I CALLED THIS. I want the record to show that I indeed called this, but once again against my better judgement let a fellow bencher lead me astray. I knew this was the case, and I quote, (ThE HoUsToN RoCKeTs DonT HaEV TeH AsSeTs TO dO This).

This is it guys. I formally submit the idea that I no longer trust a single TFTB member. At all. I can’t express my anger. I just finish off another WONDERFUL episode of Two Beers Deep LIVE at Scratch Food and Beverage and this is the news I have to hear.

Austin Knapp. Andre Frye. Keaton Moorehead. Hot Seat Activate.

I have a bet with Keaton. Details to come.

What this does mean though is that the Rockets are EASILY the best team in the West and it’s not even close. I get the Clippers and the Lakers and blah blah blah, but let’s be real. Harden. Westbrook. All you need.

I’m going back to the bar now. TFTB till i die.