A Roughing the Passer Away from Glory

Hello darkness, my old friend. Another weekend come and gone, another blog post of me explaining why I haven’t given up on the Steelers yet. Yesterday in the divisional matchup of a CENTURY, the Steelers played the Baltimore Ravens at home.

The Steelers defense is legit for the first time in recent memory. I understand we’re sitting at 1-4 right now, but this defense is the real deal FINALLY. Kam Kelly wasn’t completely useless getting an interception that looked to be insanely important.

Devin Bush is a freak, so we can just be happy right there. Let’s all take a collective deep breath together (BREATH) at the fact that for the next five years basically, our defense should remain elite. I mean…check out this interception right?

The day obviously took a turn for the much, much, much worse when the Steelers starting QB and quarterback of the future Mason Rudolph got knocked flat out cold by a helmet to helmet hit from Earl Thomas of the Ravens. I have to say, absolutely insane there wasn’t any sort of flag or ejection for this hit.


Insert the most interesting quarterback in the NFL DUCK HODGES! For what it’s worth, I really thought Hodges had a stellar game for the situation he was thrown into. It was solid enough that we don’t need to panic to bring in another QB if Mason is out for a long time. I’m assuming Rudolph is out for AT LEAST this next week, so buckle up Pittsburgh and get those duck calls ready. DUCK DYASTY from a (legit) world class Duck caller!

Let’s take a look at Hodges words after the loss.

Just wanted to touch on this as well – Want to be all “We PiCkEd To DeFeNd? FiRe EVeRyOne!” Tomlin is being straight up and completely correct. You want us to receive because a touchdown wins it of course…but with our third string quarterback and our second best receiver out of the game why even risk it when the defense has kept the Ravens in check? AND, Justin Tucker has been pinning us all game long.

Yes, we don’t look good. Yes, we are 1-4. No, I don’t regret trading a first round pick for Minkah. No, I don’t think that we need to rush into signing another quarterback currently. Yes, it probably will be Paxton Lynch. No, Tom Savage is not the answer. And No….that wasn’t F****** ROUGHING THE PASSER.

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