BREAKING: NCAA hits Alabama football program with postseason ban amidst recruiting violations

Hey guys… it’s April 1st.

There’s no way the Don of Tuscaloosa would EVER get caught for recruiting violations, no matter how many cars he (allegedly) gives to recruits.

With that being said, I’m taking great pride in the way I titled this blog post. On the off chance the Tide actually DO get caught in a few years, I can always bring up this blog and say “as first reported by Thoughts From The Bench in 2019”. Always gotta leave yourself some wiggle room, ya know?

In other April Fools Day-related news, the Florida Gators legitimately had me fooled for a hot second earlier today after releasing a fake alternate uniform for the upcoming season.

Well done, Florida. These jerseys would be up there with the worst uniforms of all time. Major props.

The internet is a tricky place on April 1st. Tread lightly, friends.

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