Mutiny: Season Preview

Head Coach: Tim Yun joins Mutiny Hockey Club

Mutiny Hockey Club opens their 2020 Winter Season Thursday night at the Island against familiar foes, Buck Hockey. Head Coach Tim Yun makes his debut behind the bench, and new and old faces will take their shifts in the long awaited return of the black and blue.

Joining Mutiny this session, we have two of the most shut down defensemen in the game. Defenseman Jeremy Marrone and Brandon Erskine look to help keep the opponents off of the scoresheet. Marrone’s shut down defense and great speed make him a consistent pest out on the rink, frustrating opponents on every shift he takes. Erskine on the other hand plays a simple defensive style game. He is smart with the puck, and looks to feed his teammates on a nightly basis. 

Mutiny has a lot of old faces returning to the club. In fact, the roster for this upcoming session is very close to the original players who founded the organization. Veterans Eric Galentine, Luke Moskal, and Josh Foringer look to lead the club by example. All three of these players play a clean game, and look to make their teammates better shift after shift. Their offensive and defensive skills make them a key part of Mutiny’s success in previous seasons.

Now that leads us to the rest of the squad. Some may call us, the “Role Players”, others just simply call us goons. The “Brothers of Doom” Tyler and Travis Russell, Pat Clarke, and myself look forward to making our return to Mutiny. Mutiny has always been one of the most physical teams in adult league, our opponent’s love it…Our physicality makes us play better though. By all of us getting involved, we work harder as a team and tire out our opponents. The reason I call us role players, is because we know our role and all accept it. We are all out there to do the little things to make our team better, and we can play either offense or defense (mostly offense). 

In between the pipes we have a few options, but we are going to leave that one as a mystery…

There is the Mutiny Season Preview, all the players you need to look out for, every single one…Oh wait, there’s one more. TFTB’s own, Ryan Martire also rejoins Mutiny Inline. Marty is a high scoring threat. The dude’s got a rocket of a shot, goalies should beware. The crowd should beware too, his shots have been known to exit the rink in record timing (Love ya Marty). All jokes aside, Marty has always been at the top of Mutiny’s scoresheet, and looks to continue his success this year.

We are excited for this upcoming season and look forward to hoisting the Cup yet again. If all else fails, we do have a backup plan. At any given moment players from Baby Mutiny may get the call up (Bear, Grant McCarthy, Dan Sullivan, etc). Mutiny’s schedule is available online: and you can follow all of the action on Mutiny’s Twitter. Let’s do that hockey!

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