The lineup cards for yesterdays Champions League Match against Liverpool and Barcelona felt one sided. Barcelona touting former Liverpool standouts Luis Suarez and Philippe Coutinho. Along with the normal cast of characters like Jordi Alba, Rakitic, Busquets, Vidal and Pique. As if that lineup isn’t enough to strike fear into any side the greatest player of this generation was flanking the right side.

Liverpool rolled out a lineup that felt more like a mix bag of whose healthy vs an all star front. Salah, Firmino, both sidelined with injury leaving the front three assembled of bench players and Sadio Mane.

So when the ball was officially kicked off at 3pm east coast time there was a sense of dread. How could Liverpool possibly muster the necessary four goals without their two most prolific offensive players? How could they possibly keep the Messi and company off the board? It seemed like an overwhelming task even for the mythical Anfield. The club thats history is built on moments like these maybe just did not have the pieces to overcome these seemingly insurmountable odds.

The answer was simple now that it’s over. Heavy Metal Football, the system the Jurgen Klopp has implanted into the DNA of these players. The system that has already created one of the most dangerous teams in all of Europe. It was the blitzkrieg high press style of the German manager that allowed us to overcome. It was putting pressure on the Barcelona back line that gave us the edge. It was the heroic efforts from players you wouldn’t expect. Origi’s two magical goals, and an untimely sub for Robertson which lead to two Gini Wijnaldum goals to start the second half. It was our goalkeeper becoming everything he was promised. The guy who would make the saves when we needed him most. It was years of effort, planning, and belief that lead to the miracle at Anfield yesterday.

It was a city in England known for its famous moniquer believing in its club, and never once sitting down. Never once giving up. It was the moment after the match where the club went to the Kop end arm and arm and sang the chorus to You’ll Never Walk Alone.

It was our captain laying on the ground writhing in pain only to overcoming the injury damn well knowing we needed him. It was a young lad running a schoolyard trick play to fool the winningest team of a generation. A trick play to fool the best players in the world. A trick play to propel Liverpool to their second straight Champions League Final.

Another European Night at Anfield. And another trip to the grandest stage in European Football.