Adam Cole vs MJF

On the most recent Talk is Jericho, Joey Ryan made a comment that got stuck in my head. “WWE signs a guy like Adam Cole and that creates a hole for a guy like MJF too fill.” In the moment is was a simple analogy, but there is something more to it. Because he is right, the pretty boy heel has been Adam Cole for a long time. He was that guy, and when he was finally called to WWE it opened a hole. A hole filled by the fastest rising star in professional wrestling today, Maxwell Jacob Freeman. So did Joey Ryan just accidently set a dream match in motion?

I’m not saying that MJF has reached the same level Adam Cole has, but what I am saying is there is an uncanny similarity that needs to be analyzed. First they are both super young. Adam Cole just turned thirty and MJF is only twenty three. Second, they are both playing similar roles in their current companies. Third, they will most likely never be in the same promotion until way down the line.

Sound familiar? Flair and Hogan, Sting and Taker, or Austin and Goldberg all were the dream matches of the WCW vs WWE rivalry. With each pair serving as the banner men for their company creating a dream match scenario. The other uncanny comparison is how similar the gimmicks were between that list of legends. MJF and Adam Cole are the next great comparison.

Sure the New Wrestling Wars original comparisons will be between Moxely and Seth, Reigns and Omega, and Cody and Triple H. But as those stars begin to fade it will be these two who serve as their respective companies top heels for the better part of a decade. A decade that will be deeply entrenched in the highest level of wrestling competition since the Attitude Era. They will be the faces of it pushing the pace forward and driving competition.

Joey Ryan may not have thought about it at the time, but what he did was essentially ushered in the era of Bay Bay vs Better Than You. For that Joey Ryan I thank you. With any luck both guys will have long careers and both companies will prosper under the new rivalry. Hopefully with these two as top guys on both rosters.

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