Well Hockey Fans it has come and gone. The 2019 Entry Level Draft is in our rearview mirror as he head down the summer highway towards July 1st aka the first day of free agency. A few teams made out like bandits at the weekend and other, well didn’t really help themselves all. Today we will look at a few teams that turned themselves into the Rea F*ckin Deal.

The New Jersey Devils

The Devils had the first overall pick. So they drafted Jack Hughes, whether or not I agree with that decision they got an elite center who will propel their team for years to come.

Ray Shero also created his favorite roster power structure. Three great centers. Nico Hischier and Travis Zajac will round out the top three lines with Hughes.

As if that wasn’t enough the Devils made a trade, well really a robbery. They give up two 2nd round picks, a young NHL Defenseman and a prospect for P.K. Motha F*ckin Subban. Now you would say that the Devils paid a nice fee for Subban and you would be right. But what they get back is a 30 year old stud. Subban may not be your favorite player, and there are people who will tell you he is overrated. For the Devils this is a big pick up. Adding PK to a Devils back end that really only boost Will Butcher as an elite player is a huge upgrade.

If the Devils are keen on making a push this season they will need to continue to be active. However their biggest priority is singing Taylor Hall, than believe it or not adding Subban may help that process too.

The Colorado Avalanche.

The Avs were not active in the trade room. However they were all over the damn draft board. At number four they took Bowen Byram, he was one of eight draft picks and one of two first rounders. 

Byram is a guy that a lot of people are high on right now. He has Lidstrom esc qualities. He has great puck possession, good feat, and holds the offensive blue line very well. If the Avs decided to keep Barrie this off season, adding this kid to an already very talented blue line will only help bolster this team. 

Florida Panthers

The Panthers plan to be very busy in the upcoming Free Agency window. Hoping to land Sergei Bobrovsky. However if they don’t their first overall draft pick Spencer Knight will be waiting. If given the chance to play back up to the future Hall of Famer Roberto Luongo the Panthers maybe just found their secret weapon.

Montreal Canadians

The Candadiens just got better in a hurry. Drafting Cole Caufield at fifteen was the equivalent of trading for Jake Guentzel. This kid can play and has an elite release. He will play the 2019-20 seasons in college for the Wisconsin Badgers. However he maybe a one and done. Adding him to the litany of young talented forward the Canadians is only going to make them better.

Los Angeles Kings

Arthur Kaliyev was a project to be taken in the teens of the first round. Somehow he slipped into the second round and the Kings snatched him up. A team that desperately need to get younger just stole a fifty goal scorer. Last year in the OHL he scored fifty goals! He is a six two left winger with an NHL release. They basically were like, “man we could use a younger Jeff Carter” then drafted him. This is a great pick up for the Kings.

This years draft had a few major events that happened as far as trades but we like to stay positive on Thoughts From The Bench so we will um ignore the Patrick Marleau trade. And How Vancouver is not sure if they are serious about their future. So until next time hockey fans!