The Top Ten Worst QB Performances of 2018

Ever get mad at the tv for a quarterback being dumb and not doing what you want him to do? Ever get upset because these guys had one slip up for fantasy purposes? Do you ever wonder why these guys walked onto the field that day? Well this is the article for you guys. These quarterbacks might not have had an all around terrible, but there was not doubt that these individuals were involved in the worst performances by a quarterback in the 2018 season. I decided to also add an element in this article. There cannot be more than one bad quarterback performance in one week. Let us begin shall we.


Andrew Luck vs Jacksonville Jaguars (Week 13)

Let us not beat around the bush here. If you read my quarterback ranking article you’ll know that I put Andrew Luck as number three out of 32 which is pretty damn good after not knowing if he would ever throw a ball again. However, this was a bad performance by him. His stats weren’t as bad as the other quarterbacks on this ranking though as he only tossed one pick with no touchdowns. Still, this Jaguars defense this year was absolutely dreadful compared to last year. It is unbelievable to think that a great quarterback like Luck could toss just one pick, have a 63.5% completion percentage, throw for 248 yards and get sacked three times by such an awful defense. Even though his 2018 season was one to remember, I feel that this is one performance he would want to forget.


Andy Dalton vs Carolina Panthers (Week 3)

If only I could see my brother’s face right now as his favorite team’s quarterback comes on this list. The Bengals eventually lost Dalton to injury from his thumb and had to roll with Jeff Driskel for the rest of the season. No one can forget his pitiful performance against the Carolina Panthers in Week 3 however. He tossed four interceptions, but also two touchdowns and 352 passing yards. Those stats alone give him the number nine spot as the interceptions were bad,  it the touchdowns Andrew the yards make up for it. He also took two sacks and had a completion percentage of just 63%. I’ve been saying a while that Dalton was overrated and with a new coach maybe it is time for the Bengals to find a new franchise quarterback.


Josh Allen vs Green Bay Packers (Week 4)

Josh Allen’s rookie season started off rough and then did better throughout the year. However, he had a couple of rough games. One in particular came in week four when the Buffalo Bills battled the Green Bay Packers. This defense absolutely destroyed Allen in this contest. He was sacked seven times, managed only 151 passing yards with a 48.5% completion ratio and was intercepted twice. The Bills were shut out in this game and it was awful to see this rookie take this beating the way he did. It was lucky enough for him that he found his legs to get better at running the ball later in the season, but sadly I doubt I will ever forget this performance from him.


Ryan Fitzpatrick vs New York Giants (Week 11)

Ryan Fitzpatrick; one of the quarterbacks for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers clocks in at number seven on this list. Fitzpatrick was becoming “Fitzmagic” at the beginning of the season taking down teams left and right. Somewhere along the line though he blew it and lost the starting job. Of all the teams he could have blown it against he just had to completely lose it against the Giants in week 11. And when I say lose it, I mean lose it. He tossed no touchdowns and three interceptions against a vulnerable Giants defense. They also sacked him one time and threw for only 167 yards and had a 61.9%. He did save himself a little bit with a rushing touchdown, but overall it was a performance football fans and Fitzpatrick himself would like to forget.


Jameis Winston vs Cincinnati Bengals (Week 8)

Jameis Winston is not a good quarterback and anyone who tells me differently I will argue and most likely win that argument. He has a had a decent amount of bad performances, but none compare to his week eight performance against the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals had one of if not the worst defense in the NFL. So when this game ended and the Buccaneers had lost there was strictly one person to blame; Jameis Winston. The man threw one touchdown, but four interceptions. How can you even do that against this terrible team. He also had a 51.4% completion ratio and was sacked five times. Between and him Ryan Fitzpatrick having bad games and constantly switching at the helm, the Buccaneers maybe want to start considering finding a new quarterback.


Jared Goff vs Chicago Bears (Week 14)

People are probably mighty confused as to why this is not closer to the top of my list. Let me explain. The Bears defense isn’t one to be trifled with. They were one of if not the most destructive defense this year making good quarterbacks look terrible. I am willing to give Goff some slack for this effort because the ones ahead did horrible against bad defenses while Goff struggled against the best defense in the NFL. It still doesn’t excuse his awful game though hence why he graces my list. He tossed no touchdowns and had four interceptions. To make matters worse he had a measly 45.5% completion ratio and was also sacked three times. I would think besides the Super Bowl, Goff would really love to forget this pitiful performance.


Blake Bortles vs Kansas City Chiefs (Week 5)

Dear God Bortles was so bad this year. I said at the beginning of the season that the Jaguars were dumber than a sack of rocks to give him that much money free one decent season. He will likely go somewhere else this offseason, but I doubt it would be for a starting quarterback position. This game was just one example of how bad he was this year. The Jaguars and Chiefs played in Week 5 and it was looking to be the unfolding of the once great Jacksonville team. Bottles threw one touchdown and had a rushing touchdown, but he still threw four interceptions against a defense that most teams turned into Swiss cheese. He scored a terrible 54.1% completion ratio and was sacked five times. Hopefully, the Jaguars can find a better quarterback than this bum in the offseason or in the draft.


Josh Rosen vs Denver Broncos (Week 7)

I was so happy for this game personally because I had the Broncos defense and they absolutely shredded this poor rookie bastard. Rosen was already experiencing some difficulty at the quarterback position and then he was introduced to one of the most dominant passing rushing duos of Von Miller and Bradley Chubb. Rosen was slaughtered for most of this game tossing three very bad interceptions, posting an awful 53.8% and being sacked six times. He did throw a touchdown to Fitzgerald, but  not a lot of people remember it because of the complete devastation the Broncos defense caused him that night.


Matthew Stafford vs New York Jets (Week 1)

Talk about one of the worst openers for the NFL in a long time. The Lions were facing the Jets and the Lions looked to show who was really the king of the jungle with new head coach Matt Patricia leading the attack. They proved it earl intercepting Darnold I believe on the first play of the game. Things took a sad turn though as this turnover train stopped at Stafford station and kept stopping there all night. He threw four interceptions against a very weak Jets team and had a rating of 58.7 for completion. He wasn’t sacked at all and threw one touchdown, but the fact of the matter is this was absolutely awful to watch. A franchise quarterback getting completely destroyed in the first game of the season with a new coach. It was bad and rightfully deserves the number two spot.


Sam Darnold vs Miami Dolphins (Week 9)

Yikes this was a bad game to watch if you were a Jets fan or a Sam Darnold fan. This was no doubt one of the worst games in a while that the Jets have been involved with, but it was also Darnold’s worst game of his NFL career. The Dolphins aren’t a bad team on the defensive side of things, but they are certainly lower on the list of defenses in the NFL this year which makes this even worse for Darnold. He threw four interceptions with no touchdowns, a mere 229 passing yards, had a completion percentage of 53.8 (same as Rosen’s) and was sacked four times. Darnold would hopefully love to put that game behind and focus on getting better in his early career for the Jets, but somehow it just seems like this would be a hard one to shake off which lands it number one on my list

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