Moorhead’s NFL Power Rankings – Week 2

Well the NFL sure surprised me with the first week of the season. You know the drill by now. Let us dive into my NFL Power Rankings for Week Two.


Miami Dolphins (0-1)

Previous Rank: 32

Anybody telling you that the Dolphins weren’t tanking this year was just so full of crap as this was probably the most embarrassing performance I have seen out a team in years. This defense was just horrendous giving Lamar Jackson five total touchdowns and all of them were PASSING touchdowns. On the ground they let Mark Ingram run all over them as well. I feel bad for quarterbacks Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen because this is not going to get better anytime soon. This week they face the Patriots and normally they get the best of them. Don’t expect that for this contest.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-1)

Previous Rank: 26

All that talk that Bruce Arians was going to fix Jameis Winston just went up in smoke as the quarterback threw one touchdown to three interceptions last week against the 49ers. Mike Evans was garbage as well letting Chris Godwin grab the only touchdown of the game from the offense. Ronald Jones looked good to take the running back starting spot off of Peyton Barber. The defense didn’t do great here but they still managed to pick off Jimmy G for six points. This week they have the Panthers on Thursday and I’m betting the Panthers come away with their first victory.


New York Giants (0-1)

Previous Rank: 29

The Giants move one spot down in the ranking after losing to their divisional rivals the Dallas Cowboys. Eli didn’t do anything wrong necessarily as he did throw for a touchdown to tight end Evan Engram and over 300 yards passing, but after that Eli couldn’t get anything going offensively in this game with the only other touchdown coming from back up running back Wayne Gallman with two or so minutes left in the fourth quarter. Their defense really let them down here letting Dak Prescott throw for four touchdowns and over 400 yards passing and letting Elliot run in for a score as well. Barkley was the spotlight man once again rushing for 120 yards on only eleven carries. This week they get the Bills whose defense proved troublesome for the Jets last week.


Washington Redskins (0-1)

Previous Rank: 31

The Redskins move up two spots even though they lost to the Eagles. The reason being is that for the first half of the game the Redskins were ahead of the Eagles 20-7. Case Keenum proved to be a better quarterback in this game as he threw for 380 yards and three touchdowns and I am pretty sure I only knew one name and that was Vernon Davis. However, the defense broke down and let the Eagles fly away with a victory. They did also lose their running back Derrius Guice for a number of weeks as well making Adrian Peterson the main man again. This week they get another divisional rival in the Dallas Cowboys. Their offense should be fine, but it is their defense that needs to shape up to stop Dak and Zeke this week if they want to pull off the upset.


Arizona Cardinals (0-0-1)

Previous Rank: 29

I’ll give Kyler Murray credit. He came back with a vengeance in the second half of this game. In the third quarter Kyler was able to rally the troops and make an eighteen point comeback with an extra three points in overtime. Overall, to me this seemed like a win for them rather than a tie. Names like David Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald became relevant again as well. However, they lost Marcus Gilbert to injury and have a huge task this week facing the Baltimore Ravens who won by forty nine points against the disgruntled Dolphins. Kyler will be tested for sure in this one.


Detroit Lions (0-0-1)

Previous Rank: 27

The Lions however take a stand still at the number twenty seven spot after they tied Arizona. This team let a rookie quarterback get the best of their defense that was supposedly improved from Matt Patricia this season. Kerryon Johnson was virtually ineffective in this contest rushing for only forty nine yards on sixteen carries. Stafford put the team on his back and did well throwing for 385 yards and three touchdowns. However, this was against Arizona without Patrick Peterson. I have a feeling they will have a much tougher task this week as they take on The Los Angeles Chargers.


Cincinnati Bengals (0-1)

Previous Rank: 29

This is virtually one of the only times I will give the Bengals credit so pay attention Keaton. While they did lose Joe Mixon in the first drive of the second quarter, Andy Dalton proved me a little wrong here and played his heart out against a strong Seattle team in Seattle. Dalton had 418 passing yards and two touchdowns both of them going to John Ross. He did fumble twice however and ball control is key and with Mixon being day to day Dalton will have to look to try to play through control issues as they take on the 49ers this week.


Denver Broncos (0-1)

Previous Rank: 24

The Broncos fall down a spot after losing to the Oakland Raiders last week. This was a hard one to watch as the NFL’s worst defense last year seemingly dominated Flacco early on in this contest. The run game wasn’t really effective and the passing attack didn’t quite get going until the second half when Flacco connected with Courtland Sutton for 120 yards on seven receptions and a touchdown pass to Emmanuel Sanders. This week however they go from the league’s worst defense last year to the best in a brutal battle against the Chicago Bears.


Jacksonville Jaguars (0-1)

Previous Rank: 23

Hear me out here. I know you guys think I should drop Jacksonville more because they lost Nick Foles until week eleven from a broken collarbone. However, something about Gardner Minshew caught my eye in this one side affair. The kid did pretty well against the Chiefs missing only two throws and throwing an interception. This kid might have a future in Jacksonville and having the newly acquired Josh Dobbs as a backup doesn’t hurt either. They have a tough task this week though as they go up against the Texans who are fuming after a loss to the Saints last week.


Oakland Raiders (1-0)

Previous Rank: 25

Well the Raiders did it. They won their first game of the season against the Broncos on Monday. They also proved one big thing. They do not need Antonio Brown to do well in Oakland. Derek Carr was amazingly accurate only missing four throws all night and throwing a touchdown pass to his new number one receiver Tyrell Williams. The rookie Josh Jacobs also made some highlights with eighty five yards on the ground and two rushing touchdowns. They will get the fight of their live this week however as they take on the very impressive Kansas City Chiefs.


New York Jets (0-1)

Previous Rank: 19

Well the Jets drop three spots this week after their loss to divisional rival; the Buffalo Bills. The Jets looked to be in control of this game with a pick six early on in the game and put sixteen points on the board going into the second half. The Bills however came back and put up seventeen unanswered points and won the game. This week Sam Darnold will look to his playmakers Le’Veon Bell and Jamison Crowder as they take on a very upset Cleveland Browns team Monday night.


Cleveland Browns (0-1)

Previous Rank: 12

Wow this one was just one that had to be seen. The Browns going in with all of the offseason hype in the world at home and they lose by thirty points to the Tennessee Titans of all teams. The offense and the defense were extremely unorganized and dysfunctional as they let the Titans score forty three points against this supposed elite defense. Baker Mayfield threw one touchdown, but also threw three interceptions as well. This week they have a chance to put it all behind them against the Jets Monday night.


San Francisco 49ers (1-0)

Previous Rank: 21

The 49ers move up a spot after winning against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week. Jimmy G didn’t have the greatest start though as the he threw a pick six in the second quarter. However, he did connect with Richie James for a score in the second half. The key to this game was the 49ers defense who picked off Wintson three times with two of them going for pick sixes. Tevin Coleman did exit the game with an ankle injury, but Matt Breida and Raheem Mostert were there to pick up the slack. This week they get a chance to prove that offense is key with a matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals.


Buffalo Bills (1-0)

Previous Rank: 20

The Bills picked up a win against the Jets last week, but it wasn’t until they decided to come alive in my mind. They were getting their butts kicked by the Jets with Josh Allen getting picked off twice and nothing really efficient on the run until Devin Singletary came into the game. Josh did run for a score and threw a late touchdown pass to John Brown to win the game. They get the Giants this week so the defense will have to step up to stop Saquon Barkley and for the offense Josh Allen has to play smarter football.


Carolina Panthers (0-1)

Previous Rank: 17

The Panthers fall a spot after losing their matchup against the Rams. Let me clear once again that this team was full of nothing but Christian McCaffrey. Cam Newton was just not good this game throwing for 239 yards and an interception. To his credit the Rams defense is very tough and it was Cam’s first game back from his shoulder injury which is why they only dropped one spot instead of more. They have a chance to be a 1-1 team this Thursday though against a very poor Buccaneers team.


Indianapolis Colts (0-1)

Previous Rank: 18

While the Colts did lose against the Chargers last week they did impress me quite a bit. Jacoby Brissett threw two touchdowns and only missed six passes. He might have thrown only 190 yards, but they didn’t need passing with Marlon Mack running all over the Chargers for 174 yards on twenty five carries adding a rushing score in as well. I have a feeling Brissett can take the Colts to high places and they will have just that chance to prove it against the Titans who made quite a splash against the Browns last week.


Atlanta Falcons (0-1)

Previous Rank: 15

I would have dropped the Falcons more, but then the ranking would be all jumbled. For now they move down a spot after taking a critical loss from the Minnesota Vikings last week. I say critical because Matt Ryan threw not one, but two picks in this game to compliment his two touchdowns. It took forever for the Falcons offense to get going and their defense was even worse letting Kirk Cousins connect on a touchdown pass, rush one in and have Dalvin Cook gash them for 111 yards and two more scores. Kirk only had to throw the ball ten times in this game going for less than 100 yards and they still got beat. Plus their draft pick Lindstrom went down with an injury making huge waves in the offensive line. This week they get the Eagles hoping to make something out of it.


Tennessee Titans (1-0)

Previous Rank: 22

Okay Titans I see you. What an impressive way to start off the season by knocking off the very hyped up Cleveland Browns 43-13. Mariota looked really good here throwing for 248 yards and three touchdowns. He also made newly drafted rookie A.J. Brown look phenomenal in this game catching three balls for 100 yards. Derrick Henry looked good on the ground as well with eighty four yards and a rushing score. The defense was a the real story here though as they got a safety sacked Mayfield a bunch of times and intercepted three of his passes with one of them going for a pick six. They get the Colts this week so can they prove everybody wrong again.


Pittsburgh Steelers (0-1)

Previous Rank: 7

This was just awful to watch. I had a lot of positive mindset for the Steelers heading into this game, and all of it was crushed as they dropped an ugly loss to New England 33-3. The offense looked incredibly sloppy with JuJu coming out as the main receiver with only seventy eight yards. James Conner couldn’t get anything going on the ground and Ben was so inaccurate it was ridiculous. The defense was also bad by failing to cover the running backs of the Patriots and only sacking Brady once. Unacceptable is the right word for it all. With all the hype that both Brown and Bell were out and Pittsburgh was now drama free I expected so much better, but was just absolutely disgusted by this performance. They get Seattle in their home opener and we better pull our heads out of our asses if we are going to make something happen this year.


Green Bay Packers (1-0)

Previous Rank: 16

The Packers were able to skate by here in a very lack luster contest between themselves and the Chicago Bears. This game was supposed to be big, but in my mind it was one of the most boring openings to an NFL season ever. Rodgers did manage to excite the crowd by introducing Valdez-Scatling and Jimmy Graham to some big plays and a touchdown. Was it an impressive win? Sure. The Bears were the top rated defense going into this game yet the Packers defense showed us that they were a strong contender holding the Bears to three total points, intercepting Trubisky and getting five sacks as well. This week the Packers get the Vikings in a match that I see the Packers coming out on top.


Minnesota Vikings (1-0)

Previous Rank: 14

The Vikings were a team I was concerned with coming into the 2019-2020 season. They made that disappear rather quickly in this game by going with a more run based attack against the Falcons. Cousins only had to throw the ball ten times in this entire game which was odd compared to their passing attack last season. Dalvin Cook was the star here rushing for 111 yards and scoring a touchdown. Kirk also ran one in and threw one to Adam Thielen as well. It will be interesting to see if they keep this attack going agains the Packers this week.


Chicago Bears (0-1)

Previous Rank: 5

This Bears team was a huge disappointment on Thursday night only scoring three points against the Green Bay Packers. Trubisky didn’t look that great tossing only 228 yards on forty five pass attempts with a 57% completion rating. To make matters worse he didn’t toss any touchdowns, but threw an interception to boot. David Montgomery hardly got a chance out there on the field as well as they needed to make pass plays happen instead of rushing attempts. The only thing to come out of this was Allen Robinson who did some damage in the receiving game. The defense may have sacked Rodgers five times, but man there were a lot of penalties called against them in this game. They should bounce back in what should be an easy matchup this week against the Broncos though so there’s that.


Baltimore Ravens (1-0)

Previous Rank: 13

Everybody slow your roll on the whole Lamar Jackson dark horse candidate for MVP. He might have thrown five touchdowns in this game, but did you see the defense he was playing. A high school team could have beat the Dolphins last week. I am not taking anything away from Lamar though. He proved last week his arm is the real deal rather than his legs. Marquise Brown got shine as well as he, Miles Boykin and Willie Snead each caught four touchdowns combined. Ingram also proved he was an asset rushing for two touchdowns on the ground. I need to see more before I say the Ravens are a threat and it will hardly be that this week as they take on the Arizona Cardinals.


Los Angeles Chargers (1-0)

Previous Rank: 11

The Chargers proved very well that they can function without Melvin Gordon running the ball. Austin Ekeler proved to be a valuable asset to the team as he scored three total touchdowns in this game with one on the ground and two through the air. Keenan Allen looked great as well catching a touchdown to go along with his 123 receiving yards. Rivers did a decent job even though he was picked off by the Colts defense. The defense was a struggle to watch though as they let T.Y. Hilton get away with two touchdowns and letting Marlon Mack run all over hem for 174 yards and a touchdown. The defense has some improving to do and they will look to do just that with a matchup against a struggling Detroit Lions team.


Seattle Seahawks (1-0)

Previous Rank: 9

The Seahawks were able to slide away with a victory against the Bengals last week in a more competitive match than I thought it was going to be. That being said they only move up a spot in the rankings. The rookie Metcalf was able to electrify the crowd here doing some damage in the receiving game. Maybe this is Doug Baldwin’s replacement after all. Chris Carson also got his licks in with a rushing score and a receiving score as well. The defense needs work though especially the secondary as Andy Dalton torched them for 418 yards. They go on the road against Pittsburgh this week so naturally I will be rooting against them in my hometown.


Houston Texans (0-1)

Previous Rank: 10

If you are wondering why the Texans moved up three spots after losing to the New Orleans Saints go rewatch Monday night’s game and tell me that Deshaun Watson wasn’t incredible to watch. The kid had four total touchdowns on the day with three passing and one rushing with Hopkins scoring two of them and the final one going to newly acquired Kenny Stills. The offensive line was a big struggle though as he was sacked for six times which was the most sacks on a quarterback in week one. Tunsil should get better though as he only had five days to learn the play book and protect Watson. The defense did well until the end letting Drew Brees and the Saints ride off into the sunset though. This week they get the Jaguars who were just torched by Patrick Mahomes.


Philadelphia Eagles (1-0)

Previous Rank: 8

This one had me nervous at the beginning as the Washington Redskins were leading at the half 20-7. The Eagles came back with a fierce blast though as DeSean Jackson’s career was made relevant again in Philly. He caught two long ball touchdowns from Carson Wentz and finished the day with eight catches for 154 yards. Philly did things right in the ending of this game as Carson Wentz kept it calm, cool and collected and finished strong. The running game is always a debacle in Philly so expect most of the damage to come through the air. It might be time to change that strategy however as the Eagles get the Falcons this week who held Kirk Cousins to ninety eight total passing yards. Whatever the case the defense better step up especially with the loss of Malik Jackson for a few weeks.


Dallas Cowboys (1-0)

Previous Rank: 6

How bout’ them Cowboys. man they put a clinic on this one against the Giants. The crazy thing here is that the job was done by Dak Prescott not Ezekiel Elliot. While it is true that Elliot had a rushing touchdown, Prescott had four passing touchdowns and over 400 yards passing. The defense did alright too protecting the endzone against Saquon Barkley even thought he had 120 yards on the ground. This week the Cowboys go up against the Redskins in what might be a close matchup depending on what Redskins team shows up to play.


Los Angeles Rams (1-0)

Previous Rank: 1

We are getting into the nitty gritty here with the Rams winning but dropping three spots in the rankings. Why you ask? To me the three teams ahead were just more impressive in their matchups than the Rams were. Goff didn’t look the greatest here throwing for under 200 yards with a touchdown and an interception against an alright Panthers defense. Gurley may have rushed for 94 yards but he wasn’t the one with the endzone scores as both of those went to Malcolm Brown. The defense was rough too letting the Panthers score 27 points to their 30. This week they get the Saints which is shaping up to be a highly anticipated matchup.


Kansas City Chiefs (1-0)

Previous Rank: 2

The Chiefs also move down even though they knocked off the Jacksonville Jaguars last week. Why? It is because this seemingly wasn’t that much of a challenge to Mahomes or the Chiefs. Another big reason is that their star receiver Tyreek Hill will be out a few weeks with a clavicle injury after coming down hard on a play. Mahomes shouldn’t have trouble though as he and Sammy Watkins connected for three touchdowns in this game. The defense wasn’t alright either letting a rookie get two touchdowns on them with only missing three passes. This week they have a divisional matchup agains the Oakland Raiders.


New Orleans Saints (1-0)

Previous Rank: 3

This was a well deserved win for Drew Brees and the Saints and no doubt this was the highlight game of the week as it really could have went either way. However, with about thirty seconds left Drew Brees pulled the impossible by tossing a big pass to Ted Ginn Jr and set up Wil Lutz with a huge fifty eight yard field goal winning the game. I will admit it took the Saints a while to get moving, but they did just that. Brees finished with 370 yards, two touchdowns and a pick while Alvin Kamara ran for ninety seven yards on thirteen carries while Michael Thomas had ten receptions for 123 yards. This team gets another big task when they face the Los Angeles Rams this week.


New England Patriots (1-0)

Previous Rank: 4

Just even typing about these guys gets my blood pumping and my face turning red with rage, but they did some huge things last week. One, they signed Antonio Brown to the team and two they demolished the Pittsburgh Steelers in a 33-3 dominant victory. Brady was superb in this one tossing for 341 yards and three touchdowns. Now they get the best receiver he has had since Randy Moss. While the methods might have been (cough cough) questionable he is on the team and will look towards this week when they basically get a bye week against the worst team in the NFL currently; the Miami Dolphins.

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