My Top Ten Scariest Movies

I’d like to think of myself as probably one of the biggest horror and suspense movie fanatics around. I am one of the weird people who enjoy watching a movie to be absolutely frightened. People normally blurt this out when I say that;

I get it. Some people wouldn’t pay money to go and watch something knowing they are gonna be scared right? There’s just something about horror movies that always fascinates me. The amount of creativity and genius that goes into these films is incredible. Again these are my top films that have scared me to the point of no return. I am sure that some you may agree with and some you may not. That’s why it says “MY” in the title.

So without further ado, I the Rank King give you my top scariest movies.

Honorable Mention;

Paranormal Activity (2007)

This movie had essentially everything in it that you were scared of as a kid when the lights went out. While found footage films are starting to become this shaky camera style crap that more or less annoys me most of the time, this movie did the exact opposite. I saw this in theaters and had goosebumps while clenching the arms of my chair. The movie centers around a couple that starts experiencing strange occurrences in their home. Soon after they set up cameras all around the house hoping to capture more footage. However, light hearted jokes turn from these two turn to terror very quickly.

10.) The Descent (2005)

The Descent centers around a group of women that go on a spelunking adventure. For those that don’t know what spelunking is, it is essentially commonly known as caving or exploring caves. They think they hit a huge spot, but unfortunately for them while inside the cave collapses on them trapping them under ground. The real kicker is that the cave is actually unknown and hasn’t been explored which now sends the group into a huge panic. They are now alone and nobody knows where they are…or so they think. Little do they know that they are being stalked by cave dwelling creatures and it has become a game of survival. Claustrophobia and the unknown make this film incredibly scary for me to this day.

9.) IT Follows (2014)

The idea of this one was a bit odd when I first saw it, but man was it an interesting and disturbing movie to watch. The plot centers around a girl who after having sex with her new boyfriend gets passed an unknown sexually transmitted disease. Think of it more as a curse actually, as after this she is told that she can never stop moving as Death will be coming for her in the form of strangers or friends unless she passes it to someone else. It is a weird take on horror, but I admired the odd direction as the suspense levels went through the roof as the film progressed. This entity does nothing, but walk towards its target to kill whomever it may be. Just think about that for a second. Always being on edge because something is constantly stalking you down taking its time and waiting for the right moment to strike. This was a virtually unsettling movie with great use of paranoia.

8.) The Fourth Kind (2009)

Aliens are no joke man. This movie has made me afraid of extraterrestrials ever since I first watched it. The story centers around a psychologist and the mysterious events that have plagued Nome, Alaska. She begins to notice patients experiencing weird occurrences such as them seeing the same owl that comes to visit them at night. However, things aren’t as they appear to be. As she puts them under hypnosis to recover those memories, strange and disturbing things start happening to the point where she becomes involved in a series of unexplained events. If you weren’t afraid of the unknown before, you should be now.

7.) Midsommar (2019)

If the Wicker Man scared you, this movie will absolutely terrify you. The plot centers around a group of friends that head to Sweden to experience a Midsummer festival from one of their friends that lived there. Once arriving everything seems weird, but enjoyable…until very disturbing and cult like instances start happening. It is one of those films that you want to look away, but you just can’t. It would have been higher on my list, but it does have some confusion in it that you’ll have to watch it more than once to get it. If you got it the first time, you earned my respect and a gold star on your forehead.

6.) JAWS (1975)

The world is surrounded by water and most of it is still unexplored. Sometimes things just terrify us that we can’t see and this is a huge reason why this movie was successful. This film terrified me when I first watched it. An oldie, but a goodie, Jaws centers around a police chief dealing with mysterious shark attacks on his beach. When the mayor refuses to close the beaches, the police chief, a shark expert, and a ship captain go out to try to kill the shark. An excellent film that plays off suspense very well due to the fact that you don’t see the whole shark until the very last act of the film. While it is an absolutely brilliant, it became more enjoyable for me to watch than watching a scary film. In fact, I bring it on vacation with me every year to Myrtle Beach. I know I’m crazy right?

5.) Sinister (2012)

Sinister was surprising because honestly I thought it wasn’t going to be good, but man I was wrong. This movie was incredibly disturbing and it got me because out of all the films on this list, it is the one that I had to pause and walk away from because I was actually too terrified to finish it. However, I sucked it up and got back in and man was this movie good. The story is about a crime writer who without telling his family moves them into a house where a family was murdered in order to get inspiration for his book. While moving in, he finds a collection of Super 8 film in the attic. He sits down to watch them only to find out they are a collection of shot murders. As he dives further into this, very dark and disturbing things start happening to him and his family.

4.) Insidious (2010)

Say what you want about the Insidious franchise, but the original unsettled me very greatly when I saw it in theaters. Honestly it was between this one and the Conjuring, and while I think the Conjuring was the better film, this one scared me more. The movie focuses on a family that has moved into a new home. Upon being there the son falls into a comatose state and soon strange things start happening that make the parents believe the house is haunted. It becomes very clear that something more evil is afoot. Hands down one of the most disturbing theater experiences I have ever had.

3.) The Strangers (2008)

Now some people might think this movie is a bit high on the list, but I can assure you this was the scariest movie of the decade. The Strangers has a very simple plot. A couple venture to a family vacation home looking for relaxation. What they get instead is a terrifying home invasion experience the likes of which I have never seen before. They start to notice three strange people lurking around the home. However, the suspense builds and builds throughout the film and makes the viewer extremely uncomfortable. A marvelous horror and suspenseful masterpiece that still makes me look over my shoulder when I’m home alone.

2.) Hereditary (2018)

Probably a lot of people thought this was going to be number and honestly, it was a real tough decision that I probably spent a good 30 to 45 minutes thinking about it. However, in my decision, I went with Hereditary as my runner up. The plot centers around a family that is coping with the loss of their grandmother. As the film progresses, the mother and the daughter start experiencing and doing disturbing things in this film. Later in the film however, is when it starts getting so tense that you literally clench your body and you can’t move a muscle. This was definitely the scariest film I have seen in a long time. The thing I loved about this film was that the audience beforehand didn’t receive much information and I like that a lot. It leaves you guessing when you come see the film and man did it deliver.

1.) The Babadook (2014)

That’s right. The Babadook is my scariest movie on this list. One of the more recent entries into my preferred genre of movies, The Babadook was a suspenseful and heart pounding masterpiece that I enjoyed because it actually made me extremely nervous and fidgety when I watched it. The story centers around a mother dealing with her own personal demons while trying to raise her “odd” son. When putting him to bed, she decides to grab a book entitled “Mr. Babadook” off of the shelf and read it to him. While reading, the book becomes increasingly dark and disturbing to the point she stops reading it. Soon after, the boy swears he starts seeing this “Babadook”. The mother shrugs it off because kids will be kids right…until she starts experiencing things too. This Australian nail biting and breath taking experience had me shivering through the entire film. Absolutely wonderful horror film and the scariest one that I have ever seen.

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