With the 2019 combine coming to an end we move onto the next big thing in the NFL. That’s right I am talking about the madness that is Free Agency. The Free Agent market went into the crazy factor last year with names like Kirk Cousins, Allen Robinson, Jarvis Landry, Sheldon Richardson, etc. This year I expect the same amount of hype as money will be thrown to the names of some of the free agents in the offseason. March 5th will start the period where teams can franchise tag or transition tag certain players. After that teams will be allowed to get in contact and sign free agents of their choosing from March 11th-13th. This period will end on the 13th at 4:00, but before that there is no telling what could happen. So we are going to go through each team and I will tell you where each free agent will end up. So lets get the wheel of the unknown rolling.


Arizona Cardinals

Golden Tate

Wide Receiver

Previous Team – Philadelphia EaglesWashington Redskins v Philadelphia Eagles 

Golden Tate didn’t have the year he thought he he would’ve had. Tate had been with the Detroit Lions since 2014 and in 2018 he had been traded to the Philadelphia Eagles for the remainder of the 2018 season. Tate now enters free agency and with having little success in the city of brotherly love it would be no surprise if the Eagles don’t franchise him. We then move on to where he would go. As much as I would love to see him go to the Steelers, the Cardinals seem like the best option here. Quarterback Josh Rosen didn’t have the best year and getting him another reliable target especially since Larry Fitzgerald didn’t have the best season, and he relied on passing out of the backfield to David Johnson so he wouldn’t get sacked. Golden Tate would provide this level of confidence for Rosen to pass the ball more often.


Atlanta Falcons

Ndamukong Suh

Defensive Tackle

Previous Team – Los Angeles RamsNFL: JAN 20 NFC Championship Game - Rams at Saints

Suh had a decent season with the Los Angeles Rams in the 2018 season. However, I do not believe he will be franchise/transition tagged so which team might want to sign him you may ask? I believe with the sad turnout Atlanta’s defense had last season that they would want to upgrade that even further. Even though Suh’s character isn’t the greatest he is a veteran and could provide that sense of security that seems to escape Atlanta. His age would also help the Falcons get him relatively cheap. Seems like a good deal to me.


Baltimore Ravens

Tyrell Williams

Wide Receiver

Previous Team – Los Angeles Chargersfatw

Some people might suggest another receiver, but please hear me out. More than likely Baltimore will select a receiver in the draft. Depending on who that receiver may be they could potentially pick out the future number one wideout. I believe that the Ravens will leave John Brown to free agency and could possibly do the same to Michael Crabtree. Now you need a number two receiver and I believe Tyrell Williams could do just the amount of work the Ravens need him to do. With this new prospect, Snead, and an added Williams the Ravens can keep trying tackle down boundaries that have kept them away from the Super Bowl.


Buffalo Bills

Jamison Crowder

Wide Receiver 

Previous Team – Washington RedskinsWashington Redskins v Cincinnati Bengals

The Buffalo Bills didn’t have the best weapons in the offensive last year as rookie quarterback Josh Allen relied on passing to receivers Zay Jones, Robert Foster and Kelvin Benjamin when he was still with the team. I honestly would not be surprised if the Bills went with the best receiver in the draft with D.K. Metcalf, but they could also go with a good offensive tackle to protect Josh Allen so he does not have to run for his life. If they go in that offensive tackle direction I would assume they would want to sign a free agent for the receiver position. Crowder has good value being a really good wideout for mediocre teams. I believe Crowder could finally express himself well for this team being the number one wideout for Buffalo.


Carolina Panthers

Bradley Roby


Previous Team – Denver Broncosfabr 

This is a tough one since we are not sure yet if Cam Newton will be able to play in the 2019 season, but even if he doesn’t play I believe they will still try to upgrade on the defensive scheme. The defense struggled heavily this season and they would need a cheap option in the free agency to accomplish anything. Enter Bradley Roby. Roby didn’t have the greatest 2018 season, but over his career he has been a force to be reckoned with. This would be a very smart move in my opinion as the Panthers have to contend with quarterbacks like Matt Ryan and Drew Brees in their division.


Chicago Bears

Jason Verrett


Previous Team – Los Angeles Chargersfajv

The Bears in my mind are pretty much set and don’t need to look too far into the free agent market. They should have made it further into the playoff, but their kicker Cody Parkey foiled that from ever coming into the picture. If they were to dip into the free agent market it wouldn’t be a bad idea to upgrade at the cornerback position. Jason Verrett offers a sense of danger due to the fact he hasn’t played much since 2016 due to injury so in my mind they wouldn’t have to pay much for him. However, if Verrett can stay healthy the Bears would have one of the best cornerback duos in the NFL with him and Kyle Fuller at the helm.


Cincinnati Bengals

Jared Cook

Tight End

Previous Team – Oakland RaidersNFL: Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders

Hear me out here because I know the Bengals defense is pure garbage. I expect the Bengals to go very defense heavy in the draft. With the names I have predicted for the Bengals to take I believe that they will a decent step above from where they were in the 2018 season. What they need is a reliable target for Dalton to throw to, I couldn’t think of a better position to fill in then the tight end position. Eifert has been a downgrade every year due to injury and he and Uzomah will be up for free agency this year. If the Bengals were smart they would pick up Jared Cook who had a very revivable season with the Raiders in 2018.


Cleveland Browns

Sheldon Richardson

Defensive Tackle

Previous Team – Minnesota Vikingsfasr

The Cleveland Browns finished the season better than most (not me) expected. They finished 7-8-1 and I predicted they would go 8-8, so I’d say that was a pretty good prediction in my mind. There are some things that can be improved though and the defense could be better. This can achieved by signing free agent Sheldon Richardson. Richardson did very well with the Jets and somewhat alright with the Seahawks and the Vikings. The Browns could get a decent deal for Richardson to couple their power duo of Myles Garrett and Denzel Ward. Those two are the prime talent on that defense and by adding Richardson they could find the trio the Browns were looking for.


Dallas Cowboys

Michael Crabtree

Wide Receiver 

Previous Team – Baltimore Ravensfamc 

With Cole Beasley hitting the free agency it wouldn’t be horrible for the Cowboys to find his replacement. Michael Crabtree would be a good fit for the Cowboys filling in for Beasley’s spot in the slot. Imagine that. Receivers Cooper, Gallup and Crabtree catching passes from Prescott would be a treat for Dallas fans. They could finally get the trio of receivers they need to reach the Super Bowl once again. The only thing  would caution with this would be that Crabtree is known for dropping a certain amount of passes in his career. So please Dallas proceed with caution with Crabtree if that would be the route you would take in the offseason.


Denver Broncos

Rodger Saffold


Previous Team – Los Angeles Ramsfars

This one is pretty easy to figure out as John Elway traded for Joe Flacco to become the new starting quarterback for the Broncos. Now Elway needs a way to protect him and what better way then to upgrade Denver’s awful offensive line. Taking the best guard in the free agency market sounds like something Elway would do and you would look no further than Rodger Saffold. He had a fantastic season with the Rams in 2018 and there is no way John Elway didn’t notice that either. Getting him would add a sense of perfect protection for Joe Flacco. I really don’t trust Elway’s judgment at this point, but this sounds like something he would do to protect his “perfect quarterback”.


Detroit Lions

Landon Collins


Previous Team – New York Giantsfalc 

The Lions made the decision to cut Glover Quin. The Lions will need to try to increase at this position because the defense wasn’t that great even with Matt Patricia as their new head coach. The solution to me would be to sign free agent Landon Collins. He didn’t have the greatest 2018 season, but that shouldn’t detour the Lions from picking him up in free agency as he could fill in the safety spot no problem and get Patricia’s defense back on track.


Green Bay Packers

Tyrann Mathieu


Previous Team – Houston Texansfatm

Continuing on with the safety free agency talk we move onto Tyrann Mathieu. The Packers traded Ha Ha Clinton-Dix to the Washington Redskins and have been struggling in this position since that happened. It would not be a bad idea to sign Mathieu who had a very good season with the Texans. It would be no surprise to me if the Packers threw a bunch of money his way to try to help the continued struggles of their team. He would be the perfect fit to try to help Green Bay out. I mean only if it is okay with Aaron Rodgers first. You might wanna check in with him first.


Houston Texans

Trent Brown

Offensive Tackle

Previous Team – New England Patriotsfatb 

This one also comes as no surprise. The Texans let Deshaun Watson get sacked over 60 times and they need a strong offensive tackle to keep the pressure off of him. They should capitalize on taking offensive tackle Trent Brown. He was alright when he was with the 49ers, but the Patriots made him come out of his shell and increased his performance. Taking Brown would be in the Texans best interest and is the best offensive tackle to take and maybe with him Watson won’t get sacked as much and can perform a lot better when he is not under pressure.


Indianapolis Colts

Lamarcus Joyner


Previous Team – Los Angeles RamsNFL: New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Rams

The Colts have probably one of the most to spend in cap money in the offseason. While rumors speculate that Bell could be heading to the Colts, I believe they will stick with Marlon Mack. The next position to fill in my mind would be the safety position once again. Lamacus Joyner makes the most sense as they shouldn’t be overanxious and overpay safeties like Earl Thomas and Tyrann Mathieu. They could get Joyner for a reasonable price and finally compliment the defense with Darious Leonard. Plus it isn’t the craziest thought as Joyner ranks in at 18 among all free agents.


Jacksonville Jaguars

Nick Foles


Previous Team – Philadelphia Eaglesfanf 

This is about the most sure thing that will happen in the free agent market. Jacksonville is very keen on taking a veteran quarterback to improve their odds at success. I would love to see Foles here, but I am not sure how he will do. Regardless, anything is better than Blake Bortles at this point. My first choice before the talk of Foles came about though would have been Tyrod Taylor as he has the same playing style as Bortles, but without all the turnovers. However, Foles seems like he is going to land in Jacksonville, and hopefully they can have the quarterback of the future they have been looking for.


Kansas City Chiefs

Earl Thomas


Previous Team – Seattle SeahawksSeattle Seahawks v Minnesota Vikings   

Earl Thomas didn’t have the greatest ending in Seattle as he got injured and basically gave the Seahawks a bit of his frustration in the form of a middle finger. Thomas’s frustration is noted, but this free agent pick up will only work if he can get along with Andy Reid and if the contract they are giving Mahomes isn’t too crazy. Earl Thomas can be the vital defensive piece though that finally can get the Chiefs back into shape and stop teams from dominating them on that side.


Los Angeles Rams

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix


Previous Team – Washington Redskinsfacd

The Rams are losing a decent amount of talent in free agency. In my mind if the teams above take the best safeties available then in my mind Clinton-Dix would be the next best pick. He wasn’t the greatest safety in 2018, but his overall talent is still one to talk about. The Rams can use him well and I bet his talent will start once again signing for this particular team for a one or two year deal.


Los Angeles Chargers

Anthony Barr


Previous Team – Minnesota VikingsNFL: Baltimore Ravens at Minnesota Vikings

I was hoping 100% that the Chargers would have blown the Patriots out of the water, but sadly their terrible linebacker situation made that impossible and my dream of watching the Patriots get crushed was put on hold. The Chargers need help at the linebacker position and what better help than Anthony Barr. I do not believe the Vikings will keep him and that puts him on the open marketing I believe the Chargers will scoop him right up and be able to start him. Hopefully, this will give the Chargers the edge they need to improve their defense even more.


Miami Dolphins

Donte Fowler Jr.

Linebacker/Defensive Edge

Previous Team – Los Angeles Ramsfadf

The Dolphins need a lot of help in the offseason. They need help at quarterback so they are trying to sell Tannehill, so they will most likely be looking for a quarterback in the draft. That leaves the rest of what needs fixed. The main position in my mind that needs fixed is the defensive edge position. If the Dolphins want one of the best they should go for Donte Fowler Jr. This man creates destruction wherever he goes. That is exactly what Miami needs to do; create destruction. They need to improve this defense and Fowler would be the smart choice to pick from.


Minnesota Vikings

Mitch Morse


Previous Team – Kansas City Chiefsfamm

Kirk Cousins did not succeed as well as many thought he would have in the 2018 season. He crumbled under the pressure and that was partially due to the offense line struggles. I predict that they will take an offensive lineman in the draft, so the next best thing to help Cousins out would be to have a good center. Mitch Morse is the best available in my mind for the taking. He did terrific work for the Chiefs. His skill set could help Cousins out tremendously. Maybe this will help the results go in the opposite direction of what they turned out to be in the 2018 season.


New England Patriots

Adam Humphries

Wide Receiver

Previous Team – Tampa Bay Buccaneersfaah 

Tell me this isn’t right up the Patriot’s playbook. They love to recruit players who had alright success and turn them into a success in New England. With three of New England’s receivers out the door in free agency this makes the most sense. Humphries could have major success being the number two wideout behind Julian Edelman. Plus New England loves to pick up white receivers for some reason. Humphries had good success in Tampa Bay and could flourish behind Tom Brady’s passing ability.


New Orleans Saints

LeGarrette Blount

Running Back

Previous Team – Detroit LionsNew England Patriots v Detroit Lions 

It is no secret that the Saints rely on a dual running threat. With Mark Ingram out the door into free agency the door is wide open for the Saints to his find his replacement. There are a lot of options, but in my mind the best option is LeGarrette Blount. Blount and Ingram had similar power back styles and he was a huge threat in the red zone. This could take a lot of stress off the shoulders of Drew Brees trying to find someone to pass to. Blount could easily go for a one year deal with barely any money being spent here by the Saints.


New York Giants

Teddy Bridgewater


Previous Team – New Orleans Saintsfatb1

Hear me out here. A lot of people have the Giants taking Dwayne Haskins in the NFL draft including myself. The Giants have done this before though as they have passed up quarterbacks in the past to keep Manning as the primary guy. Although I believe Bridgewater might have the ability to be a starter somewhere else he could be a very good backup in case Manning were to go down. Again, this is just in the case that the Giants do not take Dwayne Haskins. It’s not the craziest of ideas so I figured I’d just put this on just to be safe.


New York Jets

Le’Veon Bell

Running Back

Previous Team – Pittsburgh Steelersfalb1

This makes the most sense because they have the money to do it. Bell wants to be the highest paid running back in the NFL. The Jets need a running back that will take some stress off of Sam Darnold. I will admit seeing Bell in a Jets jersey will be hard to look at, and the fact that he will still be in the AFC is also a concern. I do believe he will not have as a good of a season as he did with the Steelers. That comes into the usage of the offensive line. However, he can still be used as a target for Darnold to throw to if he is under pressure. Only time will tell I suppose.


Oakland Raiders

Clay Matthews

Linebacker/Defensive Edge

Previous Team – Green Bay PackersPackers Matthews Football

This one isn’t as crazy as you might think. The Raiders already have former Green Bay Packer Jordy Nelson as a wide receiver and could find even more success at repairing this awful Raiders defense. Clay Matthews was a star in Green Bay and you could have him performing at the same level of intensity as he did in Green Bay. With Gruden also freeing up a lot of cap space, we could possibly see Matthews for a large amount of cash. The defensive edge position is also something that Oakland has struggled with and having a veteran like Matthews in there could not only be a strong tool for the defense, but he could also mentor that young defense to its true potential.


Philadelphia Eagles

Mark Ingram

Running Back

Previous Team – New Orleans Saintsfami 

The Eagles are known for a running back system. We all saw how that turned out as their best running back by the end of the season was Josh Adams. I think the best thing to do is incorporate Mark Ingram into their system. He has the skill set that took New Orleans to new heights. Using him as the main back and then putting Clement and Adams in the back when need be is probably the best bet to go with. Jay Ajayi will also be on the market of free agency from them so having Ingram take over the details of the Philadelphia offense would be a slam dunk for the Eagles.


Pittsburgh Steelers

Ronald Darby


Previous Team – Philadelphia Eaglesfard 

Now a lot of people might raise an eyebrow to this, but again this is my opinion. The Steelers in the first pick of the draft always seem to surprise us as Steelers fans. That became clear last year when they took Terrell Edmunds, and unless you were from Virginia Tech no one really heard of the guy. Since everyone suspects we will take cornerback DeAndre Baker with the first pick I suspect the Steelers will surprise us again in the 2019 draft. However, there is plenty of talent for the cornerback position with free agency. Ronald Darby didn’t have the amount of interceptions he did in the past, but he carries other talents this season including 12 passes defended in the 2018 season. I believe if we do not take a cornerback in the draft this would be our best bet to compliment Joe Haden. It isn’t the flashiest or best option in my mind, but it would be the most realistic.


San Francisco 49ers

John Brown

Wide Receiver

Previous Team – Baltimore RavensNFL: New Orleans Saints at Baltimore Ravens

This one was a tough one as it came down to John Brown and Tyrell Williams. I believe that Brown is the better one though. John Brown has the speed needed to go downfield for Jimmy G to throw the ball to in vertical situations. He didn’t really come out of his shell until he was moved to Baltimore and had fantastic year when Flacco was the quarterback. I can see Brown having incredible success in San Francisco. Just imagine the combined speed of him and Goodwin. Nobody would know who to cover or who was the clear cut number one wideout.


Seattle Seahawks

Ezekiel Ansah

Defensive End

Previous Team – Detroit Lionsfaea

With the Seahawks losing their top safety in Earl Thomas they have to do the very best they can to close on the gap of worries in the defense. Enter “Ziggy” Ansah. While Ansah is not the safety replacement of Thomas, he was an amazing talent to witness in Detroit. Even though, he only started in seven games in the 2018 season, he has racked up an impressive 48 sacks since 2013. If the Seahawks want a Legion of Boom 2.0 then Ansah would needed to be added to this team as soon as possible in the offseason.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Trey Flowers

Defensive End

Previous Team – New England Patriotsfatf

The Buccaneers could use a bit of help concerning their defense. Even with the shoulder surgery he had in the offseason Flowers is sometimes overlooked and that is something that the Buccaneers could overlook. The two time Super Bowl champion had three forced fumbles as well as seven and a half sacks on the 2018 season. The Buccaneers could use the help at the defensive end position as they look to try to get out of their slump that they’ve been in for a while now.


Tennessee Titans

Devin Funchess

Wide Receiver

Previous Team – Carolina Panthersfadf1 

The Titans need a weapon for Mariota to throw to. It is hard to do that when your top picks where Corey Davis and Delanie Walker who got injured in the season. Mariota needs someone to throw and in my mind he could find absolute success with Devin Funchess. In 2018, he recored nearly 600 receiving yards and four touchdowns. That wasn’t even his best year. I believe if the Titans are in the market for a wide receiver than they have to get this guy.


Washington Redskins

Tyrod Taylor


Previous Team – Cleveland Brownsfatt

The Redskins need a quarterback. If they play their cards right and draft properly they can get a good receiving class. For the quarterback position if they want a safe and secure option with no turnovers then they need to go with Tyrod Taylor. He has the skill set that could help the Redskins out with not only just his passing game, but he could help them out in the running department as he is a mobile quarterback. I do expect them to take a quarterback in the first or second round, but Tyrod can be a coach to them just like he was to Mayfield in Cleveland.