Star Wars: The Rise of Fortnite…….wait what?

This past weekend was awesome honestly. For one KEY reason…………..


Sike. It was actually my birthday on Saturday, but the more important thing that happened was a world first. First time this has ever happened. All thanks to Star Wars and Fortnite.

On Saturday, at 2PM eastern time, there was a live interaction in Fortnite. Yeah, it’s happened before (looking at you Marshmello, with your snazzy concert and what not), but nothing to this scale before. There was a live viewing of a world premiere, and Fortnite exclusive, clip of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

If you want to witness the whole event, tune in to Timthetatman’s YouTube video, tune into him anyways, he’s HILARIOUS

Not only was there a clip, but there was also a live interaction and talk with film director J.J. Abrams and Geoff Keighley. Not only was that live, but they even generated a model of Abrams himself for the event!

To start things out, it was a bit of a rough launch. There were numerous login issues, but it eventually got sorted out and the event started about 10 minutes late. Eventually though, the countdown ended and the iconic Millennium Falcon came swooping down and around the island, being chased by TIE fighters and partaking in a slight battle with them. After that AWESOME sequence (I’m truly awestruck by how epic this in game fights can be), the Falcon landed in front of players, and out hopped a chest, as well as a hologram voiced by Geoff Keighley.


After a short interaction, out came the model of J.J. Abrams and the little talking sesh began. Soon, a Stormtrooper also came out of the Falcon and was voiced by Ben Schwartz. If you aren’t sure who that is, shame on you because he’s iconic. He was Jean-Ralphio in Parks and Rec, and is also the voice of my lil blue boi Sonic. Following all this, players voted on what type of scene they wanted to see, which I’m assuming was predetermined either way, and then weirdly what their favorite lightsaber color was.

After the clip, which I have linked below, watch at your own discretion, everyone boarded back upon the Falcon, which took off to the iconic soundtrack of Star Wars and that was that. Except…the chest was still there. Upon opening the chest, EVERYONE got the lightsaber of the color they chose, and it was an all out battle between Jedi and Sith. It was EPIC to say the least, and after the battle was over, the lightsabers were released into the game itself, along with specific Star Wars challenges and sections within the map.

The whole event was amazing, I can honestly say I NEVER expected to be watching a movie within a video game. Like that’s AMAZING! We’re living in 2019 but Epic Games is running in 2029. Who would have thought, honestly. As much as I dislike Fortnite, which depressingly is actually starting to grow on me, they are continuously upped their game for each event. I’m genuinely uncertain of how they will top this one. Not going to lie.

In the meantime, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker concludes the final Skywalker trilogy and ends the saga in general. It releases Friday, but for some reason in this day and age you can see it the day before, so head out and see it as soon as tomorrow! I’ll be there myself!

May the force be with you, friends.

Image result for may the force be with you gif

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