Ranking The Top Ten Teams That Should Sign Colin Kaepernick

Your favorite Rank King is back and this time we have a very interesting and controversial topic to rank. In the following years one name has stood out with associating with the National Football League. That name is Colin Kaepernick. The controversy started when Colin took a knee when the national anthem was playing during the third preseason game for the 49ers in 2016. While some may argue their side of how they feel about the incident, Kaepernick had stood his ground protesting. In the year of 2017 he then opted out of his contract with the 49ers and became a free agent, but went unsigned by teams. The issue had finally reached its boiling point when Kaepernick filed a grievance for collusion against the NFL owners who had refused to sign him due to his protesting. In February 2019, Kaepernick finally withdrew his grievance after reaching a confidential settlement with the NFL. Now some of you readers might think Colin will never play in the NFL again after this incident, but there have been stranger things that have occurred in the National Football League. Remember that at point Kaepernick took the 49ers to reach the Super Bowl as well as NFC championship game in the 2013 season. This list is simply saying that if Kaepernick were to ever play for the NFL again these would be the top ten teams that should consider signing him to a contract for the upcoming 2019 season maybe as a backup or potentially a starter.



#10 Buffalo Bills

The Bills have a good quarterback in Josh Allen, so you are probably wondering why they are on this list. When Allen got hurt the Bills were in shambles with trying to find a back up quarterback that could carry their team to victory. This pick is strictly for Kaepernick to back up the Bills if Allen were to ever go down with an injury. Being that he is a mobile quarterback it does happen often as they are more likely to put their bodies on the line and get injured. Kaepernick could provide the same style strategy playbook that Allen would be able to. Let us not forget that he helped the 49ers reach the Super Bowl after replacing Alex Smith after he went down with an injury. With the Bills trying to find new weapons for Allen I wouldn’t be totally surprised if this didn’t happen, but if Allen goes down with another injury they will need someone to get the job done so Kaepernick wouldn’t be a total stretch here.



#9 Jacksonville Jaguars

Yes I know that Nick Foles is most likely going to sign with Jacksonville Jaguars. However, the team is going to release Blake Bortles and then who do you have? Kaepernick could provide the more mobile edge to a struggling offense that went down the toilet in the 2018 season. It wouldn’t be a dumb move to consider Kaepernick for a backup position just in case Nick Foles doesn’t turn out to be the main answer that Jacksonville is looking for. Kaepernick is more mobile than Foles and even though Nick has come through for the Eagles on numerous occasions in the last two years it will be hard to trust him with the little amount of weapons Jacksonville has. He has Leonard Fournette (when he his healthy, Dede Westbrook and Keelan Cole. In Philadelphia, he had Zach Ertz, Alshon Jeffrey and Nelson Agholor. Kaepernick’s speed could definitely help out in sticky situations.



#8 Philadelphia Eagles

Nick Foles’s last home; the city of brotherly love makes it onto this list at the number eight slot. The Eagles are rolling with Carson Wentz and will be looking forward to the 2019 season. I picked this at number eight because although Went is very good he does carry some injury concerns. In the last two seasons with the Eagles Went has been injured and hasn’t been able to finish the year on a healthy note. With Foles being shipped to Jacksonville most likely it will be kind of difficult for the Eagles to find a suitable backup quarterback if Went were to go down with another injury. They could sign him for a year to back up Went, and I guarantee it wouldn’t be very expensive. Kaepernick would have all of the weapons that Philadelphia has to offer him at his disposal. Doug Pederson should consider it as he could come up with a lot of trickery with Wentz and Kapernick in his arsenal.



#7 Tennessee Titans

We move on to another team with a quarterback with injury scares. Marcus Mariota hasn’t impressed me a lot since he was drafted by the Titans in 2015. This year really did me in when he was injured four or five occasions. In the 2017 season, he also had more interceptions than touchdowns and only had 11 touchdowns and eight interceptions this season. He really isn’t the getting job done in my mind and I feel that if he doesn’t produce well in the 2019 season, the Titans should consider moving on. Kaepernick could definitely be the answer here as they could get him relatively cheap and he could post some great results for Tennessee. Also, with Derrick Henry in the backfield doing his best beast mode impression Kaepernick wouldn’t have to do much other than keep the Titans in the game. This one probably would make me more comfortable if the Titans would sign some more weapons for Kaepernick to work with.



#6 Detroit Lions

I firmly believe that Stafford had a low point in his career in the 2018 season. Most people believe he will recover from this and he very well might. Seeing this however makes me believe Stafford might regress further. No one noticed a lot this year because they finally had a running back that could take the steam off his arm. The Lions really don’t have a set backup quarterback that could produce decent results if Stafford were to go down or simply run out of gas. With Kaepernick as the backup he could take the Lions in a new direction especially with weapons like Golladay, Jones Jr and Johnson. Matt Patricia really has nothing to lose here at taking a shot at Kaepernick since they ended up not having a great season coming in last in the NFC North division with a pathetic record of 6-10.



#5 Washington Redskins

This one would have been higher on the list had Case Keenum not been traded to the Redskins from the Broncos yesterday. So it seems Washington has found their starting quarterback for the 2019 season, but they thought the same with Alex Smith. When he got hurt. When that happened they turned to backup Colt McCoy… and then he got hurt. So the Redskins were stuck in a pickle. This decision is simply so that same thing does not happen again. They could have a backup quarterback ready to go in Kaepernick in case Keenum were to go down with injury or have a bad performance. Really it would be interesting because owner Daniel Snyder hasn’t really done anything to care for the team and run it into mediocrity for the last 20 years. Finally, this might be the shot to turn some heads the right way in Washington.



#4 New England Patriots

This one isn’t as crazy as you guys might think. New England and a certain team that will be mentioned later on were the only ones interested in signing Kaepernick when he still had his grievance against the NFL. Brady is entering his going to be entering this season at the age of 42. Some people might think he will play into his 50’s and some people think he is running out of gas. Regardless, his successor is definitely not backup Brian Hoyer. With the Patriots signing some of the most media frenzy players that come through the NFL including Josh Gordon and Chad Ochocinco, it really wouldn’t be a surprise if Belichick and Kraft sign Colin Kaepernick to back Brady up in his late years at the quarterback position. Plus, with McDaniels still running the offense we could definitely see the wildcat and trick plays performed in New England for the first time in a long time.



#3 Oakland Raiders

This one would be interesting. Coach Jon Gruden has promised change for Oakland and what we got was him trading away Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper. As much as people are led to believe he loves his quarterback Derek Carr I simply cannot put my trust in him when he says that. Even if he keeps Carr there is again some injury scare for this quarterback. he injured his back and in my mind really hasn’t been the same since the 2016 season. With the Raiders tanking in the 2018 season and predictably going to tank in the 2019 season it wouldn’t be the worst decision for Gruden to sign Kaepernick as a reliable backup quarterback in case Carr gets injured again or regresses. It wouldn’t be the craziest decision he has made in his career so to me this one actually makes a lot of sense.



#2 Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are in rebuild mode and looking to shop Ryan Tannehill. Whether they get anything for him is beyond me as he did not live up to expectations in the 2018 season. With no quarterback in mind at the moment the Dolphins and new head coach Brian Flores should consider signing Colin Kaepernick as their quarterback. Miami should avoid signing a veteran to a long term deal since they are rebuilding. It honestly just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me to sign one. Then we get to the subject of drafting a quarterback. At first I believed they needed to draft a quarterback, but when I look at the quarterbacks available I do not see any of them doing well with Murray, Haskins and Lock possibly going in the top ten picks of the draft. That leaves Will Grier and Daniel Jones and they just don’t pop up to me as Miami material. The smart move would be to sign Kaepernick to a year deal while they tank and maybe see he can bring to the table. What do the Dolphins have to lose?



#1 Carolina Panthers

Oh yeah I’m going there. The Carolina Panther’s season ended terribly after they started off hot. Cam Newton had played through a shoulder injury and rumors are that Newton might not even play at all in the 2019 season. This is sort of what Andrew Luck went through and the Colts tried to solve the problem with Scott Tolzien and Jacoby Brissett in 2017. While I do not believe Brissett is a bad quarterback it just wasn’t the season for him as the Colts went 4-12 on the year. The Panthers need to strongly consider signing Colin Kaepernick. He has the same style of play as Newton does, and the Panthers were the other team that had interest in signing Kaepernick during his crusade along with the Patriots. To put the cherry on top Eric Reid is also currently in Carolina. Reid of course was also involved in the controversial issue of protesting the national anthem. they obviously weren’t afraid to sign him so why should they be afraid to sign Kaepernick. They even gave Reid a three year extension for the 2019 season. This is the perfect fit for Kaepernick since the offense is growing around rising star running back Christian McCaffrey. He would simply be there to push the success of McCaffrey and be a field general with experience rather than rely on one of their back ups in place. He may not be as good as Newton, but Kaepernick could bring a sense of security to the offense with a one year deal while Newton recovers his shoulder. Again this is all hypothetical as Newton could play in the 2019 season, but still Kaepernick could serve as a decent back up or a starter if Newton isn’t able to play.



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