Fantasy Football Headlines to Monitor

Every year, we walk into fantasy football with a certain draft position for each guy we want. This guy should be a top four pick, this guy whould be available in the 7th, this dude will go undrafted…and they almost always come from the swirling headlines created during the offseason.

Personally, I always recommend people take the guys they are comfortable with. You won’t have fun with Fantasy Football if you just take guys who you’re “supposed” to take, you have to take a mix of great football players and guys you genuinly are excited to have.

I wanted to address some major headlines leading into this FF season, and of course we’re going to start with one of my favorite fantasy guys in recent memory.

Melvin Gordon’s Demands

I can’t speak to the rest of the football fans across the globe, but this came as a huge surprise to me. Melvin Gordon has had some injury issues but has proven year in and year out to be a great 3 down option for a very solid team who people believe to be a Super Bowl contdneor every year.

Gordon has four years in the league he has only played 55 our of 64 potential games. Normally, you could just put this up to typical wear and tear, but Gordon’s recent injuries have left him wanting a big deal before his value could potentially drop. The difference between him and Zeke in this fashion is that if Gordon does not get a deal, he is prepared to sit out an entire season to force a trade.

The Chargers have a solid backfield without Gordon in Ekler and Jackson that could make this move easier for the LA based franchise. Per the entire internet, Gordon could find himself in three different locations: Buffalo, Houston and Chicago. I’d be surprised with Chicago, but Buffalo has the assets and the need and Houston could package Clowney in a “We don’t want to pay our guy, you don’t want to pay your guy” type of deal. All in all, pay close attention to this before drafting Gordon.

Zeke’s Potential Hold Out

One story line that has come out of the offseason is that Dallas Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliott has privately said that he’s planning a training-camp holdout. This comes off the heels of Gordon’s demands, but we probably shouldn’t be too surprised at Zeke’s ask. Zeke has continuously been a top performer in this league and with recent pay loads to Todd Gurley and Lev Bell, It seems obvious that Zeke would want his money before any injuries can hit.

The down side for the Ohio State alum is…well, the Cowboys don’t have to pay him. They primarily focused on players that needed a contract this season, such as Demarcus Lawrence, Amari Cooper and the potential contract for their quarterback Dak Prescott.

I don’t see much here when it comes to fantasy impact, so don’t hold back taking Zeke in the top three of your draft this year. This contract discussion seems typical in todays NFL and the Cowboys will head into the season with not a ton of experience in their RB room past Zeke. Sitting out of training camp isn’t always a bad thing as well, as it can be the difference between wear and tear down the road.

Michael Crabtree’s Landing Spot

I’m a sucker for a veteran receiver in the NFL, and that’s still the case for Crabtree. Crab was the guy in Oakland a few years ago even with Cooper on the roster, Crab was also the guy in Baltimore when they had no other receivers. Crabtree can still be the guy in this NFL…hopefully.

Bills. Colts. Browns. Packers. Steelers. That’s the list that a few blogs have put out for potential Crbatree landing spots. Personally, my favorite suitor isn’t on this list, but IMAGINE Crabtree catching corner of the endzone TD passes from one Mr. Patrick Mahomes.

If Crabtree is added to any team before the start of the season he’s worth a late round fly in some leagues. The guy still has some left in the tank, even if that means he’ll be a bit closer to last years Crab than years past. IF (big if) he signs to a team with a solid QB Situation and room on the WR depth chart (Packers, Chiefs, Colts) it might be worth a flier.

Patrick Mahomes Repeat

Let’s start this off by saying 1) I love Mahomes and 2) I do not draft quarterbacks before the double digit rounds traditionally. If you had Mahomes last year, that meant you basically walked into the Super Bowl (unless you just had a terrible draft otherwise)

I say this all with the understanding that Mahomes won’t have the same year this year. He could go for 40 touchdowns which is still uhh…amazing, but they could go 8 games without the fastest man in the NFL and their top tier RB from the last two years.

Basically, Mahomes will finish this season as a top 3 wuarterback option in my opinion, but that doesn’t mean you should take him in round 2. Unless that makes Fantasy Football fun for you, than go on and have some fun.

Todd Gurley’s Knee

Arguably the hottest topic in recent Fantasy Football memoy is Todd Gurley;s Knee. It’s the talk in every league, especially when it comes to how should you value the backups LA has. If you don’t know anything about the situation, Gurley had issues last season that kept him our of the Super Bowl with inflammation in his knee. Gurley has had knee injuries in the past that are concerning, but the Rams gave him the big bucks anyways.

Personally, I have zero restrictions walking into this season with Todd Gurley on my roster. I get the knee injuries, but if you believe that McVay would let their franchise star getused too much too early, you’re wild. I feel a touchdown regression coming for Gurley just based off the fact that they will look to use their other backs when needed, but Gurley will still be a consistant back in fantasy this season. Henderson and Brown just flat our aren’t anywhere near the talent Gurley is, and for that reason alone I still love the kid.

I will say, however, be cautious of where you take Gurley. In most leagues, Gurley is falling towards the end of the first /. start of the second round, meaning if you play your cards right you could get the RB1 as a very, very nice value.

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