Moorhead’s Way Too Early Free Agent Frenzy

Last year, I compiled a list of free agents for each team that needed a certain player. While it might seem early to start giving out names for teams, I decided to see how interesting this could be doing it so early. Don’t worry I’ll be making another one when it is closer to the free agent deadline. Each team will be assigned a player based on their most needed position and I am making the rule that nobody can re-sign with the team so everyone is available unless they have actually already signed with the team. Nothing else to say except let’s get started.

Arizona Cardinals:

Breshad Perriman

Wide Receiver

Previous Team – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

With the Cardinals mostly going to offensive tackle in the draft, they have to get Murray another weapon on offense. Perriman would be a huge piece to this front alongside Christian Kirk and Larry Fitzgerald. He proved that he could handle a majority of the load and we will see if Arizona thinks the same if they sign him.

Atlanta Falcons:

Ndamukong Suh

Defensive Tackle

Previous Team – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I’m saying the same thing I said last year. The Falcons need a defensive tackle so what better player to grab for cheap than Suh. The Bucs will most likely let him go to free agency so this is Atlanta’s chance to grab a veteran that can excel on a very fragile defense.

Baltimore Ravens

Neslon Agholor

Wide Receiver

Previous Team – Philadelphia Eagles

While Nelson Agholor isn’t necessarily the best wide out on the free agency board he provides a little bit of a decent skill set for Lamar Jackson to use. He passes to mostly tight ends anyway, but when it came to wideouts Brown was the only one he targeted often. Get him another weapon to confuse the defense.

Buffalo Bills

Leonard Williams

Defensive End

Previous Team – New York Giants

While it might be true that Williams sticks with the Giants going into next year, it wouldn’t be the craziest thing to imagine if the Giants shopped him to get better cap space to pay other stars. The Bills in my mind would be great to have Williams as a kid who can dominate on the field.

Carolina Panthers

Blake Martinez

Inside Linebacker

Previous Team – Green Bay Packers

Carolina in my mind will sign a veteran quarterback to take over if Cam Newton can’t go. That being said the next thing is to find Kuechly’s replacement. Look no further in free agency than Blake Martinez. While Green Bay might re-sign him, it would be interesting to see this happen knowing Blake’s athleticism.

Chicago Bears

Eric Ebron

Tight End

Previous Team – Indianapolis Colts

The tight end situation in Indy looks sold to Jack Doyle who had a much more productive season once he was healthy. This leaves Eric Ebron to free agency and the Bears need a tight end to work with. Having him on their team could provide solid rush blocking for Montgomery and Cohen as well as a nice pass catcher when needed.

Cincinnati Bengals

Dante Fowler Jr.

Outside Linebacker

Previous Team – Los Angeles Rams

With the Bengals feeling pretty strong about getting Joe Burrow, they need to really upgrade the linebacker position. It doesn’t matter if it is outside or inside because they need someone bad. Enter Dante Fowler who has had decent success with the Rams and could provide a heavy impact immediately.

Cleveland Browns

Devin McCourty


Previous Team – New England Patriots

Let’s just say that McCourty doesn’t come back to the Pats. So now he has to find a new home and what better home than one his twin brother was at in Cleveland. The Browns are in some shamble right now and it might be a good idea to head to Cleveland and improve their defense with his skill set. They would also be able to work well together considering they already dealt with his twin brother.

Dallas Cowboys

Chris Harris


Previous Team – Denver Broncos

With the situation developing in Dallas it would be wise for them to go out and get the defensive help they need. Since I have them taking a safety in the draft, the cornerback position is the next they need help with the most. They could lock down Chris Harris for a really good contract and he would produce good numbers in my mind for Dallas.

Denver Broncos

Jack Conklin

Offensive Tackle

Previous Team – Tennessee Titans

Stranger things have happened which is why I have Jack Conklin going to the Broncos. My thoughts are they will take a top receiver in the draft which means they need to fix their next best position which is the offensive tackle position. Dalton Risner was a nice pick last year so getting Conklin from Tennessee could help them out even more.

Detroit Lions

Kyle Van Noy

Inside Linebacker

Previous Team – New England Patriots

It has been clear that Van Noy would like to stay with the Patriots, but it is going to cost them which is what Bill and Kraft probably won’t do. What’s the next best place then? How about with Matt Particia in Detroit. He’s hired quite a few former Patriots players in the past and they should have the money to cover him. This will give their linebacker position some strength again.

Green Bay Packers

Jason Peters

Offensive Tackle

Previous Team – Philadelphia Eagles

Now this one I know might be a long shot, but if they really want to protect Aaron Rodgers then Jason Peters might be a good choice for them. His ability to spark a locker room with his actions and his words might get Green Bay back on track. This could also switch if they decide to draft a tackle in the draft in which they would go wideout here then.

Houston Texans

Melvin Gordon

Running Back

Previous Team – Los Angeles Chargers

Who honestly knows if Gordon will re-sign with Los Angeles or not, but in my mind he didn’t do a whole lot when he returned from his holdout. Part of that was due to Austin Ekeler finding a lot of success. So with Derrick Henry most likely re-signing with Tennessee, Houston needs to jump on this and sign Gordon which is honestly what they should have done last year.

Indianapolis Colts

Amari Cooper

Wide Receiver

Previous Team – Dallas Cowboys

Since I can’t re-sign people in this outlook I have, the decision was made to put Amari on another team, even though Dallas will probably make him the highest paid receiver in the NFL. A team that could really use him would be Indianapolis. Can you imagine him alongside T.Y. Hilton? Plus Indy has a great deal of cap space to afford him and make him a star with Jacoby Brissett throwing him the ball.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Terrell Suggs

Outside Linebacker

Previous Team – Kansas City Chiefs

Suggs has become a bit of a journey man since leaving Baltimore. He landed at Arizona and later was sent to Kansas City and won a Super Bowl. If the Jaguars want to improve their defense and establish some leadership then signing Suggs would be the best option as he could whip some of the younger talent into shape while establishing himself as a member of Sacksonville.

Kansas City Chiefs

Byron Jones


Previous Team – Dallas Cowboys

The reigning Super Bowl champs did wonderful bringing home their first trophy in fifty years. I would say that their defense (particularly their secondary) could use some work. Enter Byron Jones. He could definitely bring some defense to a struggling secondary and help the Chiefs get back and win their second Super Bowl in a row.

Las Vegas Raiders

A.J. Green

Wide Reciever

Previous Team – Cincinnati Bengals

Now this would be a very interesting move for the Raiders. Suppose they get CeeDee Lamb in the draft and then they go out and get veteran A.J. Green. Even if they choose to stick with Carr, his options for weapons would be unstoppable with a great running game and tight end to go along with those wideouts. Not to mention these would bring in a huge Vegas crowd.

Los Angeles Chargers

Tom Brady


Previous Team – New England Patriots

You guys know my feelings about this at this point and I am not giving up on it. In my mind, Brady will be the next quarterback of the Chargers. He has all the weapons at his disposal, a great place to raise his family, and a nice open market with celebrities to sell his TB12 method. As much as the offensive line issue concerns me, the Chargers can draft and sign other tackles to give him some protection. Don’t doubt me here.

Los Angeles Rams

Anthony Castonzo

Offensive Tackle

Previous Team – Indianapolis Colts

Anthony Castonzo is a tricky pick because he didn’t rule out that he could possibly retire before the 2020 season starts, but if he doesn’t the Rams should definitely consider signing him to a one year deal to try to protect Jared Goff. The offensive line collapsing was a huge reason why the Rams did very poorly this season. Let’s not make the same mistake twice.

Miami Dolphins

Vic Beasley

Defensive End

Previous Team – Atlanta Falcons

Since it is assuming that the Dolphins will draft Tua, we have to go to the next most needed position which is a defensive end. With the Falcons parting ways with Vic Beasley, this seems like it would be a great idea to sign him to help out a struggling defense in Miami.

Minnesota Vikings

Jimmy Smith


Previous Team – Baltimore Ravens

Jimmy Smith is an interesting option in my mind when I consider the options for the Vikings. I could see him doing great things for this organization and for Mike Zimmer’s defense especially since Xavier Rhodes looks like a former shell of himself. They could also draft a cornerback so this one to me is a nice, but big toss up.

New England Patriots

Jadeveon Clowney

Defensive End

Previous Team – Seattle Seahawks

If Clowney really wants to do some damage and get paid, then he should most certainly head to New England. This team established that their defense was the real star last year, so why not add another huge piece to it and make it even better. While the Patriots don’t spend money often, they would be fools to overlook this talent.

New Orleans Saints

Emmanuel Sanders

Wide Receiver

Previous Team – San Francisco 49ers

If the Saints don’t go wideout in the draft, then they would most likely hit the open market and honestly Emmanuel Sanders would be a huge signing for them if he doesn’t re-sign with the 49ers. Imagine him and Michael Thomas on a team. Man that gives me goosebumps.

New York Giants

Bud Dupree

Outside Linebacker

Previous Team – Pittsburgh Steelers

Now I want to caution on this pick because this is essentially only if the Steelers don’t choose to use the franchise tag on Dupree. If that doesn’t happen and the Steelers let him go to free agency then the Giants should be the first to pick him up given his talent. They will go offensive tackle in the draft so it makes sense to go to the linebacker position for this one.

New York Jets

Paul Richardson

Wide Receiver

Previous Team – Washington Redskins

This isn’t the greatest pick for the Jets, but in my mind they will settle all tackle and defensive positions in the draft. Replacing Robby Anderson would be the highest priority and sadly most receivers are gone leaving an interesting pick in Paul Richardson. He would be with Thomas and his former teammate Crowder and a quarterback that would be able to get him the ball. Give the guy a shot.

Philadelphia Eagles

Trae Waynes


Previous Team – Minnesota Vikings

It is no secret that the Eagles really need help in the secondary. You could argue their need for wideouts, but with Jackson coming back and them finding another prospect in the draft, the cornerback position for them should be filled by one Trae Waynes. The Eagles could get him on a great market value and have him help their dreaded secondary out.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Hunter Henry

Tight End

Previous Team – Los Angeles Chargers

Now I get it. The Chargers will more than likely re-sign Henry, but just think how incredible this would be if we acquired him. With Big Ben coming back, Henry could be a huge target for the pass game that we just didn’t have last year. Plus while we don’t have the greatest cap space, Henry is available for a nice market value. Just consider it.

San Francisco 49ers

HaHa Clinton-Dix


Previous Team – Chicago Bears

With all the young free agent talent they have to keep the 49ers have to look elsewhere for some positions. Who knows if they will bring Jimmy Ward back so if they don’t how about a great veteran option in HaHa Clinton-Dix. He could be great in the 49ers system and help the younger defensive talent out as well.

Seattle Seahawks

Shaquil Barrett

Outside Linebacker

Previous Team – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Well the first need I was going to do was tight end, but since they signed Greg Olsen, I figured to find a defensive edge or a linebacker. So enter Shaquil Barrett. My initial prediction is that he will re-sign with Tampa, but since I can’t re-sign anyone then Seattle would be a huge location for the former Bronco and current Buccaneer to end up at in Pete Carroll’s defense.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Danny Amendola

Wide Receiver

Previous Team – Detroit Lions

Now if the Bucs decide to part ways with both Winston and Perriman on the offense, they will need another guy to help them out in that direction. My prediction is that they sign Rivers to a two-year deal so why not bring in a great slot receiver to help Godwin and Evans. Danny Amendola had great success with the Patriots, Dolphins, and Lions so bringing him on to duplicate that Adam Humphries role is a no brainer to me.

Tennessee Titans

Robert Quinn

Defensive End

Previous Team – Dallas Cowboys

In my mind, the Cowboys won’t have the financial means to keep Robert Quinn with maybe paying Prescott and Cooper to stay on the team. That is even with the franchise they will most likely hit Prescott with. So the Titans would be an excellent fit for Quinn to help that defense fill the little holes they have.

Washington Redskins

Robby Anderson

Wide Receiver

Previous Team – New York Jets

With rumors circling that Anderson won’t return to the Jets this upcoming season, teams are going to be willing to drop a bunch of money for big name guys. If I were the Redskins however, I would go and grab Robby Anderson to get a great wide receiver who can give Terry McLaurin a helping hand as well as Dwayne Haskins and Case Keenum.

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