Ten NFL Players Whose Stock Dropped Post Draft

NFL Players from time to time think they are coming in and being “the guy” for a certain team. However, things can sometime change and they can be left with a diminishing stock for the upcoming season. I have narrowed it down to ten individuals whose stock now has dropped after the post season and 2019 Draft. Again, these are all my opinions, but it is hard to argue about some of these picks especially when considering fantasy football.  Let’s dive in.




#10 Nelson AgholorNFL: Arizona Cardinals at Philadelphia Eagles

Agholor has been one of the finer pass catchers when it comes to the Philadelphia offense. It honestly might have been smart however for the Eagles to trade him because now he faces some tough competition at getting the ball thrown to him. The return of DeSean Jackson gives Carson Wentz the speedster he has always wanted in a receiver. Meanwhile, the new rookie JJ Arcega Whiteside out of Stanford also poses a threat in the passing attack. Let us also not forget the huge amount of running backs Philadelphia has as well as their star tight end Zach Ertz. “The Animal” as my father calls him might go hungry this season with so many mouths to feed in Philadelphia.




#9 Aaron Rodgersard

Now this one might seem a bit of a reach considering Rodgers is one of the if not most dynamic quarterback in the NFL. However, the Green Bay system did nothing to help the State Farm hero during the offseason and the Draft. With taking three huge defensive playmakers in the offseason everyone was expecting the Packers to find Rodgers some young weapons to work with. What they got was Texas A&M tight end Jace Sternberger in the third round and Notre Dame running back Dexter Williams in the sixth round. This is inexcusable as we know Rodgers does not like throwing to tight ends (ask Jimmy Graham how his season was) and they have plenty of running backs. Their first pick was questionable with Rashan Gary as he has high bust potential and their second first round or even first second round pick could have been used on a pass catcher to help Rodgers out like A.J. Brown, DK Metcalf or even Deebo Samuel. Again, Rodgers has the potential to still be one of the best quarterbacks in 2019, but having no weapons certainly raises an eyebrow or two.




#8 Marquise Goodwinmgd

Goodwin has proven in the past he can get the job done in San Francisco, but now he faces a whole new challenge moving forward. Jimmy Garappolo officially has come back from his injury along with running back Jerick McKinnon. McKinnon has always been known as a good pass catch back and they also brought in former Atlanta Falcon Tevin Coleman who can do the same thing and let us not forget that Matt Breida is there too. Last year we also saw a rise in stock in receiver Donte Pettis and the huge impact tight end George Kittle had as well in the passing attack. They also took their wide receiver of the future in the second round with South Carolina receiver Deebo Samuel. With so many mouths to feed and a history of unpleasant circumstances coming into his life in the past couple of seasons, Goodwin will need to prove he is still a threat in San Francisco’s offense.




#7 Jordan Howardjhd

Many thought the trade of Jordan Howard going to the Eagles might have helped his stock and originally it seemed like that was the case. However, everything changed when they drafted another running back in the second round with Penn State product Miles Sanders. The Eagles now have seven running backs that’s right seven. It will be so hard to predict how the Eagles manage this huge running back carousel they have as I believe Howard and Sanders could be the two breakouts with Adams falling close behind them. However, having this many mouths to feed in Philadelphia raises some concerns about Howard’s production level as this reminds me of him in Chicago with Tarik Cohen slowly eating away at his stats. Here is hoping he can succeed, but only time will tell for sure.




#6 Jesse Jamesjjd

Just when I thought Jesse James was gonna have the potential to be a starting tight end in the NFL, the Lions took Iowa tight end T.J. Hockenson with the seventh pick in the draft. There is no doubt that Hockenson could start week one and that greatly hurts James’s stock moving forward. We know for a fact that Hockenson is an incredible athlete who can catch and block for the run very well and having a running back in Keryonn Johnson who became their first 100 yard rusher since 2013 bolds well for the tight end product to help him out. James left Pittsburgh to start at the position and to get away from the drama, but it seems he landed right back where he started and that is mighty unfortunate.




#5 Kyle Rudolphkrd1

With so little starting good tight ends to work with people often turn to a guy like Kyle Rudolph for security as his production has been consistent. However, fans can forget that now as he joins a tight end committee with the Vikings second pick in the Draft; Alabama tight end Irv Smith Jr. That alone would be hard to handle, but there had also been talks of Minnesota trying to shop Rudolph to other teams. Whether or not that happens remains to be seen, but it is never good for a player’s stock when their front office has no faith in you anymore as their starter.




#4 LeSean McCoylmd

Shady McCoy had a rough season last year and this season it is about to get even harder. McCoy now has to compete with Jacksonville Jaguar addition T.J. Yeldon and 2019 Draft pick Devin Singletary. I said at the beginning of the offseason that Buffalo should have traded McCoy to help out his stock, but instead they kept him as insurance to help out Josh Allen. This does nothing, but hurt McCoy especially with two capable backs behind him that can virtually do the same thing.




#3 Case Keenumckd

Let us not kid ourselves here, we knew that Case Keenum was not the answer the Redskins needed to their quarterback problem. However, I expected the quarterback the Redskins were going to take was not going to be as good as they got, but they got the future of their franchise with the 15th pick; Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins. There is no doubt in my mind that Haskins could start at some time this season with Keenum turning into his insurance rather than the other way around. This could make Keenum expendable and not as dependable as some might have him. Who knows, but this certainly raises the question of how many games Keenum will play this season.




#2 Joe Flaccojfd

Man, Flacco just can’t catch a break. After being replaced midseason last year by Lamar Jackson, he found out that the Baltimore Ravens were going to go with the young calf and not the old bull. Flacco then found himself being traded to the Denver Broncos were he hoped to start again. Then Elway surprised even me when he traded up to take Missouri quarterback Drew Lock in the second round with the 42nd overall pick just after taking Dalton Risner with the 41st. Flacco’s time in Denver as the starter has been officially numbered as Drew Lock looks to make his presence felt very quickly.




#1 Ryan Fitzpatrickrfd

So much for Miami tanking to get a quarterback right? In the offseason, Miami made the move to trade Ryan Tannehill to the Tennessee Titans and sign veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick to a two year deal to be the starting quarterback. When this all transpired, I thought Miami would try to tank their season to get Alabama product Tua Tagovailoa in 2020. Then all of a sudden Miami struck a deal with Arizona to send last year’s number ten pick Josh Rosen to Miami. Fitzpatrick now has to prove that his experience is better than Rosen’s young talent in order to keep his starting job. Time will tell how these two will battle it out, but by the looks of it Rosen will be starting and Fitzpatrick will be giving him help from the sideline. This doesn’t bode well for his stock and he should be avoided being picked in fantasy leagues unless it is absolutely a last resort.    

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