use telekinesis to life certain objects off the ground. I wish I would have seen more of him, but sadly he is taken out by an energy wave which cuts off his head curtesy of Vegeta.


Majin Vegeta

I know that Vegeta was already taken off this list, but I included Majin Vegeta in the list of villains to choose from because this is an entirely different Vegeta then before. When Babidi takes over the mind of Vegeta, all of the burning evil and hatred inside of him erupts and Majin Vegeta is born. He has one simple goal; to kill Goku. He even toys with Goku when he resists to fight him because it would only make Buu stronger by killing an entire section of the crowd at the World Martial Arts Tournament. Though he gains back his sanity and mind from Babidi’s control, Majin Vegeta was ruthless, cold, and calculating.


Although we said we weren’t putting Dragon Ball Super on here, I made sure Ryan felt nice knowing the picture is of Golden Frieza just to be clear. He was a vicious tyrant who killed anyone who got in his way without remorse in his search for the Dragon Balls to be immortal. He has a superiority complex of being the strongest in the universe and despises the Saiyans who served for him. He even blew up their planet with a single ball of energy. He made Vegeta break down, killed Goku’s best friend Krillin in front of him, and has remained possibly the greatest villain in the history of the Dragon Ball era.

Omega Shenron

The most powerful of the Shadow Dragons, Omega Shenron was originally Synn Shenron who absorbed all of the Black Star Dragon Balls containing the powers of the other six Shadow Dragons to become Omega Shenron. He was by far the most powerful villain in the history of Dragon Ball GT and was essentially unstoppable even for a Super Saiyan Four Goku and Vegeta. He was almost defeated when Goku and Vegeta decided to fuse and become Gogeta in Super Saiyan Four power, but the time ran out. He was eventually defeated however by Goku’s Spirit Bomb.

Android 17

Android 17 was an interesting one, but I love the choice here. Dr. Gero designed him to kill Goku along with the other androids. While he wanted to do that, his first mission according to him was to kill Gero (which he did). 17 often felt boredom like 18 and enjoyed killing anybody just to get a rush out of it. He was the big talker of the group too often telling people he was the greatest android ever created. His battle with Piccolo was probably one of the best fight scenes I’d ever seen to be honest. He was eventually absorbed by Cell and wasn’t seen again until Dragon Ball GT.


Hirudegarn was one of the most interesting villains I’d ever seen. He was an ancient monster bent on reaping destruction across anything that was in his way. He was trapped inside the soul of the warrior who originally killed him; Tapion. Ever time he would sleep Hirudegarn would come out and cause absolute destruction. He could only be sealed within Tapion by him playing a flute which caused the monster to go back inside of him. He had incredible power and his speed was amazing for a monster that big disappearing and reappearing instantly. He was eventually defeated by Goku when he went Super Saiyan Three and executed his Dragon Fist technique obliterating him.

Nuova Shenron

Nuova Shenron is another of the seven Shadow Dragons and specializes in a lot of fire-based attacks. He is an extremely proud and competitive warrior and villain which is interesting because his moves come from pride not because of using underhanded tactics like most villains would use. He is in a weird mix of villain and anti-hero phase and is the first villain since Vegeta to really give me that vibe. Very good pick Marte.


Though the wizard Babidi may appear weak, he makes up with it through his use of magic and deception. Babidi can take over anyone’s mind as long as they have evil in their heart and turn them into his loyal soldiers. News flash guys, Vegeta was the only to have ever broken his spell over him. That is saying something. His one mission is to resurrect the monster Majin Buu that his father had control over to rule the world. Unfortunately, Babidi loses control of Majin Buu and he kills Babidi. His reasoning…He was tired of Babidi telling him what to do.


Bojack is the leader of the Galaxy Soldiers; a group of individuals that went across the galaxy killing many innocent people. He was only stopped when the four Kais contained him in a prison. When King Kai was killed after the Cella Saga, the bond holding Bojack broke and he was released. He and his gang set their sight on Hercule’s massive tournament to begin their slaughter. None of the Z-Fighters stood a chance until Gohan got so angry again that he turned into a Super Saiyan Two and dispatched him with ease. His character reminds me a lot of King Piccolo as he even slaughtered one of his members to gain a surprise attack.



I chose Cell as my number one pick because to me, he is the best villain to ever come out of the Dragon Ball era. He is an android created by Dr. Gero for one simple purpose. Absorb Androids 17 and 18 and achieve his perfect form. He has all the abilities and moves of the Z-Fighters including the Kamehameha Wave, the Special Beam Cannon, Regeneration, the Solar Flare and even moves from Frieza as well. This Android laid waste to anyone that opposed him even besting Goku in battle. It took Android 16’s head getting crushed for Gohan’s rage to boil over and he became a Super Saiyan Two. Cell didn’t have a chance until he blew himself up taking Goku with him and with his Saiyan cells there, he grew even stronger. He was eventually defeated by Gohan with the help of Goku and Vegeta.

Baby Vegeta

Baby is the last member of his race; the Tuffles. He was rebuilt as a machine mutant parasitic creature by Dr. Myuu. His hatred for the Saiyans burns deep as his entire race was wiped out by the Saiyans. Once he escapes to Earth, Baby starts taking control over everybody turning them essentially into a unity. His takeover of Vegeta however was the best as his power grew to new heights the likes of which people had never seen. Goku actually has to take on a new transformation in order to beat him; Super Saiyan Four. Baby’s powers are only increased when he becomes a Great Ape, but is destroyed after Goku blasts him when he tries to escape.

Super 17

Dragon Ball GT comes again with my pick of Super 17. After Baby was defeated, Dr. Myuu met with Dr. Gero in Hell and together they hatched a plan to finally kill Goku. Myuu created another Android 17 and that 17 went and met with another one in Hell and together they fused to become the perfect Android; Super Android 17. His big throwback that he has the ability to abosorb energy blasts through his hands like Gero and Android 19. He can rip off his hand to reveal a gatling gun and has a huge energy ball finishing move. His greed for power gets the best of him though as Android 18 fires blasts to keep him occupied while Goku smashes through the Android destroying him.


Turles is such a cool villain to me because it is the first glimpse of what Goku would be like as a villain. Turles is an exact replica look alike to Goku and he leads a group of space pirates throughout the galaxy in search of planets that would be best to plant the Tree of Might. A tree that sucks the life out of the planet to create fruit that enhances the power of anyone who eats it. Turles is really despicable though as he turns Gohan into a Great Ape to try to crush Goku. Even with the fruit of the Tree of Might inside of him Turles is defeated by the Spirit Bomb which came from the energy of the Tree of Might itself.

Lord Slug

The second evil Namekian on this list, I chose Lord Slug because he was basically what Piccolo was; a Super Namekian. Super Namekians are essentially very evil Nameks that believe in nothing but power and conquest. Slug comes to Earth in search of the Dragon Balls of course to restore his youth therefore restoring his power. He then trys to enslave the Earth under his rule. Naturally, Goku steps in to try beat him even bringing out a form of a false Super Saiyan. Slug can also grow in size and when that happens he gets stronger. However, Goku pulls himself up and hits him with the Spirit Bomb for the win.

Captain Ginyu

Captain Ginyu; the leader of the infamous Ginyu Force is one I chose because of two very important things. His body swapping ability is amazing and he is absolutely hilarious. From his poses to the way he talks, he is so funny. His body swapping ability though comes in handy as he can swap bodies with someone to get their bodies. Though he doesn’t get the powers that come with (unless you play the video games) it is still a pretty good ability to have.


Besides Ginyu, Burter was always my favorite from the Ginyu Force. The main reason why I picked him though was because of his speed. He is by far the fastest player in the games, and I need a person with a little agility. Sadly, without Jeice by his side, he isn’t quiet the same. He gets beat fairly easily by Goku, but Vegeta is the one to blast him away and kill him.

Android 13

My last pick is the Redneck Android himself; Android 13. His personality is actually what separates him from the other androids on this list as he goes full on country boy slang and everything. His primary goal; Kill Goku of course. It isn’t until he absorbs his android buddies 14 and 15 that he gains immense that he goes full berserker mode. Not even the three Super Saiyans combined (Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks) could beat him. Goku finds a way and puts all in his energy into one punch to completely destroy him.


So who do you think had the better team of Dragon Ball Era villains? You can let us know and vote below.

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