Thoughts From The Bench Derby

I met Derrik in 2015. He was a marketing intern at the production company I worked for. My initial impression of him was that he was an ass. That is until one day he stopped at my desk looked me dead in the eye and with a completely straight face asked me, “who would win in a fight, Goku or Superman?”. It was after that moment I knew we would be friends. Well in a very literal sense of the word. As in we choose to associate with each other and often spend time together.

However I would not describe our friendship as “friendly”. Often Derrik and I are pitted against each other whether it’s in discussion topics or physical competition. We always seem to be polar opposites.

This friendly rivalry has been well documented over the years on our social media. Starting of course over our famous five part mini series in which we competed for our company’s Employee of the Week Championship Title.

It would grow over the years in different forms. From Fifa Tournaments to our most current competition, the Thoughts From The Bench House Cup.

On Sunday we find ourselves locked in another endless battle as our favorite soccer teams lock horns in a very important matchup.


Liverpool is currently in a dog fight for the English Premier League title with Manchester City. This weekend they will face the other Manchester team. Who of their own volition are attempting to crawl back into the top four after a horrific start to their season. This war will be fought on in theaters. One in England at Old Trafford. The other on the South Side of Pittsburgh in a bar called Piper’s Pub.


You will be able to follow along with all the trash talking, screaming, hair pulling fun on the Thoughts From The Bench Instagram Story.

However as the current table sits I am handedly winning the Thoughts From The Bench House Cup. Where Derrik much like his beloved Devils is scraping to be in the top four. So I purpose this to you “Deke”. We put up a little wagger. If Liverpool wins on Sunday I get all of your House Cup Points. By the same token if Manchester United wins I will give you every last one of my 31 points.


The choice is yours boss, and yours alone.

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