Why Dan Orlovsky and I don’t get along…

Anyone who knows me, also knows it’s no secret that I can be an asshole sometimes simply out of boredom. Most recently I decided to tweet at Dan Orlovsky for shits and gigs and by god it worked.

For people who don’t know me, I totally get that it’s very hard to understand whether I’m joking or not. I decided to take my best shot at being a troll for once and so far I’m now 1/1. I really don’t have any personal grievances against Dan Orlovsky, I just always loved to roast him since this epic moment.

I actually think Dan is a pretty good student of the game but there’s times where I just feel a 5th round pick who although had a lengthy NFL career, didn’t do enough to be criticizing other NFL athletes. Such as he did with 1st rounder Daniel Jones this year.

Here are the tweets that were exchanged.

Eventually I had to explain to Dan, and all of those with thin skin who loyally ran to his defense that it was a joke that I never thought would actually pay off with any attention given to me. I decided to be the bigger man in the end and I swallowed my pride and issued an apology.

But for my first attempt of trolling anyone on Twitter, I’m glad to say it worked and honestly unlocked my true potential. Who knows what’s next for me in my trolling career. If my first attempt payed off from a nation wide celebrity responding to me with my 629 followers, man sky’s the limit.

I guess most of this just stems from I’ve never really understood how he became a pro QB or especially more so an NFL analyst. Quite frankly he just annoys me in the same sense that I clearly do him. Needless to say I don’t think I’ll be getting a backstage pass on the set of “Get Up” anytime soon… until next time Dan. But remember, you and your posse let a no name blog writer claim real estate in your head when I should have been nothing of relevance to you. And to me, that’s a W.

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