Gronk is the Goat, Plain and Simple

It was like it was yesterday….walking with my parents on a brisk Sunday afternoon, having left The Porch up in Schenley Park after a lovely family meal. Happiness spread throughout the cosmos, as I actually ordered some tofu shit and loved it. Then……then my phone buzzed.

On a serious note, we get to say goodbye to possibly the greatest tight end of all time. I think we take for granted the athletes we have present while they’re here. Don’t get me wrong, I despise Tom Brady and Lebron James, but damn can those two humans accomplish their goals with various athletic balls.

Rob Gronkowski is my GOAT. We went pretty in depth about the overall tight end position on Monday’s episode of Two Beers Deep (never a shameless plug) and I get it. The numbers, longevity and data don’t favor Gronk in the time he played versus Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez, but it’s almost good that he doesn’t have the stats to back it. If Gronk had played as long as Tony, I don’t think he would have been as much fun.

Gronk was born in Buffalo, but spent his high school days dominating western Pennsylvania at Woodland Hills High School. He played offense (just the whole entire offense) at Arizona (which he chose because of Boobies) and was drafted by the New England Patriots.

Legend. And then, of course, there’s the “69” jokes.

This guy just flat our enjoyed life. Need more proof? His family hosts an all out party cruise ship adventure.

And of course, the time his family lit up the Family Feud world.

And I’m just supposed to forget him jumping on Shaq’s shoulders?

I get it. 7,661 receiving yards, 79 touchdowns and 115 games played might not be the correct stats to be “The Goat”, but if this man isn’t in your conversation for GOAT’s of life, you cray cray in a bad way my friend.

Enjoy retirement Gronk. Well deserved. And now, one less weapon to worry about on Sundays.

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