Odell Beckham Should Wear Two Watches

Odell tore up MetLife on Monday Night Football this past week. There is no doubt about it. He made an insane one handed grab which was easily thrown two feet past him tip toeing down the sideline. A couple of drives later, OBJ scored an 89 yard touchdown which he ran so fast on, that he would have been clocked for speeding in a school zone. Odell looked at 100% at MetLife, but can you guess what all the headlines were after the Browns stomped the Jets by 20?

“Odell Wears $2M Watch”

“Is Odell’s Richard Mille A Fake?”

“Browns WR Odell Beckham Jr. Wears $2M Watch.”

Are you joking me? We just battered a team by 20 and the only headlines that the media can come up with are those?

But this is not new in Cleveland, remember, last week we were done and dusted and our season was over after we lost our opening game. Now that we win a game, and win by a large margin? Time for the media to write the most insane headlines possible.

So I am taking my shot at it now, raising my standard to that of the “high” ones of the national media.

Odell Beckham Jr needs to wear two watches during games. Yes I said it, Odell needs to wear two Richard Mille watches during games. The first watch, obviously is for flash. Its to show everyone, “hey, I got money, cars and girls.”

The second watch will be used for more, physical purposes. That watch will be used to shove up the national media’s asses (yes I am looking at you Colin Cowherd) and tell them to go get a life.

Cleveland doesn’t want the national media. Can’t wait to see the crazy headlines when America’s Team beats the Rams at Browns Stadium on Sunday Night.

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