Ranking The Top Ten Super Bowl Commercials

For years the Super Bowl has entertained football fans across the globe, but what about the ones who are watching the game and are not into football. Well there are the Super Bowl commercials. Yes, the Super Bowl commercials have always been fantastic, hilarious and heart warming at times, but which commercials are the best? Time for the Rank King to put on his crown.

Honorable Mentions

Baby Buys Stocks; E Trade

Super Bowl XLII

A baby buying stocks to show how easy it is to use E-Trade. Plus having babies doing anything beyond their mental reach is absolutley hilarious.

Here We Go; Bud Light

Super Bowl XLVI

Acquiring a rescue dog is a great thing to do, but it is even better when the dog is trained to retrieve Bud Light beers based on a simple phrase. Very smart and very cute with a good cause attached on Bud Light’s part.


You’re Playing Like Betty White; Snickers

Super Bowl XXVII

Snickers launched the campaign of “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” and this commercial sealed the deal when they brought in Betty White to play in a football game.


Darth Vader Starts The Car; Volkswagen

Super Bowl XLV

This ad for Volkswagen shows a kid dressed as Darth Vader attempting to use the force on multiple objects and failing until his dad brings home a Volkswagen. The kid attempts to use the force and it works…well sort of.


The Ultra Sound; Doritos

Super Bowl 50

This Doritos ad was very funny to watch as a soon to be father brings in a bag of Doritos to eat as his wife gets an Ultra Sound. What happens next will put you in stitches.


Office Linebacker Terry Tate; Reebok

Super Bowl XXXVII

Sometimes you just need someone providing a little order to make sure work gets done and the rules are followed. Look no further than Office Linebacker Terry Tate.


The Shoot Off; McDonalds

Super Bowl XXVII

Competition finds its way in the form of a shoot off between Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. They play to see who will win a Big Mac meal, but things slowly get a little silly between the two’s shooting abilities.


The 100 Year Game; NFL

Super Bowl LIII

What more do I need to say about this commercial? A dinner party takes place between NFL’s greats of the past and present and Marshawn Lynch causes the football to fall off the cake. Let chaos ensue.


Cindy Crawford; Pepsi

Super Bowl XXVI

The biggest supermodel at the time Cindy Crawford stumbles upon a Pepsi machine at a gas station in which two boys watch her…


BrotherHood; Budweiser

Super Bowl XLVII

One of the most tear jerking commercials Budweiser has made. This shows a lot of emotion with a bond that just can’t ever seem to break between a man and his horse.


Mean Joe Greene; Coca-Cola

Super Bowl XIII

Mean Joe Greene was a huge part of the Steelers and while that is important to me what is more important is the message sent by Coca-Cola in this commercial. The message simply being that Coca-Cola can make anyone smile.


1984; Apple

Super Bowl XVIII

Anytime a Super Bowl commercial is handled by Ridley Scott it is going to be great and 1984 sits at the top of my list. Conformity is the key concept here as Apple unleashed the Macintosh computer to break down these boundaries and to be unique.

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