Who Do You Think You Are? I AM!

Happy Freaking Anniversary to arguably the most hysterical and emotional moment in bowling, let alone the entire sports world. Let’s paint a picture….

The year is 2012 and Pete Weber, the loose cannon of the bowling world and son of famous bowler and founder of the PBA Dick (nice) Weber is at the 69th (nice) U.S. Open. Weber, now considered Bowling’s all time great, is in the match of a life time looking to pass his late great fathers record for Open Championships. Weber had tied his father in 2007 and felt his window closing on his chances to surpass his dad.

Weber entered the tournament as the lowest seed, a far fall from grace for bowlings greatest played. His antics on the tour are that of the movie Kingpin, being scolded and fined multiple times for his alcohol and drug related tirades. Despite the low seeding, Weber clawed his way into the final math

During the match, Weber becomes increasingly excited and angry at someone in the crowd. Weber came out after the match during an interview and explained what led him to be this emotional and excited after the match.

The part that surprised me the most was during the 30 for 30 on Weber’s career, people at the event claim that Weber had created this audience member in his head to motivate him, as if the bowling badass needed someone to be against him for him to succeed. Weber stays claiming that he was being ridiculed only loud enough that he could here it, but you understand why some people didn’t believe the bad boy of bowling.

Weber goes on to win the Open and gives us arguably the GREATEST line in professional sports history!

I think the part that has me the most intrigued is just today, literally while writing this blog…you can see this dude in the white shirt giving Weber the DMX “Suck It” move!

Watch the clip again!! You can see this dude in white literally just hating Weber. I think this might be the first time I’ve answered my own unanswered question while writing a blog.

All in all, happy anniversary to Pete Weber’s 5th U.S. Open Bowling Championship and more importantly, the famous line :

“Who do you think you are? I AM!”

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