One Player Each NFL Team Should Part Ways With

Each team has a particular player on it that has a lot of cap space, someone that isn’t as good as once they were, or just someone taking up space on the roster. Every NFL team has one of these whether they want to admit it or not. So I decided to take a stab at which player from each team should hit the road via trade or being cut. With that being said, let’s break a sweat and get to work.

Arizona Cardinals

David Johnson

I’ve kinda gone over this in my cutting article, but I’ll bring it up again for this one. David Johnson has lost his starting job to Kenyan Drake and it will take him a lot of time to build that ability and trust back up again. His huge contract extension at the end of 2018 also makes this a problem so he needs to be moved ASAP.

Atlanta Falcons

Vic Beasley

Vic Beasley was drafted in 2015 with their first round pick and recorded an amazing year in 2016 with 15.5 sacks and six forced fumbles. However, he has not been able to relive that Pro Bowl year by any margin after that. With Beasley set to hit free agency, this is the perfect time to hit the reset button and find a better option in free agency.

Baltimore Ravens

Willie Snead

Maybe it is just me, but I don’t really think Snead brings any value to this team. Sure he recorded a lot more touchdowns this year, but his overall reception count was cut in half as well as his receiving yardage. The Ravens should seek a trade option to bring in another receiver who can get the job done with big numbers or settle for a good defensive player.

Buffalo Bills

Star Lotulelei

The Bills have done a pretty decent job at setting a good cap space. So really the only option I see fitting would be to cut or move veteran defensive tackle Star Lotulelei. The main reason being that Ed Oliver is set to achieve this position given his production. It sucks because he has about three years left on his contract, but like I said there isn’t much to do in Buffalo when it comes to this segment.

Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton

Though the new head coach of Carolina Matt Rhule has stated he is looking forward to working with the veteran quarterback something just tells me it won’t happen. The Panthers are in rebuild mode and Newton is declining with age and injury. The best move would be to trade Newton for another team to take on his salary. If they choose to cut him, they could save up a little over 19 million dollars which is huge. Best case scenario they trade him though and could get another quarterback in free agency.

Chicago Bears

Mitchell Trubisky

Although the Bears said they would commit to Trubisky after the 2019 season, I strongly advise them to reconsider their options. With such a huge quarterback market and draft class there are many options Chicago could go for here. However, they most likely will be stubborn and keep him. At the very least they need to bring in a solid veteran to compete for the job and make Trubisky work for it.

Cincinnati Bengals

Andy Dalton

Normally, I would probably go with A.J. Green here, but with Joe Burrow already making a claim for him to stay there if he gets drafted it makes it tough. So I went for the safe option with Andy Dalton. He is on his way out the door, but the question is where will he go? If I had to choose a team for him to be traded to it would be either the Bears or the Patriots.

Cleveland Browns

Olivier Vernon

This might be a tough one for Browns fans to swallow, but Browns fans are Browns fans so there is that. Vernon was sent over by the Giants as a package in the OBJ trade and has since done very little with his tenure with Browns recording a career low 3.5 sacks as well as one forced fumble and four tackles. Cutting him would also make a huge clearing in their cap space with 15.5 million dollars. Again, I see it as a no-brainer, but others might disagree.

Dallas Cowboys

Tyrone Crawford

Suppose the Cowboys retain both Prescott and Cooper with crazy deals? That means that Jerry Jones is going to have to make a tough decision. I doubt Jones will cut or trade one of the very talented offensive linemen so in my mind Tyrone Crawford is the best option especially since he has a 9.1 million dollar cap hit for 2020.

Denver Broncos

Chris Harris

With the cornerback position a must for some teams, Harris would be a valuable playmaker to move especially since the Broncos acquired A.J. Bouye from the Jaguars. Teams like the Eagles and Vikings could surely prosper in trading for the Denver product.

Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford

If the Lions are truly still in this rebuild function they need to trade Matt Stafford. It isn’t the most popular opinion, but it is one that I regard very highly of. Stafford has been riddled with injuries and the fact is he needs a change of scenery, somewhere he can go that he can win. They don’t need to have a very high paid quarterback on their roster if they want to rebuild in my most honest opinion because it’s honestly nothing against Stafford. Detroit just sucks.

Green Bay Packers

Jimmy Graham

I’ve said it enough times, but honestly this was such a stupid move by Green Bay considering Rodgers barely uses his tight ends. With Graham reported to hit free agency, the Packers could take advantage of this and trade him to a team that needs a tight end like Pittsburgh, New England, or even Buffalo for god sakes.

Houston Texans

Lamar Miller

Granted this probably only works if Melvin Gordon goes to the Texans, which I see him doing. If that happens, then the Texans should cut their ties with both Miller and Hyde and rely on the combination of Gordon and Johnson to get the job done. Plus whether it seems like it or not, teams are always in need of a running back…unless you’re San Francisco.

Indianapolis Colts

Jacoby Brissett

Brissett was supposed to be the next big thing when Andrew Luck retired. That’s why they gave him the two-year extension. However, his first year wasn’t as good as expected. Now rumors are, the Colts are bringing in a veteran quarterback to hopefully take them to a Super Bowl run. A two-year deal seems likely which means Brissett would likely finish out in Indianapolis. If the Jaguars ever move out Foles, Brissett would be a huge star to put on that roster at that point.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Marqise Lee

Lee is a good receiver, not a great receiver. This begs the question of why the Jaguars gave him a four-year deal after the 2018 season worth 38 million dollars? He already tore his ACL in 2018 and was only available for six games in the 2019 season. Bad move on their part as getting rid of him would be a good solution. Maybe trade him, but I don’t see teams taking a chance. Better off to just cut him.

Kansas City Chiefs

LeSean McCoy

With McCoy set to become a free agent, his options are open, but knowing him coming off a Super Bowl win he might stick with the Chiefs…or he could the logical option and ask for a trade back to Philly. He could be a wonderful two punch option with Miles Sanders as Jordan Howard didn’t do all that well.Plus if the Chiefs take Jonathan Taylor as predicted in my mock, they won’t need McCoy to mentor him because Damien Williams will have that honor.

Las Vegas Raiders

Derek Carr

For some reason, the Raiders aren’t sold on Derek Carr and the rumors are speculating that he could possibly be traded to another team. I’ve been a big fan of Carr while others have distrusted him because even though he seems like the guy who would excited over paint drying, his skill set is there. However, if the locker room and Gruden aren’t on board with him then they gotta move him somewhere. Maybe the Bears or Panthers would suffice.

Los Angeles Chargers

Melvin Gordon

This is a pretty easy one given he is a free agent heading into 2020 and they just paid Austin Ekeler a four-year deal worth about 25 million dollars. Gordon held out for the beginning of the 2019 season and now finds himself possibly looking at other teams. Names like the Buffalo Bills and the Houston Texans have been thrown around so he has a shot.

Los Angeles Rams

Todd Gurley

This is a weird thing to say given all his accomplishments over the last couple of years. As we know however, the NFL is a “what have you done for me now” sort of league and Gurley hasn’t done much with his constant misusage and knee issues. The Rams also gave him a four-year extension of 60 million dollars which is coming back to bite them at this point. Trade him away to a team in need of a back and one that has the cap space because you certainly can’t take on that cap if you cut him.

Miami Dolphins

Albert Wilson

I said this was stupid from the very beginning, but man it is looking ridiculous at this point. The fact that the Dolphins gave him a three-year deal worth 24 million dollars is ludicrous and extremely over-paid. There is plenty of cap space to work with in 2020, so why not make more and release Wilson and get almost 11 million dollars back? Seems like a no-brainer because in my mind he is extremely over-rated.

Minnesota Vikings

Kyle Rudolph

Rudolph’s 2019 season didn’t start out great at all, but he finished strong and even caught the touchdown in the NFC Wild Card game against the Saints. However, you can argue he is a bit expendable especially with Irv Smith Jr. on the rise. Teams that need a tight end like the Steelers or the Patriots could easily get him with a mid-round pick and the Vikings could clear some easy cap space.

New England Patriots

Mohamed Sanu

Pretty easy one as the former Falcon just didn’t pan out for the Pats in the 2019 season. I wrote a lot about this in my player cut article so feel free to check there, but overall his production was the lowest it had ever been and Tom Brady was the quarterback. However, many teams are wideouts and the veteran could do wonders in some cities. Trade him and move on Bill.

New Orleans Saints

Sheldon Rankins

The Saints don’t have too much to work with, but there are some names I would consider moving. One of those big names is Sheldon Rankins who was drafted in the first round by the Saints in 2016. He has some amazing talent, but many injuries have plagued the star including a broken fibula in 2016, a torn achilles in 2018, and an ankle injury in 2019. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to deal him to some teams in need for defensive help with a high risk high reward mentality.

New York Giants

Nate Solder

By far the worst contract given in 2019 was Nate Solder’s contract from the New York Giants. He signed a four-year deal with the Giants for 62 million dollars with 35 million of it guaranteed. Needless to say that contract was a huge bust with Solder hugely underperforming. Now the Giants are in a pickle. They have to find a trade partner who would want to take on his contract or simply cut him. Regardless, he should not be with the Giants in 2020.

New York Jets

Le’Veon Bell

Seems stupid given the fact that he’s only been a Jet for a year, but Adam Gase is an idiot and doesn’t value the running back position. He also made less money and was behind a garbage offensive line. If Bell was smart he’d go back to Pittsburgh and play out his years in the Steel City because if he stays with the Jets, his career will be wasted.

Philadelphia Eagles

Alshon Jeffery

The Eagles might be in desperate need for help at the wide receiver position, but they can’t afford to take on Alshon Jeffery for the 2020 season. The reason being is that are multiple receivers on the free agent market and much younger and cheaper options in the draft. The smart thing to do would be to ship him off to a team in need of receiver help and sweeten it with some draft picks.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Mark Barron

When Barron signed a two-year deal with us, I thought it would be a great fit for Pittsburgh, but man did he fizzle out really quickly. His coverage skills were just really not good. Hopefully, the Steelers can come to their senses and cut him or find a trade partner before the 2020 season.

San Francisco 49ers

Jerrick McKinnon

If you read my players being cut article then this is not new to you. Jerrick McKinnon was paid a four-year 30 million deal in 2018. Sadly two injuries have kept Jerrick out of action for the two of those four years. There doesn’t seem to be a reason to keep McKinnon especially with the running back trio of Coleman, Mostert and Breida. Cut ties with him so you don’t have to pay that hefty contract.

Seattle Seahawks

Quandre Diggs

The Seattle defense is in trouble and it isn’t going to get any better unless something gets changed. That is where Quandre Diggs comes into play and why he should be moved. Better safeties are available in the draft and some free agency selections are somewhat okay to test out if that isn’t the route to go. Diggs though in my opinion would need a change of scenery.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jameis Winston

Winston is the biggest conundrum when it comes to the quarterback position. He can throw over 5,000 yards and over 30 touchdowns, but he is going to throw 30 picks. That is why the biggest question is where is he gonna go? I doubt he stays in Tampa Bay which makes him valuable trade candidate or free agent this offseason.

Tennessee Titans

Delanie Walker

The Titans did very well last season and with a better chance to do great in 2020. Unfortunately, some names might not be there for the new campaign. Veteran tight end Delanie Walker is one that should not be there. He is very injury prone and was limited to eight games in a two-year tenure. His cap hit for the 2020 season is a little over eight million dollars, and the Titans made the AFC championship without him. Jonnu Smith is also being groomed to take the position so trade or cut him.

Washington Redskins

Trent Williams

This one is pretty easy. The Redskins have been completely ugly with the management of Williams. The way they misused his medical status was nothing short of embarrassing and he should given a shot to go somewhere great. They are letting him do this which means great things for his future.

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