Beyond the Arc

by Ben Fiore

First and foremost, congratulations to Toronto and the entire country of Canada. After 25 years, the Raptors finally won their first NBA title in the history of the sport.  This means so much to the whole country and EVERY player on that team deserves it. So DON’T YOU DARE try and diminish their victory.

A lot of people want to say that KD was out.  And that Klay went down.  And that LeBron wasn’t in the east this year. Well the Warriors are still one of the greatest teams all time without KD, they won 2 games without him too.  Klay going down shouldn’t be an excuse either.  Steph, Iggy, Boogie and the entire Warriors team was still there.  LeBron being in the west this year has NOTHING to do with the Raptors success.  LeBron has been sitting on his ass for weeks now.  Didn’t see him even make the playoffs and to be fair he had a WORSE team in Cleveland than he does in LA.  Regardless, I just wanted to make sure we get rid of all that nonsense moving forward.

Also, STOP SHITTING ON KYLE LOWRY.  He had the first 11 points of the Raptors scoring and 21 in the first half.  He finished with 26 last night.  He is and always will be underrated.  He gets shit on for no reason.  How come Melo and Paul Pierce can be fat asses and underwhelming but they’re “greats” but Lowry gets shit on?  Well he’s an NBA champion now all you haters!  Every member of that team earned it.  They proved to be the best team.  But there is one key lift…

Kawhi.  Kawhi Leonard is the reason they got there.  He had a great supporting cast but he pushed them past the Sixers, the Bucks and the Warriors which is why he’s finals MVP.  He has the experience of a champion with the Spurs and brought it to Canada with him.  DeMar DeRozan is a phenomenal athlete but Kawhi is clearly one of the greatest to ever do it.  He is on a different planet in terms of skill right now and is the king of Toronto.  Drake and Canadians are begging for him to stay.  He’s a Canadian legend now.  He will go down as the Raptors savior and curse breaker.  I think he stays.  And if he does, the Raptors will be a long term force to be reckoned with.

Congrats Toronto, you did it.  Happy for you for number one, and can’t wait to see more from you in the future.  The Toronto Raptors, YOUR 2019 NBA champions.