Welcome to The Vault, the weekly blog post that takes a look back at some of the best (and worst) jerseys throughout sports history. Each week, a classic set of threads each from the sports of football, basketball, hockey, baseball, and soccer will be revisited. 

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NOTE: I realize this week’s edition is brief compared to previous weeks, and I do apologize for that. Trying to scrape by and graduate college can be a real b***h sometimes.

Football: 2017 Florida Gators

Our first jersey this week is the possibly the biggest disaster to ever hit a college (or pro, for that matter) football field. In 2017, the Florida Gators dropped their “gator-skin” uniforms and wore them in their game against Texas A&M. Not only did they lose to the Aggies 19-17, but they looked like a joke doing it. The program needs to fire whoever thought these were a good idea. The helmets with the numbers were a cool thought, but other than that, it was a TOUGH look for the program. It really symbolizes Jim McElwain’s time in Gainesville. Thank god they haven’t brought these back since. A true catastrophe.

Basketball: Atlanta Hawks C Dikembe Mutombo

Some might consider this week’s basketball entry ugly. I, on the other hand, consider this a perfect 90’s-style NBA jersey. It’s beautiful. The Hawk logo on the front is so cartoonish and fitting for the era. Mount Mutombo was a defensive force and led the league in blocks for five seasons, so it’s only fitting that his rendition of this Hawks jersey is featured in this week’s Vault. NOT TODAY.

Hockey: Minnesota Wild C Eric Staal

Our hockey jersey this week belongs to one of my favorite current NHLers, Eric Staal. His current team is the Minnesota Wild, who have some of the SICKEST sweaters in the league. I’m always a sucker for lace-up jerseys, and the colors/lettering on these jawns are absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, the Wild did not make the playoffs this year, so we won’t see the eldest Staal brother do his thing. That doesn’t take away from the fact that this sweater might be my favorite Vault selection to date.

Baseball: Minnesota Gophers RF Dave Winfield

Some of my favorite jerseys out there are those that belonged to a baseball star’s collegiate team. Dave Winfield, the San Diego Padres legend, sported this jersey while he was playing at the University of Minnesota. The pullover baseball jerseys from the 70’s are some of my favorite throwbacks, and this is no exception. Plus, look at those god***n socks. God, what a look.

Soccer: 1990 Australian National Team

Our soccer entry this week is hilariously ugly, which makes it a classic. The Australian men’s national team sported these bad boys back in 1990. They look like a green and yellow version of the 90’s style milkshake cups. So perfect.

The 1990 Australian national team was pretty unremarkable, but their jerseys were simply elegant. Might have to pick one of these up for myself.

BONUS SELECTION – Golf: Tiger Woods’ Sunday Red

The King has returned, so I had to include it. HE’S BACK, BABY.

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