SCALDING HOT TAKE: Ryan Day is a better coach than Urban Meyer

Even though it is his first season as head coach of THE Ohio State Buckeyes, I genuinely think that Ryan Day is a better coach than Urban Meyer.

Purely opinion based and having nothing to do with stats, I think Day has had a greater impact on this Ohio State team than anyone could have anticipated.

Under Meyer, when I would watch Ohio State against teams we should blow out by 40 plus (I am looking at you Iowa and Purude), the Buckeyes would come out of the gate slow, struggling until the end of the half and sometimes even into the start of the second half. Obviously, they would make halftime adjustments and end up trashing 90% of these teams in the second half.

But what always concerned me with the Buckeyes, always, seemed to be the lack of preparation for the games against the “minnows” compared to the big games against teams such as Penn State, Wisconsin, etc.

With Ryan Day, that looks completely different. This Ohio State team this year, looks unbeatable. They might not get it going for five minutes, but once they do, lookout.

While Ohio State might have one of the top three offenses in college football, there is no debate, they have the best defense in college football. With Chase Young leading the way on the pass rush, this Ohio State team truly looks like a once in a generation team.

Now granted, it could be that this Ohio State, recruited by Urban Meyer, is performing to the level that is to be expected of them.

Or I believe that it is something more than that, under Day, this team is absolutely ruthless. The most points the Buckeyes have given up in a single game this season is 21 (to Florida Atlantic and to #17 Cincy). #14 Wisconsin, with the best offensive line in the game, only managed to score one touchdown against this juggernaut Ohio State defense.

When the offense isn’t having a great start to the game, the defense will maul any opponent in their path. When the defense gives up a touchdown early in the game, the offense always responds right away to get the Buckeyes on the board. There is no better one-two punch in college football than Ohio State’s offense and defense, and that is 100% credit to Coach Day.

With Penn State coming up this weekend, I would be surprised if this game is even close at halftime. Chase Young is coming back and Penn State has a 0% chance at winning this game.

I am sorry, but this Ohio State team is just too good. Penn State is an above average team playing the best team in college football in quite some time.

I can’t wait to see Ohio State play Ohio boy Joey Burrow in the National Title game.

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