Start’ Em Sit’ Em Wide Receivers – Week 3


Start of the Week –

Chris Godwin vs New York Giants

What in the world is going on with Tampa’s receiving game? In what world does it make sense that Chris Godwin is better than Mike Evans? Well that is the world we live in people. Godwin has averaged 20 points in the first two games he has played and the Giants have a trash defense. He is an automatic lock in this week in which might have touchdowns from both receivers.

Larry Fitzgerald vs Carolina Panthers

It is incredible what a change in coaching and a change in quarterback can do for a veteran receiver like Larry Fitzgerald. He was sit of the week I am pretty sure last week and he proved me wrong with five catches for 104 yards against an elite Baltimore defense. This week proves to be a bit of a challenge as Carolina’s defense against the pass is ranked third, but they have gave up a huge game against Chris Godwin last week. He is targeted a lot and comes up with results so I’d start Legend Larry this week.

Marquise Brown vs Kansas City Chiefs

This one might just be a personal one for me, but Hollywood Brown does incredible on long shot touchdown catches. Plus he is heavily targeted in the Ravens offense aside from tight end Mark Andrews. The Kansas City defense is not good and I could see some big plays being let up to Brown. He’s a solid WR2/High Flex Option this week. This game is going to be good though I can tell you that.

Calvin Ridley vs Indianapolis Colts

Ridley has done very well in his sophomore campaign for the Falcons having got twelve passes for 169 yards and two touchdown catches. He should do well again against the Colts defense who isn’t very good against the pass letting up the seventh most points to wide receivers. Don’t let last week with the Titans concern you with the Colts defense because Tennessee isn’t all that great. Start Ridley this week.

Tyler Lockett vs New Orleans Saints

Lockett was a start for me last week which paid off with 10 receptions and 79 yards against Pittsburgh last week. I like him again this week against the Saints who also have trouble covering slot receivers. They have given up two touchdowns and the fourth most fantasy points to slot receivers since the start of the season. Feel very comfortable having him in your line up this week.


John Brown vs Cincinnati Bengals

Nelson Agholor vs Detroit Lions

James Washington vs San Francisco 49ers


Sit of the Week –

Tyrell Williams vs Minnesota Vikings

Williams has been a fantasy stud in the last two weeks catching 11 passes for 151 yards and two touchdowns. This week however he is against a decent Minnesota defense that I believe will give Derek Carr a very hard time to throw in this game. Couple that with the fact he is a nursing a hip pointer makes him less than 100%. I don’t like those odds heading into week three.

John Ross vs Buffalo Bills

Ross has finally gotten himself off to a really good start in the passing game from Andy Dalton while A.J. Green has been out on injury. He has scored about twenty one fantasy points in PPR leagues in each of his first two games. However, I strongly do not like matchup this week against a strong Buffalo defense who have not shown a lot of love against the pass and wideouts. If you have faith in him start him at your own risk, but you were warned.

Jarvis Landry vs Los Angeles Rams

Geez the dual threat of Beckham and Landry seems to be out the window at this point. Landry has struggled this season against the defense and you have to wonder at this point do you stick with him. I’d hold off on dropping him just a little bit to see if he can pull a rabbit out of his hat for this game, but it is unlikely. The Rams aren’t kind to receivers period letting up no receiving touchdowns to wideouts this season.

Josh Gordon vs New York Jets

Gordon is a tough one to sit this week against the Jets, but honestly it is mostly due to his usage and his production level. We knew going in when the Pats got Antonio Brown that one of the receivers being him, Edelman or Gordon would suffer. That seems to be Gordon at this point. I wouldn’t be surprised if Belichick flipped the coin to positive for Gordon this week, but you just can’t trust that in fantasy especially when trying to get your team wins early and when he only caught two of five targets for 19 yards against the Dolphins.

Emmanuel Sanders vs Green Bay Packers

Sanders had a big game against the Bears which I thought he was going to have in all honestly. Sanders has been Flacco’s favorite target through two weeks catching 16 passes for 184 yards and two touchdowns. However, I feel in this game The Packers will lean more on the run game for Jones and pass when needed and if I had to go with a receiver this week it would be Courtland Sutton instead of Sanders as he has big matchup with cornerback Jaire Alexander.


Robby Anderson vs New England Patriots

Corey Davis vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Mike Williams vs Houston Texans

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