He is my favorite wrestler and let’s face it, he is everyone’s new favorite wrestler. The salt of the earth Maxwell Jacob Friedman. Now you Marks may know him as the smart mouthed young talent in All Elite Wrestling. But that’s not the whole story. In 2018 few people in the world of professional wrestling had a better year then MJF. Going from relative obscurity to headlining shows all across the indie scene. It all culminated at All In where he opened the PPV with Matt Cross. But what makes MJF such a great wrestler? Why is it that you can’t help but want to watch his matches? What is it about the self proclaimed fastest rising star in professional wrestling today?

Well we have looked into and here are the top 5 reasons why MJF is your new favorite wrestler.

5) The Gimmick

Look the smug, “I’m better then you” gimmick isn’t new. Superstar Billy Graham, Mr. Perfect, The Miz need I go on? What MJF does with it tho is a fresh spin. The Burberry scarf wearing long island is constantly pointing out how he is better than you. But instead of being disgusted with you he pities you. He feels bad about how much less you are then him. It doesn’t have to be a new gimmick you just have to feel comfortable in it. Needless to say MFJ is very comfortable in that skin.

4) The Rocket Strapped To His Back

It is easy to see why every promoter on the planet loves this guy. He can walk into a building where no one knows him and with in seconds he can get you to boo him. This talent has strapped the proverbial rocket to his back. That Rocket allowed him to work with guys like Joey Janella and Matt Cross on major shows for CZW and AEW. Those matches have continued to push his booking schedule. The ultimate Rub came when some time last year Cody said that MJF reminds him a lot of a young Cody Rhodes. All these things have literally made him the fastest rising star, and let’s be honest who doesn’t want a piece of the newest latest and greatest thing.

3) In Ring Work

MJF won’t blow you away with anything in the ring. Nor should he! His style is safe and repeatable with anyone. Some may compare it to a WWE esc style. What his style does is allow him to be open to work with anyone. Guys like Joey Janella have always struggled to prove their worth as actual wrestlers. MJF will never have that problem because of his style. He can get dirty and hard core if he needs to, but he can also have a 5 star work rate match. He is a swiss army knife in that sense. And with the AEW roster full of niche acts his ability to work with anyone will give him more opportunity.

2) The feel for the Moment.

MJF seems to just know when to get heat. I would like to use the Double or Nothing Battle Royal as the prime example here. When the match first starts what does MJF do? He goes and stomps out the guy without legs. Then through out the night after every big spot or elimination MJF would capitalize by eliminating the people involved in the spot. If it felt like you were overly engaged in a moment MJF ruined it. Infact one of these moments he ruined was so dastardly that it over shined Joey Janella getting a cigarette stapled to his head. This feel for the moment will allow him to add fuel to the rocket on his back. The Battle Royal was maybe the worst match on the card at Double or Nothing, but because MJF took it as an opportunity to draw heat. He took it as an opportunity to cement himself as AEW’s top heel.

1) The Mouth

On Sam Roberts podcast “Not Sam Wrestling” MJF brought light to the fact that he will always have a job because he can talk. He credits Roddy Piper and Ric Flair as influence of his. No matter who they were facing they had the ability to talk people into watching them get punched in the face. MJF shares that incredible power and with any luck he will go down as one of the best talkers in history. His promo and the AEW Championship unveiling was one of the most memorable moments on the show. As if his dastardly heel work in the Royal wasn’t enough he followed up that with his second appearance on the card with an epic promo. This god given talent is something few poses and will allow him to always get over.

So thats its the top five reasons why MJF is my favorite wrestler and let’s face it, the world’s favorite wrestler.