2019 Draft Quarterback Rankings

I love predicting stuff that’s way too early to get absolutely 100% correct on the dot. Today I will be ranking the top five quarterbacks in the 2019 NFL draft class. I won’t sugar coat it when I say this isn’t the best draft class when it comes to quarterbacks. Last year was probably one of the best years as five quarterbacks were taken in the first round; four in the first ten picks. To make it short, I got three out of the five correct with Allen, Rosen and Jackson heading to teams I predicted they would go to. I will be ranking how good these quarterbacks are based on stats and personal opinion. I will also be putting where I believe these youngsters will be heading to in the draft. If you have read my 2nd mock draft article you’ll know where they are heading. I will also be putting in a second and third option for the hell of it because why not? Without further ado, let’s get started.

#5 Daniel Jones – Duke

First Draft Prediction – Miami Dolphins (1st round 13th pick)

Second Draft Prediction – Washington Redskins (1st round 15th pick)

Third Draft Prediction – New England Patriots (1st round 32nd pick)

 Daniel Jones takes the last place spot on my ranking. A lot of people say that they can say this might be Tom Brady’s replacement, but Brady is going to be playing into his late nineties so he’s never going to be replaced. With all jokes aside, I believe Jones has the capability of getting drafted in the first round, but not for the reasons you’d expect. One, a lot of teams are in need of a quarterback so they might just draft him out of necessity. Two, Jones is 6’5 and 220 pounds. He has the physique of a good quarterback, but he could turn out to be a Paxton Lynch. Who knows at this point as the draft offers surprises left and right. His stats are what puts him down this low however. In this career at Duke he has tossed 52 touchdowns and 29 interceptions. That’s not that great as that rounds out to a 55.8% touchdown to interception ratio. Regardless, I do see him as a first round candidate, but he could fall further or higher depending on his combine.

#4 Will Grier – WVU

First Draft Prediction – Cincinnati Bengals (2nd round 10th pick)

Second Draft Prediction – Jacksonville Jaguars (2nd round 6th pick)

Third Draft Prediction – Washington Redskins (2nd round 14th pick)

Will Grier takes the place of number four on our draft quarterback rankings. Some of you might be thinking, Why is Grier higher than Jones? Some believe that Jones is a better quarterback prospect than Grier, but I see things differently. Grier played three years of football; one at Florida and two at WVU. All together he played a only a total of 28 games in a three year span which isn’t the best. Some may also say if he is better than Jones then why do you have him getting taken in the 2nd round and not the first. Grier could be a special player, and with him being a special player he acquires a team to treat him special. The Bengals would be the best team in my opinion as he would sit behind Dalton for a year or two and then take over. His stats aren’t that bad either. In three years he tossed 81 touchdowns and just 23 interceptions. I would much prefer him in the first round, but I doubt he goes that high.

#3 Drew Lock – Missouri

First Draft Prediction – Denver Broncos (1st round 10th pick)

Second Draft Prediction – Jacksonville Jaguars (1st round 7th pick)

Third Draft Prediction – Miami Dolphins (1st round 13th pick)

Drew Lock lands at the number three spot in my ranking and rightfully so. I predict Lock going in the top 15 picks. If he goes any lower I will definitely be surprised. Denver is looking like where he will find a home even though they traded for Joe Flacco. Jacksonville and Miami could be second and third homes to him although I see Jacksonville taking a veteran like Taylor or Foles. Both are kind of second to Denver which is most likely where he will end up. His starts were very decent at best for his four years at Missouri. He tossed 99 touchdowns and 39 interceptions which if you look at it from a statistics point of view pops up to just 39.4%. Lock has the potential to be a good quarterback in the NFL, but for now he has two quarterbacks that definitely are better than him at the moment. The combine will definitely show all the results.

#2 Kyler Murray – Oklahoma

First Draft Prediction – Washington Redskins (1st round 15th pick)

Second Draft Prediction – Arizona Cardinals (1st round 1st pick)

Third Draft Prediction – Los Angeles Chargers (1st round 28th pick)

The so-called star makes his way onto our ranking at the runner up spot; number two. Murray was a monkey wrench that was thrown into the draft because he was originally going to be drafted by the Oakland Athletics baseball team and play for the MLB. That all changed when Murray declared for the NFL draft and decided to football until further notice. Murray played incredible football at Oklahoma and was a good player for Baker Mayfield to pass the torch to. His touchdown to interception ratio wasn’t bad as he calculated 50 touchdowns and 14 interceptions in 29 games. There are some downsides to him though. One, he is very short for a quarterback. He stands at about 5’10 and would be the shortest quarterback to play in the NFL. The shortest before was Russell Wilson at 5’11. The other one is that you never know if Murray will hop back to baseball. So it’s a bit of a risk to draft him, but if he stays it’s a huge upside. The Redskins are the team I can see him going to the most. I normally would have the Dolphins up here, but I’d thought I’d give them a break and experiment with some other teams. The Cardinals could use their first pick on him but, they would have to probably trade Rosen away. The last one would be the Chargers as Philip Rivers doesn’t have that much time left in the NFL and putting Murray behind him with a strong Changers team to help carry him just sounds smart.

#1 Dwayne Haskins – Ohio State

First Draft Prediction – New York Giants (1st round 6th pick)

Second Draft Prediction – Jacksonville Jaguars (1st round 7th pick)

Third Draft Prediction – Cincinnati Bengals (1st round 11th pick)

The number one quarterback out of the 2019 draft class is without a doubt Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins. Don’t let the feeling of only playing two years in college discourage you believe me. Even though he only played for two years in college it is what he did with those two years that makes him number one on my ranking. In two years he threw 54 touchdowns and nine interceptions, throwing 50 touchdowns and eight picks in his last year at Ohio state (sophomore year). Haskins isn’t a better runner than Murray, but he can still rush for some yards and some scores here and there. I see him going to the Giants almost 100% (probably 89%). The only way I can see either Jacksonville or Cincinnati taking him is if they trade up to take him. Haskins will be a wonder to see in the combine, but I look forward to him playing football in an NFL jersey (hopefully in a Giants jersey).

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