What Did We Witness Last Night?

Mental. Absolutely Mental. Like…to the point that makes you understand that Odell Beckham Jr. only took the frustration out a career long frustration of being on the Giants at a kicking net.

Last night, we witnessed two things. One, we witnessed the Cleveland Browns just flat out beating the Pittsburgh Steelers. Despite the Conner, JuJu and Johnson injuries, we just weren’t good enough on either side of the ball last night. I would LOVE for that to be the headline we walked away from here, because that headline is easy to debate and discuss and dissect.

The second thing we witnessed was a literall assault.

With about five seconds left in the game, Myles Garrett got to Mason Rudolph and started to tackle him, a bit more aggressive than was needed at the time, but this is football and this is a heated rivalry, so no foul there for me. For all of the “Mason Started It” guys though, I would argue that the excessive nature of this specific moment really “started it”, but as a whole it doesn’t matter. They both go to the ground wrestling around, and clearly Mason is seen grabbing the facemask of Myles and trying to rip his helmet off.

Honestly, Mason looked like the little brother just grabbing for whatever he could hold onto at that moment. He’s an idiot for trying to rip off another mans helmet while on his back. Let’s just put that out into the world right now. Myles then stands up, picks up mason by his helmet, takes his helmet off and while Mason does some super weird attempt at charging at Garrett, Myles used the helmet to hit Mason on the head.

Look. I love shit talking the Browns and their fans. We have a large amount of followers on TFTB that are Browns fans, and we both try to talk as much shit as we all can. But that wasn’t a “Browns v Steelers” moment. That was the NFL’s worst nightmare.

I would like to bring up that the head hunting from last night was at an all time high for the Browns secondary, but even with concussions left and right, the JuJu and Johnson hits could at least be looked at as “football plays”.

The NFL already suspended Vontaze Burfict for his late hit on Jack Doyle for an entire year. The NFL has in the past sent suspensions down for situations dwarfed by this one for around 4-6 games, making us believe that Myles will at the least be suspended for the remainder of this year.

I do enjoy the fact that this really isn’t a part of the rivalry type of situation. Cleveland Browns fans should be extremely happy with how their team played last night and celebrating the win. I implore Steelers fans to not treat this as a Browns v Steelers situation. This was one NFL player snapping.

If I was the NFL, he’d be done. I get that it won’t happen and that’s a heavy sanction, but in a world of setting precedents, what precedent is higher than player safety in a world where the NFL pretends to care about player safety? I would have to imagine some form of sanctions today, but we’ll see.

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