Bye Bye Heinz Field

If you haven’t been on the internet in the past day, the talk of Pittsburgh has been the story behind our football stadium. Kraft Heinz is looking beyond Pittsburgh and have decided to not renew naming rights on our beautiful stadium.

Kraft Heinz was bought out by Warren Buffet (super millionare dude who probably thinks coffee is too expensive and wears the same clothes all the time becuase that’s what super rich guys do) and was moved from the City not long ago. This was the start of the end of an era in Pittsburgh, despite Yinzers standing true and continuing to compare Heinz to the nectar of the Gods.

Recently, since the departure from Pittsburgh, Heinz has seen no reason to renew their naming rights at the Steelers home field. This got me thinking…..if not Heinz, who should be the new sponsor of the Pittsburgh Football Place?

Primanti Bros Stadium

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

PNC Park (considering the Pirates are done and all)

Perogi Park (We’d have to crowd fund this one)

Mikey and Big Bob Freak Show Stadium

UPMC Stadium (this will probably be it, I had to throw one real one in)

AMPD Group is Kewl Field (since they buy every run down building anyways)

Edgar Snyder and Associates Arena

The Bench (see what I did there?(we dont have the funds to even joke about this))

Shenderovich, Shenderovich & Fishman Arena

Dicks Stadium (classy)

Whatever the new name is, let’s pour one out for the end of an era. What was once Three Rivers Stadium (and was destroyed for this stadium) is now currently Heinz. What will be for the future is unknown.

Here’s me hoping it’s Edgar Snyder and Associates Arena!


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