NXT TakeOver New York Predictions

Gather round Marks, it is finally time for NXT TakeOver New York. Personally this is the show I am looking forward to the most this weekend. So let’s work up some predictions.

Velveteen Dream (c)  vs Matt Riddle – North American Championship


D.R.E.A.M. issssss. Going to the main roster on Monday, and who better for him to drop the strap to then the Bro. Matt Riddle will become the number one guy on NXT soon enough and putting some gold around his waist could never hurt. Especially if there could be a Villain and a Peacock waiting in the wings.

The War Raiders vs Aleister Black & Ricochet -Tag Titles


Look War Raider needed a better opponent then the Forgotten Sons so they slid these two in. It’s a nice farewell for Aleister Black and it keeps both of them safe since they are working double duty this weekend. War Raider retain.

Pete Dunne (c) vs Walter – United Kingdom Championship


Boy howdy yinz ain’t ready for this one. This could be the match of the card, and the whole damn weekend. Our friends at Progress Wrestling would tell you to watch this with bated breath, because these two are gonna kill each other. I think Pete Dunne needs pushed onto NXT full time before he goes to the main roster. With Gragnano, Black, Ricochet, and many more ascending to the main roster there is a big need for singles superstars. If he brings Mustache Mountain along with him they may be able to finally put a stop to the reign of the Undisputed Era. Walter wins in one of the best matches of the weekend.

Women’s Championship Fatal 4-Way


We have already predicted that Shayna Baszler is dropping the strap this weekend. But to who? (who who who who) The candidates are Io Shirai, Bianca Belair, and Kairi Sane. Logic tells me that it’s time for Bianca Belair’s big push. Io Shirai and Kairi Sane are to useful to the new Women’s Tag Team division forming on the main roster. Plus right now the NXT women’s pool is dry. So why not let one of your best young stars hold the belt and serve as the figurehead for the re-building division.

Johnny Gargano vs Adam Cole – NXT Championship


Is this finally the moment Johnny TakeOver wins the NXT Title? No. No it’s not. The main roster is calling, and with rumors circulating about the health of Tommaso Ciampa it’s hard to imagine the greatest TakeOver performer ever finally winning the belt. Allowing Adam Cole to pin Gargano clean or not gives him a much needed boost. Adam Cole to this point has been booked 50/50 in NXT and a win against Gargano gives him legitimacy. Adam Cole can serves as champion for the yellow brand for a few years. While Gragnano ascended to the main roster. Not to mention it opens up an opportunity for the Undisputed Era to take all the gold hostage in NXT.

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