Can Mayor Peduto Stop Nutting?

News broke last week that in Mayor Peduto’s recent reddit AMA that Big Shot Bill would be happy to find some investors if Bob Nutting is willing to sell the Pirates. It got me thinking over the weekend…

Not really sure what arcxjo is up to in this thread honestly but Sam_Porter’s idea might be just flat our worst than Bob Nutting owning the team for eternity.

As a slight back history, the Green Bay Packers are a publicily owned team -a facade to make fans feel like they own an NFL team while the team is really run by the large majority owners.

Bob Nutting is the literal example of a cartoon villian. It’s a simple formula. Find something people like and own it. Dangle hope in front of their faces. Have no plans of actual success or improvement. Steal the peoples money. Repeat. Seem familiar?

I think the most frustrating thing in the universe is watching Garrit Cole be this awesome, amazing human being with a baseball. I’m not mad at Cole for succeeding, I do wish him the absolute best in a World Series this year (I picked Houston off the record).

So then you ask, what is the likelehood of Nut Job selling the team willingly? Zero percent. He doesn’t give a FLYING F*** about us, at all. What could happen is one of the first removal of owners based on lack of performance, but that’s more likely to happen in every other sport ever than baseball.

We can be hopefully that Billy Boy tries to stop Nutting, but there’s no promise that this will be the end of it. We all just have to stop Nutting, together.

In other news, did you know Peduto did Reddit AMA’s? Lit. Wonder if he’s on TikTok?

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