Five Teams that Should Trade for OBJ

This time it wasn’t a coach’s career the Pittsburgh Steelers ended in Cleveland. If you remember from, well, the last couple of Browns head coaches, they were all fired after losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Freddie Kitchens most likely won’t be fired until after the season even though Browns fans have been calling for his replacement recently. Who will most likely end up on a new team next year however is the star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

He’s had a tough year, and that’s being generous.

If I’m Odell, I’m getting out of there as fast as I can. The landing spot? That’s the part that has me the most intruiged. Who needs a pro-bowl once in a generation talent at Wide Receiver? Here are my stipulations for this…A) Have a need at WR. B) Have the money to pay OBJ. C) Have a bright future with the possibility of a SuperBowl. D) Play the Giants

Here are the teams, in no particular order.

Buffalo Bills

This one is a no brainer. Young team on the come up with no real WR1. I like Brown and Beasley, but IMAGINE Josh Allen slinging the pigskin to OBJ over the middle. The Bills surprised everyone this year with their play on the field, and arguably they are the team ready to take the AFC East from the Pats. OBJ to the Bills makes sense, but I don’t think OBJ will want to go to another “up and coming” franchise like he did for Cleveland.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles have been a massive disappointment this year, especially with their DB’s and Wide Receivers. They have Alshon, but the real threat of a #1 receiver just isn’t there. Get Carson Wentz the help he needs and provide that future HOF’er with a top tier talent. Just like that, the Eagles are back to the Super Bowl. AND you get to whoop on the Giants twice a year!

Green Bay Packers

This pick might be the least likely, but the Packers are truely another receiver away from one of the greatest offenses we have ever seen. With Adams injuries and a receiving core that has been pathetic recently, adding OBJ to that list would most likely shove Rodgers instantly into the Hall Of Fame without even having to retire.

Baltimore Ravens

This pick seems unlikely, but if there’s two things I know about Odell it’s 1) he wants to win now and 2) he wants the ball. Lamar has proven to be an M.V.P. type of player despite the criticism against his arm. He doesn’t really have a WR1 in Baltimore, and the addition of Odell would only help the growth of players like Brown and Boykin. AND you get to play the Browns twice a year. Winner Winner. I’m aware that the Browns MOST LIKELY won’t trade in division, but the landing spot was too juicy not to put on the list.

New England Patriots

Look, there’s a reason the Patriots are the Patriots. They get talent and just know how to use it. Even with the short window we had with AB, Tom Brady was in love with having that level of talent. The Patriots are basically an entry way to the Super Bowl lately, and bringing in a talent like OBJ would cement another historic run. I would LOVE for teams to stop trading with the Pats, but in this weird scenario, Odell finally gets his Super Bowl ring.

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