I Love NFL Draft Prospect DK Metcalf, and Here’s Why You Should Too

On some of the latest episodes of Thoughts From The Bench’s own Two Beers Deep podcast, my favorite internet personality, Greg Malek, has made one thing very clear: he’s not convinced that one particular wide receiver from Ole Miss should be taken early in this year’s NFL Draft. Which wide receiver am I talking about? DK Metcalf, of course.

This 6′-3″, 225 lb monster decided to take his talents to the NFL after only his sophomore year at Ole Miss. The haters, of which there are many (*cough cough Greg cough cough*), seem to be under the impression that Metcalf is just another player in a wide receiver class that isn’t that impressive. On the other hand, I, an intellectual, believe that whichever team ends up drafting Metcalf will end up with an absolute gem of a player. And if you spend just a few minutes on Google, you’ll figure out why:

Size & Strength

Like I’ve already said, Metcalf comes in at 6′-3″ and 225 lbs. He’s a large human, to put it simply. His large frame gives him the advantage over smaller corners going up against him. Also, according to scouts, his size gives him a huge advantage going up for contested passes:

Size and strength are difficult to account for, especially in high point situations where he can elevate and greet the apex of the football (Kentucky 2017). Has body control to adjust late and win positioning for the football.

The Draft Network

Be honest… does it look like any corner is gonna stop this guy from going up for the ball?


In addition to being Zeus’s twin, Metcalf also has the speed to absolutely burn corners.

Polished route runner creates separation at break points. Able to stick foot in ground and get out of breaks fluidly. Uses his quick feet to beat press coverage.

USA Today – Draft Wire

Averaged over 18 yards per catch. Long strider that can eat up yardage. Dangerous after the catch and can pick up chunk YAC.

USA Today – Draft Wire

So, you’re telling me this guy is a fantastic route runner AND is great at getting yards after catch because of his ridiculously long stride? Sounds pretty elite to me.

AND he gets physical comparisons to Josh Gordon? This dude must be something else speed-wise.


Metcalf’s mitts are massive. According to the Draft Network, Metcalf had only two true drops through a seven game scouting sample. And he can make insane catches like these:

I’m not saying he has hands like OBJ, but he’s shown he’s more than capable of hauling in difficult passes because of his hand strength.

So there you have it. DK Metcalf has the size, strength, speed, and hands to be an incredibly effective receiver in the NFL. His draft stock has only been increasing as the weeks go by because everyone is starting to realize how much of a freak this dude is. He’s a mismatch everywhere he goes on the field, and he’s about to burn fools in the league. The only thing he has going against him is his neck injury earlier this year, which doesn’t seem to be that much of a concern going forward. While he’s not exactly as big of a name as Julio Jones or Calvin Johnson were coming into the draft, I still think he’s going to make some organization very, very happy. If you don’t want to take my word for it, you can check out the video below from The Gridiron Soapbox for a more in-depth look.

And to Greg, the only guy on the Thoughts From The Bench team that seems to hate on my guy DK:

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