In honor of Shark Week, I decided to put together a starting lineup of my favorite San Jose Sharks greats. My lineup is made up of the toughest Sharks that I can remember. (Disclaimer: I currently do not like the Sharks, so 99.9% of my starting lineup is made up of former players, you may or may not know.)


Left Wing- Mike Ricci #18 

Mike Ricci was actually listed as Center, however I’m going to put him on my Left Wing. Ricci was an average sized Center, who played a more defensive style play of game. His gritty play made him a fan favorite, and just look at that amazing flow.


damphousseCenter- Vincent Damphousse #25

Quite possibly my favorite Sharks player ever, Vincent Damphousse was always entertaining to watch on the ice, and his last name is pretty fun to pronounce too. Damphousse played for the Sharks from 1998-2004, putting up over 40 points in every season. A great leader, and great in the face-off circle, he has what it takes to be my starting Center.


Right Wing- Owen Nolan #11


Lining up on Right Wing, we have Owen Nolan. This natural born leader brought a physical presence to the game as well as a goal scorers touch. In the 1999-2000, Nolan finished the season with 84 points and was tied second in the league for goals with 44 ginos. The same season, Nolan helped lead the Sharks to victory against the number one seeded St. Louis Blues where he tallied six goals in the first round. The Sharks would end up winning the series in seven games. That type of skill, leadership, and desire is something I would love to have on my RW.

Left Defenseman- Brent Burns #88burns

The Man, The Myth, The Legend. Brent Burns is an absolute unit. Most people don’t even know where he hails from. Let’s just assume he was born on a mountain somewhere in Canada. His beard is fierce just like his playing style. Don’t let his looks fool you though, the guy can play. Burns has one of the hardest slap shots in the league, and is deadly out on the rink. In 2015-2016, he finished with 75 points (27 goals, and 48 assists). This guy is a definite must if you’re looking for a defenseman who has the best of both worlds.

Right Defenseman-Doug Murray #3crankshaft

Standing alongside Brent Burns, I would have Doug Murray. The guy’s nickname was “Crankshaft”, I mean how much more awesome can you get?? Murray was not one of the best skaters, but his physical presence makes him a lock in my toughest Sharks lineup.

Goalie-Evgeni Nabokov #20nabokov

In between the pipes, I have Evgeni Nabokov. Nabokov was one of my favorite goalies growing up, mainly because he wore my favorite number. Also knowing that he was a Kazakhstani-Russian, made me believe he was pretty close friends with Borat (very nice). Nabokov’s career stats make him a solid choice for the starting gig. The dude won the Calder Memorial Trophy in his rookie season, and later picked up a Vezina trophy in 2008.


Well there you have it, my all time favorite San Jose Sharks starting lineup. It’s the perfect mix of toughness and skill, and I believe they could take on anyone in a battle on the rink, even these guys.

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