The Patriots traded for Sanu, because of course they did

News broke early this morning that Big Shot Bill woke up and decided “You know what, I want a new fun toy to use in this just God awful offense!”.

It’s just….deflating, to say the least. As if the New England Patriots, who have Josh Gordon, Julian “I was a quarterback in college” Edelman, James “Jimmy Blanco” White, Sony “I’m really good at football” Michel and Tom “I’m so god damn pretty and good at what i do and annoying AF” Brady, needed another solid receiver.

Seriously though…this dude is a very good NFL receiver

It’s basically Rutgers Senior team at this point, per Josh Elsass and he’s not wrong. Dumon Harmon, Devin McCourty and Jason McCourty all attended Rutgers, so bringing in Sanu proves that Rutgers isn’t a complete joke, despite their terrible record, right?

I will say this though….do we have a Qb competition in out midst?

2019Atlanta Falcons7333139.544.728120160
2018Atlanta Falcons166683812.752.444T472412
2017Atlanta Falcons156770310.546.9255100410
2016Atlanta Falcons155965311.143.559461331
2015Cincinnati Bengals163339411.924.652081171
2014Cincinnati Bengals165679014.149.476T593370
2013Cincinnati Bengals16474559.728.432240281
2012Cincinnati Bengals9161549.617.134410100

I think the most frustrating aspect of this entire situation for me is they just threw a second round pick for the dude. Like, meh, this will be in the 60’s, we really don’t give a shit. Can NFL teams PLEASE stop helping the Patriots? I mean sheesh, it actually makes me super proud of the Steeler for not just trading them AB in the first place.

Don’t sprint to get Sanu on your roster either. Who the absolutely f*** knows what they will do with all this talent.

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