The State Farm Super Bowl

Well if you guys know, my original Super Bowl prediction heading into the playoffs was Baltimore vs New Orleans. Sadly, both of those teams have been eliminated and I can only think of one reason why.

The NFL wants to have a State Farm Super Bowl. That’s right I said it. A State Farm Super Bowl. So while it may seem like this is a crazy idea let’s dive forward with why this is a very likely prediction.


Titans vs Chiefs

First, let me just say that I firmly believe the Chiefs have the talent to knock off the Titans. We saw what happened when the Chiefs got down by a bunch of points against Houston so even if Derrick Henry decides to have himself a game, there is no doubt in my mind that Mahomes and the Chiefs can come back and get a victory here. Look for Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill and Damien Williams all to be factors on offense in this massive contest.

49ers vs Packers

Now we come to a big matchup with the Packers and the 49ers. Believe me when I said that the 49ers were my dark horse pick to win the Super Bowl so this might go against my original ideology. Something just tells me the Packers have more experience here when it comes to doing what it takes to get to the big one. However, my true reason for them beating the 49ers relies on one individual; Aaron Jones and the run game. Davante Adams will do his thing, but the run game needs to be good if they want to knock off the 49ers.

The State Farm Influence

Now imagine this. Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes are now both the golden boys of State Farm so to speak. Can you imagine how much money State Farm will make knowing its two big stars are playing each other in the Super Bowl not to mention some commercials as well. This might seem silly, but who is above making some money in this business? It just seems like a prime opportunity for both the NFL and State Farm to bring in that moolah.

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