Moorhead’s NFL Power Rankings – Week 6


Miami Dolphins (0-4)

Previous Rank: 32


Not much to say here honestly. The Dolphins had a bye week last week so they couldn’t lose to anyone. However, they still remain in last because I still believe they are the worst team in the NFL. This week they get the Washington Redskins for the Tank Bowl of the century.


Washington Redskins (0-5)

Previous Rank: 29


The Redskins take a big tumble down to the next to last position at the number 31 spot. This happened for a number of reasons. Number one, they took a brutal loss to the New England Patriots 33-7. Two, the team fired their head coach Jay Gruden after starting off with an 0-5 record. Jay didn’t really care about the team so this might be a positive start in the right direction, but this organization is so broken to be honest. They will look to get their first win against an equally awful Dolphins team this week.


New York Jets (0-4)

Previous Rank: 30

Luke Falk

The Jets are struggling right now without Sam Darnold. Luckily, he comes back this week. The unfortunate thing is that they have a date with the Dallas Cowboys who are probably agitated coming off last week’s loss to the Green Bay Packers. The offense should definitely be better though with Sam at quarterback.


Cincinnati Bengals (0-5)

Previous Rank: 31


Don’t be confused here. I am not moving the Bengals up after their loss to the Cardinals. It is just the Redskins and Jets are so much worse than them right now in my opinion. Dalton struggled early, but almost led his team to comeback. Sadly they are still without a win and sit dead last in the AFC North division. This week they go up against another division rival in the Baltimore Ravens.


Atlanta Falcons (1-4)

Previous Rank: 26


What in the world has happened to the Falcons!? Their defense got completely gashed by Houston this weekend as they put up 53 points against the Falcons. In my mind I am starting to think that they never actually recovered from the Super Bowl loss it’s that bad. Julio Jones has been shut down two weeks in a row and that is terrible for a main time wide receiver. Their defense has to get better otherwise they will keep regressing. This week they get the Cardinals so hopefully they get back on track.


Denver Broncos (1-4)

Previous Rank: 28

Denver Broncos vs Los Angeles Chargers

The Denver Broncos move up a spot on the rankings after their surprise win over the Chargers. Most of the points were put up early and essentially this was a defensive and run game throughout the rest of it. Phillip Lindsay did very well yet again on the ground rushing for 114 yards and a touchdown. Flacco did alright, but threw for under 200 yards with a touchdown and a pick. The defense stepped up here picking off Rivers twice. This week they get the Tennessee Titans which in my mind will probably be a boring game.


Arizona Cardinals (1-3-1)

Previous Rank: 27


The Cardinals did it. They finally won a game, but it was against an awful Bengals team. However, a win is a win and for that they move up one spot in the rankings because of it. I thought Kyler Murray would have thrown for at least one touchdown pass in this game, but he didn’t.  He did however run in for a score which is still good. This week they get a challenged Falcons team, but their defense needs to step up against Matt Ryan. They also need to capitalize on how bad the Falcon’s defense is after their performance last week.


New York Giants (2-3)

Previous Rank: 25

Vikings Giants Football

The Giants stay put after a tough loss to the Minnesota Vikings last week. The reason being is that I don’t believe any of the teams below except for maybe the Cardinals or maybe the Falcons could beat them. However, they are still a bad football team at the moment despite their record. Daniel Jones is now in struggle mode with his weapons continuing to get hurt or producing very little. This week they get the Patriots so if Eli was in maybe there might be consideration for a a tight game because of his history with them, but Daniel Jones is in and their defense is trash.


Pittsburgh Steelers (1-4)

Previous Rank: 19


This was a hard one to watch for me with everything going on in Pittsburgh. In my mind we should have won this game. I got legitimately scared after watching Mason Rudolph get his lights turned off from a hit by Earl Thomas. Overall, our defense played tremendously well, picking off Lamar Jackson three times and holding him to under 200 yards passing and third stringer Devlin Hodges did fairly well. A phantom roughing the passer call came in though and a costly JuJu fumble in overtime made this game go to the Ravens off a Tucker field goal. They get a Chargers team this week and we better get our heads out of our own asses in order to win this one. The defense will be a key factor.


Cleveland Browns (2-3)

Previous Rank: 14


Jesus this was an ugly game for Cleveland. Baker had the worst game of his career by far going 8-22 for 100 yards, two interceptions and a fumble loss. He is starting to regress as he has thrown twice as many interceptions as he has touchdowns. Overall, though this was a mess. The offense couldn’t get going and their defense was stunned by both the rushing and passing attack. They will look to rebound somehow against the Seattle Seahawks this week.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-3)

Previous Rank: 21

Buccaneers Saints Football

The Bucs drop a spot after their loss to the Saints last week. After coming off a huge performance against the Rams two weeks ago, the Saints hushed the Bucs up good with Teddy Bridgewater throwing four touchdowns. This defense was surprised fully letting that happen. Mike Evans was an after thought in this game not catching a single ball, but Chris Godwin proved he should still be the number one receiver with two touchdowns. This week they get a rematch with the Carolina Panthers. Can they beat them again?


Tennessee Titans (2-3)

Previous Rank: 18

Buffalo Bills v Tennessee Titans

The Titans proved once again that this team is like a roller coaster; up and down each week. After taking it to Atlanta last week, the Titans got beat by the Buffalo Bills and honestly the only thing they did well in this game was picking off Josh Allen. The Titans cannot be trusted for football because they play so up and down that you cannot predict how they will do. This week they get the Denver Broncos.


Los Angeles Chargers (2-3)

Previous Rank: 10


Maybe I was riding the Chargers wave too close because man this was an awful game on their part and drop ten spots because of it. Rivers did terrible throwing for 211 yards and two picks against a shaky Denver defense. Melvin Gordon was virtually ineffective while Austin Ekeler served as Philip’s safety blanket catching the ball fifteen times for eighty six yards. They get Pittsburgh this week in what is proving to be a make or break game for the Steelers.


Minnesota Vikings (3-2)

Previous Rank: 23

Vikings Giants Football

Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. Kirk Cousins actually knows how to throw the football. I thought he forgot, but he managed 306 yards and two touchdowns with both of them going to Adam Thielen. Their defense also stepped up against rookie Daniel Jones. However, I am not completely sold as this was against the Giants who have a terrible passing defense. Time will tell if it was a fluke or not as the Vikings get the Eagles this week.


Jacksonville Jaguars (2-3)

Previous Rank: 17


Man I hated to do this, but I dropped the Jaguars one spot after their loss to the Panthers. The reason being is that the offense looked very very good here with Gardner Minshew throwing for 374 yards and two touchdowns and Leonard Fournette rushing for 108 yards and a touchdown. The defense was the issue though as they could not stop Christian McCaffrey. The Jaguars will look to regroup and show more mustache mania against the red hot Saints this week.


Oakland Raiders (3-2)

Previous Rank: 24


Another surprise last week as the Oakland Raiders knocked off the Chicago Bears. Man was I wrong about Josh Jacobs. This kid balled out against this stellar defense, rushing for over 100 yards and had two touchdowns on the ground. Carr did good as well even without a touchdown or an interception. Their defense also stood out and picked off Chase Daniels once. Nothing to say this week as the Raiders go on their bye week.


Detroit Lions (2-1-1)

Previous Rank: 16


Speaking of bye weeks, the Lions are coming off of theirs after losing to the Chiefs two weeks ago. Now they get another huge task in the Green Bay Packers who are 4-1 on the season. The Packers defense is really good, but they have been shown in recent weeks that the opposing quarterback can throw touchdowns on them. This will be an interesting divisional matchup.


Indianapolis Colts (3-2)

Previous Rank: 22


Well the Colts shocked the world with a win over Kansas City. It wasn’t pretty believe me, but they got the job done. I really expected more out of Brissett last week, but he didn’t throw a touchdown and instead threw an interception with 151 passing yards. He still managed to run one in though which is good. Marlon Mack did well on the ground with 132 yards on the ground. Time management was key here as they kept the ball away from Mahomes as much as possible and it paid off with a win. Again, nothing to say this week as the Colts go on their bye week.


Baltimore Ravens (3-2)

Previous Rank: 15


Say what you want, but Baltimore shouldn’t have won this game. The only reason i am moving them up is because of the big play that Marlon Humphries made at the end of the game punching the ball out of JuJu’s hands to change possession and win the game off of a Tucker field goal. Other than that the offense was extremely sloppy with Lamar Jackson throwing one touchdown to three interceptions. The defense also wasn’t that great aside from the big play at the end. This week they get divisional rival Cincinnati.


Carolina Panthers (3-2)

Previous Rank: 20


This was a one man wrecking crew for the Panthers last week and his name is Christian McCaffrey. Damn he carved up Jacksonville’s defense like a Thanksgiving turkey. He ran for 176 yards, had two rushing touchdowns and had Kyle Allen’s only passing touchdown of the game as well. This kid is a freaking stud. He will look to redeem himself this week against a team he played poorly against; The Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


Chicago Bears (3-2)

Previous Rank: 5


The Bears drop out of the top five and head into the number twelve spot on my rankings. This game was a big surprise as the Raiders took the Bears to school and it wasn’t pretty. Chase Daniels was swarmed by a Raiders defense who came away with their second pick in two weeks and this stellar Bears defense let rookie Josh Jacobs run all over them. This week they got nothing but a bye week so hopefully they can get back to the drawing board and figure out the issues.


Los Angeles Rams (3-2)

Previous Rank: 7


For the first time since I’ve written these power rankings articles, the Rams fall out of the top ten. Listen it is not like they played bad against the Seahawks with them only losing by a point, but in my mind their was only one positive thing that came out of the game; Cooper Kupp. This kid has been an incredible wide receiver this season and showed it even more in this game. The Rams defense is very shaky though as we now start to wonder if all that star power can get it together. Goff did better this week, but I still do not think he is at the level he needs to be. This week they take on their divisional rival; the undefeated San Francisco 49ers.


Buffalo Bills (4-1)

Previous Rank: 13


The Bills rise three spots after their win over the Titans last week. Look this team has some issues to work out with the offense and turning the ball over, but honestly this defense is going to stop that opposing team every time. I have been doubting it for a little while, but i am going to come out and say it. This is the best defense in football right now. Again, Allen needs to stop being the quarterback trying to win the game and start being the quarterback trying not to lose the game and this team will go far. Nothing for them on the schedule though as they have a bye week this week.


Houston Texans (3-2)

Previous Rank: 11


Seems like everyone needs to stop harping on the Texans as they just put on a clinic against Atlanta last week. These two were the main reasons as Watson wasn’t sacked for only the second time of his NFL career and he threw for 426 yards and five touchdowns. Will Fuller received three of those touchdowns on fourteen receptions for 217 receiving yards. My god this was brutal. The Texans have to realize now to protect Watson because looks what happens when they do. This week the Texans get the Chiefs in what is sure to be a huge point scoring shoot out match to come.


Dallas Cowboys (3-2)

Previous Rank: 4

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys dropped four spots this week after their loss to the Packers. The crazy thing here is that Prescott played a pretty decent game aside from the three interceptions he had. He threw two touchdowns and 463 yards. Elliot did decent on the ground, but Amari Cooper stole the show with eleven receptions for 226 yards and a touchdown. The rush defense was awful in this game though. They let Aaron Jones get 107 rushing yards, four rushing touchdowns and he also led in receptions with 75 yards. The defense better get ready as they face an easy Jets team, but with Sam Darnold returning at quarterback.


Philadelphia Eagles (3-2)

Previous Rank: 8


After countless beatdowns at the hands of NFL teams, the Philly defense finally got a break with their win over the Jets last week. Luke Falk isn’t a great quarterback so the defense knew to pressure him and they did with two interceptions with one of them going for a pick six. The special teams also got their licks with a return touchdown as well. I expected Wentz to do better, but when you can count on your defense and run attack to do the job then 189 yards and a touchdown will suffice. This week they get the Vikings.


Seattle Seahawks (4-1)

Previous Rank: 9


The Seahawks scored big with a win over the Rams last Thursday night winning by a point. Russell Wilson is now leading the NFL with twelve touchdowns and no interceptions. It is remarkable what this man can do on the field as you see in the picture with Tyler Lockett making an incredible touchdown catch. Metcalf also got his along with Chris Carson and David Moore. The Seahawks are proving to be contenders indeed. We will see how they do this week as they go against the embarrassed Cleveland Browns.


San Francisco 49ers (4-0)

Previous Rank: 12


Well i picked them as my dark horse and they are proving me right after Monday’s performance against Cleveland. This team straight up embarrassed the Browns. The defense is a legit contender for the best in 2019. The offense continues to hammer the ball on the ground or through the air. They have one of the best coaches in my mind. This team is great and they will look to prove they are the best in their division by taking on the Rams this week.


Green Bay Packers (4-1)

Previous Rank: 6


It is pretty crazy that this team won with all of their points coming from running back Aaron Jones and field goals. It’s true. Aaron Jones had 107 rushing yards, seven receptions for seventy five yards and four rushing touchdowns. Aaron Rodgers looked very comfortable and didn’t need to throw a touchdown pass in order for this team to win. The defense gave up some big plays, but they did intercept Dak Prescott three times on the night. This week they get division rival Detroit who are looking for revenge after their last second loss to the Chiefs.


Kansas City Chiefs (4-1)

Previous Rank: 2


Speaking of the Chiefs, they drop one spot after their loss to the Indianapolis Colts last week. Most of this wasn’t on the quarterback as most of their offensive weapons are banged up and their defense just can’t stop the run. Mahomes did his best though even with a stomped ankle throwing for 321 yards and a touchdown. They will look to bounce back against the Texans who are coming off a huge win against Atlanta.


New Orleans Saints (4-1)

Previous Rank: 3


Alright, maybe I was a little harsh on Teddy because not only after this game against the Bucs is he by far the best back up quarterback in the NFL right now, but he is for sure a starter if he wanted to go anywhere. He demolished this Bucs defense with four touchdowns and an interception for 314 yards on the day. The Saints defense also stood out as being very good for Super Bowl contention. This week they get the Jacksonville Jaguars.


New England Patriots (5-0)

Previous Rank: 1


Chalk up another easy win for the defending Super Bowl champions as they now move to 5-0. God their schedule is so garbage. No wonder they are undefeated. Somehow Brady’s playing is being overshadowed by the real star of this team; the defense. This Patriots defense is good and they proved that by dominating the Redskins. Brady threw for 348 yards, three touchdowns and an interception. This week they get another easy victory against the New York Giants.

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