FOOTBALLLLLL. Last night we honored some of the NFL’s best as they entered the glorious halls of Canton. The game was pretty fun actually, despite obviously always being a mediocre outing. The Broncos did end up winning last night on a circus style tuddy.

I wanted to touch on some of the guys who really stood out to me last night. If I missed anyone, let me know!

Khalfani Muhammad – Broncos Running Back

This dude was electric last night. He caught passes out of the back and proved he had some break away speed. I don’t truly believe Khalfani can be a servicable fantasy player this year, but the kid is going to find an NFL home this season. Between Freeman, Lindsay and Riddick, Muhammad is firmly the RB4 for the broncos right now.

Brian Hill – Falcons Running Back

I wrote about this kid a little bit yesterday and honestly, he played extremely well. He was a tough runner, proved he can catch and was the main guy for the Falcons. There’s a clear hole in the Falcons depth chart for their backup running back with Ito Smith not claiming the title last year, so Hill is a great candidate for that workload.

Noah Fant – Denver Broncos Tight End

I’m very excited for what Noah Fant can become, but last night was hopefully a one off. He looked a bit lost, but as my wonderful tweet described, we can’t read too much into the first preseason HOF game. I have a very optimistic approach to Fant which means I won’t be drafting him at all this year, but I am excited for his future. As the game progressed he did play much better in his credit.

Drew Lock Broncos Quarterback

Drew Lock was taken in the secon round this past year to much surprise. The Mizzo QB was projected as a first rounder, but teams tend to do a little more research than Mock Draft Warriors. I like the kid’s future, but currently has 0 fantasy value. Big arm, not a lot of touch.

Kurt Benkert Atlanta Falcons Quarterback

The winner in my opinion of last nights game was Kurt Benkert, last years the UDFA from Virgina. Benkert was one of Mel Kiper’s favorite guys in the 2018 draft and was a big surprise when he didnt’g get drafted. He spent last season on the practice squad but looks ready to be Matty Ice’s backup (cause I can’t believe Matt Schaub is still playing either).