In my life I have come across different styles and genres of the beautiful thing we all love to get us through our days; music. Now sometimes we can get caught up in a lot of the radio waves that play through our ears and on the radio and can forget some finer gems in life. My favorite styles of music fall into mostly pop punk and post hardcore although I do enjoy all kinds of music. What i am going to do today is give you ten bands that I thoroughly enjoy listening to and maybe more people should check them out. Let us get started.







Band Members

Yvette Young (Guitar), Keith Grimshaw (Drummer), David Adamiak (Bass)

I honestly had never heard of Covet before until I went to a concert in April in which they were opening for. The thing that blew my mind away was the fact that Covet does not have a vocalist. That’s right they are strictly instrumental and man I have to tell you this was one of the best feelings I ever had at a concert just dancing and vibing along with the music. The guitar work that Yvette does with their group is just absolutely mesmerizing and beautiful. In every song you feel like you are listening to more than one song because of how the music changes from one style to the next. It is like opening an onion and discovering different layers. Give them a look the next time you want to be groovy man.







Eat Your Heart Out


Band Members

Caitlin Henry (Vocals), Andrew Anderson (Guitar), Will Moore (Guitar), 

Dom Cant (Bass), Jake Cronin (Drums)

Eat Your Heart Out is an Australian Pop Punk band led with some of the most beautiful singing I have heard in a long time from vocalist Caitlin Henry. The group didn’t have to travel far to find each other as they all came from the same high school. The group formed when Caitlin was only 15 years old and had meddled around with some stuff before actually taking their careers seriously in mid 2015. They said they gained much inspiration from the band Movements who they working with and have claimed that because of them they got signed by Fearless Records. Since then the band has numerous successful moments including being apart of the latest Pop Goes Punk album with their cover of Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You as well as my personal favorite from them Carousel. Give them a look.






Stand Atlantic


Band Members

Bonnie Fraser (Vocals/Guitar), David Porter (Guitar), Jonno Panichi (Drums)

We now head to surprisingly another Pop Punk group from Australia in the form of one of the hottest upcoming bands in my opinion; Stand Atlantic. I get a strong female voiced Neck Deep vibe from this group and I can say anytime I listen to them I instantly get into a good mood. They have made names for themselves touring with some of the hottest groups in the pop punk scene such as Neck Deep, New Found Glory and State Champs. I swear every time I hear Bonnie Fraser’s voice I get a strong feeling of her passion for the music and just the overall fun this group provides for their fans. I absolutely fell in love with them when my brother showed me their songs Lavender Bones and Coffee at Midnight and I honestly haven’t looked back since.






Ice Nine Kills


Band Members

Spencer Charnas (Vocals), Justin “JD” Deblieck (Guitar/Vox),

Justin Morrow (Bass), Conor Sullivan (Drums)

Now Derrik Whiten can tell you all I have been a fan of Ice Nine Kills since he showed me them way back in my late middle school/early high school days. However, it wasn’t until they released their album The Silver Scream that I absolutely fell in love with them. The album track list has each track being based off of a different amazing horror movie. This to me was incredible as I love music and horror movies so putting them together was about one of the best things they could have done. Tracks from this that I personally enjoy to my soul include The American Nightmare (Nightmare on Elm Street), Thank God It’s Friday (Friday the 13th), Stabbing in the Dark (Halloween) and Rocking the Boat (Jaws). The writing and lyrics for this album were amazing and made me love this band even more. If you’re a fan of horror, hardcore music and excellent story telling check them out guys! Also if you just wanna hear the song skip to about 3:19 for the video, or simply watch it all and don’t suck.









Band Members

Lauren Babic (Vocals), Jarrod Alonge (Guitar/Vocals), Patty Walters (Bass)

This to me was huge. Some of my favorite performers I had watched on Youtube for years coming together to create some magic together. Each one had come from a different band as Lauren came from Red Handed Denial, Jarrod from Sunrise Skater Kids, and Patty from As It Is. This all star group formed in May of 2017 and started releasing music that I just fell in love with from the first note played. If you are looking to hear some post hardcore music from three veterans of the game then this is the band to start listening to especially with their debut album Burning Alive featuring one of my favorite songs by them; Shinebox with drummer Tyson Dang joining in for some fun.






Pale Waves


Band Members

Heather Baron-Gracie (Vocals/Guitar), Ciara Doran (Drums),

Hugo Silvani (Guitar), Charlie Wood (Bass)

We now switch to a lighter side of my music taste with hit indie sensation Pale Waves. I suppose I have my brother to thank for this one as given me a genre of music I can honestly say is growing to be one of my favorites in recent years. He showed me some of their songs and honestly I was speechless to how interesting and amazing they were. The group is from Manchester England and formed in the year of 2014. You can say the group has found success as they were ranked fifth in the BBC Sound of 2018 poll and won the Under the Radar Award at the NME Awards as well. Their debut album My Mind Makes Noises did wonders as well as it reached number eight on the album charts in the UK when it was released on September 14th in 2018. If you want to explore and give them a listen I promise you won’t be disappointed. Some of the songs I thoroughly enjoy include KissTelevision Romance and Heavenly.









Band Members

Mr. Lordi (Vocals), Amen (Guitar), OX (Bass), Hella (Keyboards), Mana (Drums)

Going from indie to hard rock brings probably a band that nobody really knew existed. Lordi gives off a GWAR vibe as they dress as monsters and play hard rock and metal related music only to me it is more horror related and melodic. They are from Finland and surprisingly have nine albums under their big belts. The band formed in 1992 and have had a lot of changing in their members in those years, but honestly every time they get together they create hits. This band literally belongs in the group of amazing masked and costume performers such as Kiss, GWAR and Slipknot. They also incorporate a lot of pyrotechnics in their shows even placing giant sparklers on the guitar for solos. I am saying if you like any of the bands I listed when discussing them give them a listen and you will be very surprised as to why a lot of people don’t even know they exist. I could list so many songs I enjoy from this group, but I’ll keep it simple and list a few personal favorites of mine. This includes Hard Rock HallelujahWould You Love A MonstermanScare Force OneDevil Is A Loser and It Snows In Hell.







Wolf and Bear


Band Members

Marcus Cisneros (Vocals), Tyler Watt (Vox), Cameron Nunez (Guitar),

Joshua Unitt (Guitar), Jacob Kovai (Drums), Tim Feerick (Bass)

This group I just started listening to about a month ago and I honestly love everything they do. They incorporate a very groovy yet very in your face post hardcore sound. The group formed in Sacramento,California in 2014 and have done some incredible things since then. They got in big with band Dance Gavin Dance and signed to their guitarist Will Swan’s record label Blue Swan Records and their original bassist was replaced with Dance Gavin Dance’s bassist Tim Feerick which was huge because of how good of a bass player he was. The group went on to release their debut album Everything Is Going Grey on October 3rd 2017 and had some amazing tracks off the album. Then, on February 28th 2019 they released their newest single Deleto. The band is amazing and I encourage you all to take a listen to these guys. They just blew my mind. Some tracks to indulge in are DeletoGreyBloodSight and Twisted Tongues.







Don Broco


Band Members

Rob Damiani (Vocals), Simon Delaney (Guitar), Matt Donnelly (Drums/Vocals),

Tom Doyle (Bass)

The crazy thing is that Don Broco has been around since 2008 and I had not heard of them until I went to a show they were opening for in 2019. The British rock band formed in Bedford England in 2008 and have been killing it ever since. The way this group jumps from genre to genre is absolutely insane going from indie to almost hardcore rock. They have released three albums in their time together in which the first one Priorities dropped on August 13th 2012 to Automatic on August 7th 2015 to their latest one Technology on February 2nd 2018. Each one has their own unique sound to it and it is that variety that made me fall in love with this band. They were incredible to see live. Some songs you viewers might find interesting include Half Man Half God, Come Out To LAEverybodyAutomaticNerve, You Wanna Know and Actors.







Dance Gavin Dance


Band Members

Tillian Pearson (Vocals), Jon Mess (Vox), Will Swan (Guitar), Tim Feerick (Bass), Matt Mingus (Drums)

I know I am cheating a little bit here since Dance Gavin Dance is a very popular band, but it is my list and they are by far my favorite band to listen to. I started getting into Dance Gavin Dance when I was in middle school and this group hasn’t given me a reason to stop listening anytime soon. They have had a lot of changes in their group having at one point gone through two other vocalists before settling with Tillian. Every album this group gives us as fans is a work of art and obviously something is working because they have had eight albums since their debut album Downtown Battle Mountain was released in 2007. The way you listen to these songs is crazy because sometimes you may be listening and then five seconds later it sounds completely different, but when you look at it it is the same song. These guys are masters and the guitar work done by Will Swan is always a spectacle to admire. Plus the way that Tillian and Jon’s vocals clash but still sound amazing together is incredible. I cannot say this group is amazing enough, but please give them a listen and find out for yourself. There are a lot of tracks I really enjoy, but here are some to get you started; Head HunterCare, Son Of RobotWe Own The NightCount BassyInspire the LiarsBetrayed By The GameAlex English and Uneasy Hearts Weigh The Most just to name a few.