Okay, there is only one reason I say this and it’s pretty simple.

I can’t continue to see Antonio Brown trying to become a musical artist. Like bro just stop. You got bodied by Logan Paul and you dropped ONE song that was decent but this latest video, well it’s just a down right crime.

Honestly I only made it through the first 20-30 seconds, it’s that bad. When I heard lines like “Momma cry because she wanna see my play,” or “Daddy so scared because he wanna see me score” or my ultimate favorite, “Had me sitting like hot sauce,” I couldn’t listen anymore. That was it for me.

It’s just like AB said in his interview with “The Fan” he’s bored. Buddy, this isn’t how you need to be spending your time anymore. Continue to get into the gym and stay out of the studio because I can’t take this anymore.