Look it is no secret that the 24/7 Title is the best thing going on WWE weekly television. However to this point it has been heavily carried by R-Truth and now in a feud with Drake Maverick. But Maverick has gotten everything out of it that he possibly could. He elevated his status and has become a character the fans want to see. So it’s time for the title to move on, and I think it is time to move it away from R-Truth.

So who could possibly take up the mantel and run with this in the same effective way? How about the first ever, Miss Money in the Bank Carmella. 

First thing is first the perfect person to catch Truth is his acompless. A dastardly heel turn on Truth would be good for business and establish Heel Mella as a no nonsense version of the champion. The following could result in actual matches against a number of women’s opponents. Creating a series of one off that would replicate John Cena’s US Open Challenge. Competitors like Niki Cross, Alexa Bliss, The Iconics, Auska, and Kairi Sane could all challenge for it. Shining a much needed spotlight on the Women’s undercard, while acting as a temporary midcard title for the women. 

Carmella is also the perfect vehicle to take the 24/7 Title to NXT for the first time. The women’s division in NXT is finally beginning to find its footing again. A series of matches with Io Shirai, Candice Lerae, and Shayna Baszler would help elevate them and introduce them to the main roster fans.

Setting up a dream match. Look I understand to most people this branch I am about to step out on is shaky, but here it goes. I think Carmella is one of the most underrated workers in the Women’s Division. Is she great in the ring no, but serviceable, absolutely. More importantly she has the ability to tell stories and connect with the audience. No matter what crap she is given she makes it entertaining. The NXT version of that is Bianca Belair. I understand this seems like a stretch, but I have a hunch if these two were given some serious TV time in NXT they could make a feud that could rival that of the Four Horsewomen’s NXT runs.

I think inevitably she would lose it to Shayna Baszler on the main roster. Introducing the Queen of Spades in a brutal match that takes Carmella off TV for awhile. Possibly aligning her with a returning Ronda Rousey. 

All and all I do really believe Carmella is one of the best in the Women’s Division, and with the main event spot so crowded this would be a great way to utilize a true talent. While bringing the spotlight to your women’s undercard, and the NXT Women’s roster.