Antonio Brown is going to Buff……Nevermind

Last night, I went to bed thinking Antonio Brown was going to be a Buffalo Bill and woke up to the news that Mr. Big Chest had pretty much blew up the trade.

As soon as Ian Rapport broke the news late last night, Instagram, Twitter, pretty much all social media went rampant. As I strolled through my feed I noticed that AB had commented on the NFL’s Instagram post.

At the point, I had suspicions that by morning this trade was going to null and void, cancelled, negated, invalid, or whatever other word you want to use to say not happening. Turns out I was right and Antonio Brown did what Antonio Brown does, he got his way.

Bills General Manager Brandon Beane probably called him up, they talked, Brown probably said he wasn’t going to play for the Bills because they have Josh Allen and Mr. Big Chest doesn’t like young quarterbacks (yea, he probably talked in first person). Or, he wants to get traded to a big market team and Buffalo is the farthest thing from that. Then, all of a sudden, the Bills were out.

AB in Buffalo was fun to think about, but it was probably for the better for multiple reasons.

Since Beane and Head Coach Sean McDermott took over the organization, the Buffalo Bills have been all about filling their roster with the right guys, in other words, character guys. They shipped one Sammy Watkins, Ronald Darby, Marcell Dareus, all guys who have talent but lack a certain attribute that Beane and McDermott look for.

The rest of the team has bought into that approach. They have improved in the last two years. They broke the longest playoff drought in the NFL (THANK GOD). They have their franchise quarterback and they are trending in the right direction.

Adding a player like Brown, who obviously has the talent but lacks the character, could’ve both helped and hurt the Bills. He immediately gives Josh Allen a No. 1 receiver. He takes the top off the defense and allows Robert Foster to excel with deep balls even more than he did this past season and he adds another weapon to a lackluster arsenal.

But, on the other hand. Would adding Brown hurt team morale? He’s a BIG name, with an even BIGGER personality, that would probably overshadow the overall team approach that Beane and McDermott have been trying to build over the past two seasons.

There have also been rumors over the past few months that Instagram model Rachel Bush, wife of starting safety Jordan Poyer, cheated on Poyer with Antonio Brown in the weeks leading up to their wedding. (

Just imagine how that would’ve played out.

Poyer is one of the leaders on the defense and in the locker room. I mean, we all know the story about Delonte West and LeBron James’ mother. I think it would be very smart for the Bills to avoid a situation like that.

As a lifelong Bills fan, it was fun to think about. I mean a talent like Brown doesn’t come around too often and I applaud Beane for at least exploring the option.

I can’t imagine what the drunks in Buffalo would’ve done if the the trade went through and Brown didn’t show up to play. They wouldn’t have been throwing themselves through tables, they would’ve been throwing Brown lookalikes through tables.

Now, that would be a sight to see.

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