College Hockey Turns Into Upset City

Cawlidge Hawkey turned into upset city this weekend. With Ohio State, Quinnipiac, and Providence, all getting knocked out. This is huge for a few different reasons.

In the case of Quinnipiac and Ohio State, they were favored to win their respective tournaments. So their elimination opens space for teams under them to climb the rankings or make the NCAA’s by winning the conference tournaments. Both teams are still well inside the top ten and should get an at large bid, but if teams above them in the rankings slip they could find themselves out in the rain come April.

For Providence this loss bumps them outside the top 10 and all but crushes their hopes of getting an at large bid.

A couple of teams have managed to raise their stock in the national rankings from strong performances. Penn State, Notre Dame, Bowling Green and Cornell have all positioned themselves well to sneak in with an at large bid.

The biggest news from this weekend of upsets comes for the only team unable to control their own future. Arizona State currently sits at number ten in the national rankings. If St. Cloud, Umass, Minnesota State, Clarkson, and Duluth all win their tournaments there is a very good chance the Sun Devils are going dancing.

This has been an incredible College Hockey playoffs to this point. With the Big Ten Championship this weekend, and the rest of the playoffs concluding next weekend we are up for some great hockey.

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