Every NFL Team’s Most Overrated Player From The 2018 Season

This article idea came from one of our writers Benny Buckets. He wanted me to do a list ranking the most overrated players in the NFL. So I took the idea and raised it. Yes, that’s right. This article will debunk all the NFL team’s most overrated player from this particular season. So, if you didn’t pay attention this season at all then you are going to be lost entirely. Whether they were paid big money and didn’t deliver or a return from injury didn’t quite pan out the way it was planned there were many players that began fitting this category. Also, it is important to know that only players currently on their respective team will be counted. An example of this would be Carlos Hyde for the Cleveland Browns as he is now with the Jacksonville Jaguars even though he was with the Browns at the beginning of the season. So, prepare to brace yourself for the mediocre and most overrated players from each NFL team.

Arizona Cardinals – Larry FitzgeraldNew York Giants v Arizona Cardinals

It is really hard to say that this Pitt Alumni and Cardinals legend and the word overrated are even imaginable in the same sentence. Unfortunately, it is sad to say that this was the case for the 2018 season. Larry Fitzgerald is the Arizona Cardinal’s most overrated player this past year and for good reason. His receiving yardage totals were the lowest of his entire career at 738 receiving yards. His next worst total comes from his rookie year in 2004 at 780. Now some will argue it was a new coach and a new quarterback that gave Fitzgerald these stats, but the fact is that the 2018 numbers are in the wrong direction when talking about a great legend like Fitzgerald.

Atlanta Falcons – Devonta Freemandevontafreeman

Devonta Freeman is a gifted athlete, but it just seems like he can never stay healthy. The case in point being that in the 2018 season he started in just two games. He would injure his knee in the season opener against Philadelphia and would miss up until week five when we returned to start against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Sadly, he would injure his foot in that game and was forced to be removed from the game. Down the road he was required to go through a procedure that placed him on injured reserve missing the rest of the 2018 season. This hasn’t been the first time Freeman has encountered an injury, but it was the worst no doubt.

Baltimore Ravens – Lamar Jacksonlamarjackson

Look I get it. A lot of people are thinking why not Joe Flacco. Well since the trade is pretty much set in stone for him going to Denver I thought that would be kind of a cop out to put him in here. Jackson is a rookie and he took the Ravens to a new style of playing and success in the 2018 season. However, there are many negative impacts that come with Jackson’s so-called success. One, he is a better runner than a quarterback. Mobile quarterbacks come and go in the NFL and doing this will impact Jackson’s status down the road trust me. Plus his arm strength isn’t the greatest and with great receivers like Crabtree and Brown you need to have the arm strength to carry those players. Two, teams will figure out the scheme now the following year. The Ravens capitalized a lot on opponents by barely giving them the opportunity to get the ball. By running so much with their backs and Jackson the clock ran down a lot quicker. That will change the following year as teams will figure it out and shut it down. It only took the Chargers two times.

Buffalo Bills – LeSean McCoyNFL: Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills 

Boy the numbers were not kind to Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy this season. He rushed for a mere 514 yards which was his lowest in his entire career. His receiving numbers were also low as they were the second lowest receiving numbers in his career. With Josh Allen running for his life all over the field McCoy wasn’t left with much to work with. It is especially crazy to figure that Allen rushed more than McCoy with 631 yards on the season. Hopefully, he can rebound in the next season, but for now he is with out a shadow of a doubt Buffalo’s most overrated player this year.

Carolina Panthers – Devin Funchessdevinfunchess

Devin Funchess was certainly a receiver to keep your eye on this season, but sadly with all the hype from last season it was a let down to say the least. Last season he put up a moderate 840 receiving yards and eight touchdowns. Fans were excited to see what he could do for Carolina this season. However, Carolina started crumbling after their loss to the Steelers and Cam Newton relied on other targets such as running back Christian McCaffrey and receivers D.J. Moore and Curtis Samuel. He finished the season with a mere 594 receiving yards and four touchdowns.

Chicago Bears – Jordan HowardNFL: Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jordan Howard is no way shape or form a terrible athlete. However, as the Bears made their way further down in the season they relied on pass-catch running back Tarik Cohen a lot more and it showed. Howard’s touchdown numbers weren’t reduced as they used him more on the goal line, but his rushing yard numbers were. His back-back 1,000 yard seasons were crushed as this season he finished with 935 yards. Again, no one is saying those numbers still aren’t good, but it just isn’t what the fans in my mind were looking for this season and with Tarik Cohen continuing to look over his shoulder it could soon be Howard that is looking over Cohen’s shoulder going forward.

Cincinnati Bengals – Tyler Eiferttylereifert  

The same argument used for Freeman can be said here for the Cincinnati Bengal’s tight end Tyler Eifert. The man can just not stay healthy. After suffering an injury to his right elbow and shoulder he was forced to miss the rest of the season in 2014. Fans were thankful to hear that he would be returning to play. Sadly, he kept getting injured and in September of 2017 his back required surgery and he missed the rest of the season. Fans held their breath knowing that he would return to play in 2018. What happened you may ask? He got hurt again. This time he broke his ankle in a match against the Falcons in week five. He was again sidelined for the rest of the year. So yes as horrible as it is to say with Eifert’s injuries in his career and fans hoping he would return in 2018 to play well only to get injured again makes him the Bengal’s most overrated player for this season.

Cleveland Browns – Rashard HigginsNFL: New York Jets at Cleveland Browns

Rashard Higgins comes in as the most overrated player from the Cleveland Browns in 2018. With the momentum changing in Cleveland we figured this was finally going to be the year that Higgins jumped out as the number two wide receiver behind Jarvis Landry. Sadly Higgins only started in one game this season. He did have the most touchdowns of his career but he quickly lost his starting receiver job to rookie Antonio Callaway. Things were supposed to look bright for Higgins in 2018, but I guess we will have to see what 2019 will bring him.

Dallas Cowboys – Tyron SmithNFL: Dallas Cowboys at Buffalo Bills

Tyron Smith is a great offensive tackle and a very impressive player in the Cowboys offensive line. However, recently this year the line has gone down a couple of notches and it doesn’t surprise us as football fans that Smith has had something to do with that. Between injuries and just overall downplayed production Smith finds himself on this list. It is a shame, but hopefully he will find himself once again in the 2019 season.

Denver Broncos – Case Keenumcasekeenum

Boy did the year turn backwards for Case Keenum. In the 2017 season, Keenum played for the Vikings and got them into the NFC championship game. He finished that season with 22 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. Denver fans were rejoiced to learn that Keenum would be their starting quarterback for the 2018 season. Man was this a waste. Keenum was a shell of his former self and was a turnover machine finishing the season with 18 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. It was so bad that now Denver has now traded for Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco to now start the season. It goes to show that one year doesn’t make the difference.

Detroit Lions – Matthew Staffordmattstafford

Matthew Stafford has also been the reliable general herding his Lions to really close games. However, as we have seen with some athletes when they are paid a boat load of money they sometimes play less than what they’re worth. That was the case with Stafford. Sadly, his performance in the 2018 was less than memorable. His passing yards were the lowest of his career besides his rookie season and his touchdown to interception ratio was bad as well tossing 21 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. Let us not forget he also threw four of those picks against the Jets in Week one. Stafford looks rebound in the 2019 season.

Green Bay Packers – Jimmy Grahamjimmygraham

The Green Bay Packers hoped that they would have found a stellar tight end in the acquisition of Seattle Seahawks tight end Jimmy Graham. Boy where they wrong. Graham put up mediocre numbers compared to his last year in Seattle. It didn’t help that Graham injured his thumb, but he still started in twelve of the sixteen games. His receiving yards might have increased a tad as well but his touchdown ratio went down dramatically from ten to a mere two. The Packers are rumored to pick up a tight end in the draft so this definitely makes Graham the most overrated Packers player of 2018.

Houston Texans – Demaryius Thomasdemaryiusthomas

When the news came through halfway through the 2018 season that wide receiver Demaryius Thomas would be traded from the Denver Broncos to the Houston Texans fans were excited to see what Thomas could do as the number two wide receiver behind DeAndre Hopkins. This was probably one of the worst transitions this year alone. Thomas ended up with just 275 receiving yards and two touchdowns in his seven starts with Houston. The Texans then released him from the team in February. The amount of publicity that this got makes Thomas the most overrated player for the Houston Texans in 2018.

Indianapolis Colts – Ryan GrantRyan Grant 

Grant was sort of a solution to getting more receivers the ball in Indianapolis last year. He did well at doing his job catching the ball 45 times for 573 yards and four touchdowns. Fans were expecting a lot out of him especially with the fact that Andrew Luck was returning to quarterback the team. Sadly, fans were disappointed to learn that wasn’t going to be the case. He had ten less catches than he had last season but only managed 334 receiving yards and one touchdown. The bad part about this is that he started in three more games than he did last season. Rumors that the Colts could be drafting a wide receiver with their first pick also demonstrates that they have lost faith in Grant making him their most overrated player of the 2018 season.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Leonard FournetteJacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts

Yes I get it Blake Bortles was terrible this season so why isn’t he the one on here with all the money the Jaguars paid for him. In my mind, it is a cop out and it is what everyone would want me to say and since he is basically on his way out of Jacksonville anyway I do not consider him apart of the team anymore. So the one I truly believe is the most overrated Jacksonville player is Leonard Fournette. In his rookie season, Fournette played in thirteen games, rushed for over a 1,000 yards and had nine touchdowns. This season injuries plagued Fournette and he played in only eight games this season. Plus, he only rushed for 439 yards and had five touchdowns. T.J. Weldon took over the duties while Fournette was out and it begs the question: How will he do in the 2019 season?

Kansas City Chiefs – Sammy Watkinssammywatkins 

Sammy Watkins is a decent receiver. Sammy Watkins is very fast. Sammy Watkins was projected to do very well for the Chiefs. Sammy Watkins was paid to do that. Sammy Watkins did not do that. Watkins received a three year deal for 48 million dollars. Now call me crazy, but that amount of money normally would be for a number one receiver. That is Tyreek Hill’s job. Watkins moved from the Rams to the Chiefs to thrive on a powerful passing game and did not perform to his best ability which is mediocre to say the least. He only started in nine games this season producing a mere 519 yards and three touchdowns. The amount of money they paid Watkins wasn’t worth it. This classifies him as the Chief’s most overrated player of the 2018 season.

Los Angeles Chargers – Antonio Gatesantoniogates 

When it comes to the career of Antonio Gates you cannot argue the success this man has had. However, they cut Gates in the offseason and predicted to start the 2018 season with  younger star Hunter Henry. Sadly, Henry tore his ACL and was not able to play. They resigned Gates hoping for the old workhorse to help them out. This was not the case. Gates only started in one game and caught the ball 28 times for 333 yards and two touchdowns. The Chargers in my mind could have found a better tight end to work with, but what’s done is done.

Los Angeles Rams – Marcus PetersLos Angeles Rams v Oakland Raiders

Marcus Peters has had an attitude problem in the past, but that didn’t stop the Rams from getting him from acquiring him from the Kansas City Chiefs. The Rams went all in on the defense getting Peters, Suh and Talib. There is no doubt that Peters was the short end of the stick between these three. Speaking of three, that is the only amount of interceptions he had this season (career low). He also had so many blown coverages and made the defense look weaker. Marcus Peters you are the most overrated player on the Rams roster.

Miami Dolphins – Kenyan DrakeNFL: New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins

Sorry to disappoint all of you Kenyan Drake fans, but yes he is the most overrated player in 2018. To be fair it is not all his fault. His coach does not know how to handle running backs. He only started in seven of the sixteen games. His success was compromised by the nostalgia of veteran running back Frank Gore who continues to show us he can still do it. This was supposed to be Drake’s year as he decreased in rushing yards by over 100 yards. Whether Gore continues to thrive in Miami will be the determining factor of how Drake will continue to perform.

Minnesota Vikings – Kirk Cousinsoverrated

This was a tough one to swallow as I chose Cousins as my quarterback in fantasy this year. Cousins was given a three year contract worth 84 million dollars. He was given a mass amount of weapons to work with. While he put up an impressive stat of 30 touchdowns and 10 interceptions, he was terrible in big game situations. He’d led the team to an 8-7-1 record. This was heart-breaking for Vikings fans as Case Keenum took the team to the NFC championship game. They are now stuck with Cousins as he tries to get out of his big game slump situation.

New England Patriots – Rob GronkowskiDivisional Round - Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots

There is no doubt about it. Gronk was a former shell of himself. He only played in thirteen of the sixteen games and started in eleven of them. When he did start though, he was less than himself. His stats took a dramatic hit from last year. Last year he went from having 1,084 receiving yards and eight touchdowns to 682 yards and three touchdowns. Grinch’s best years are up in my opinion which makes him the most overrated Patriots player and with a decent draft class of tight ends coming up the Patriots might want to consider finding his replacement.

New Orleans Saints – Marcus Davenportmarcusdavenport

When you trade up in the draft the team expects results and Davenport did not deliver. He was supposed to be a determining factor and he didn’t even start a single game. He did play in thirteen of the sixteen games and had twelve tackles, one fumble force and four and a half sacks. However, coming from a first round pick in the draft these numbers should have been a lot higher. Sadly, he comes in as the Saints most overrated player in 2018.

New York Giants – Eli Manningelimanning

I’ve been saying this for the last two years. Eli Manning is overrated. To be fair, I do not believe they should have sat him for Geno Smith in 2017. That was insulting to him and his early career. However, every year Giants fans say that Eli Manning will do better and this is his year. I really have to hold back my laughter when they tell me this. The Giants need to take a quarterback in the draft this upcoming draft. Eli’s numbers have shown that even though Giants fans have praised him he is incredibly overrated.

New York Jets – Sam Darnoldsamdarnold

Sam Darnold was better than most quarterbacks that have come in the past for the Jets, but being taken in the third pick overall in the draft with his results earns him the spot as New York’s most overrated player in 2018. Early on in the season Darnold was a turnover machine. He later found his footing and produced a overall mediocre stat line for a rookie quarterback for a struggling team. He posted seventeen touchdowns and fifteen interceptions. This was is his rookie year so hopefully down the stretch he will learn to get out of this slump.

Oakland Raiders – Jordy NelsonDetroit Lions v Oakland Raiders

Well this was kind of a shock to me. Originally, I knew that Jordy hit a slump in his career with his last year in Green Bay and figured a move to the Raiders could do nothing but try to improve on his legacy. God was I wrong. True his numbers succeeded his last year with the Packers, but it was nowhere near where it should have been. Nelson is an elite receiver and he managed a simple 739 yards and three touchdowns. When comparing Nelson’s yards in his career in the past this stat is way too low for my stomach to handle. Hopefully, he can only go upward in his career, but yes in 2018 Nelson was the most overrated Raider player.

Philadelphia Eagles – Golden TateNew York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles

That’s right. The former Lions receiver Golden Tate lands on this list as the most overrated player for the Eagles. When it was announced that Tate was being traded from Detroit to Philadelphia fans everywhere were excited to see just what he could bring to the Eagles. Unfortunately, his stats were not what we expected. He played in eight games with the Eagles, but he only started in four of them managing just 30 receptions for 278 yards and one touchdown. It’s a wonder if the Eagles just didn’t know how to use him in their scheme, but I guess we will never know. From all of the over hyped nonsense that was Golden Tate, I believe he is right where he belongs on this list.

Pittsburgh Steelers – Chris BoswellNFL: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers

Many of you probably thought I was going to put Ben Roethlisberger or Antonio Brown on this list right? Well you’d be right in most cases, but people tend to overlook who I put on here. What in the hell happened to you Chris Boswell? He was one of the most accurate kickers last season making 35 of 38 field goals. For all of you math people out there that is 92%. It was so shocking to have this Pro Bowl kicker of last year come out and give us the garbage he called a 2018 season. He managed 13 field goals on 20 attempts. That my math nerds is a mere 65% and the lowest in his entire career. He missed two field goals from 30-39 yards out and missed a whopping five field goals from 40-49 yards out. He was paid a large amount of money to make these kicks after last year and like I said with Matthew Stafford sometimes when you’re paid a large amount of money results tend to go in the opposite direction. That was especially the case with Boswell as he is definitely the most overrated Steelers player of 2018.

San Francisco 49ers – Marquise Goodwinmarquisegoodwin

The 49ers were supposed to have an amazing year under the new leadership of quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Sadly, he tore his ACL and the offense was left powerless. Marquise Goodwin sure would have liked him back but even with him throwing him the ball I’d doubt my reasoning for having Goodwin as the most overrated player for the 49ers would change. Goodwin last year posted 962 receiving yards in sixteen games. This year he only played in eleven games starting in eight of them. His touchdown number doubled going from two to four, but his receiving yard numbers drastically fell all the way down to 395 yards. Here is hoping he can do better in the following season.

Seattle Seahawks – Doug Baldwindougbaldwin

Doug Baldwin has had some incredible years under his belt playing for Seattle. However, this year was not one of them. Last year he posted a near 1,000 yard season ending it with 75 receptions for 991 yards and eight touchdowns. He was the clear number one receiver. This year was anything but that. He posted 50 receptions for 618 yards and five touchdowns in thirteen games. This year Seattle turned into a run-heavy offense and even when Wilson threw the ball it was not in the direction of Baldwin, but it was in the direction of Tyler Lockett who had a monstrous season posting 57 receptions for 965 yards and ten touchdowns. Needless to say Baldwin was outshone and outgunned which makes him the most overrated Seattle Seahawks player.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Ronald Jones IIronaldjones

Boy was this disappointing. Ronald Jones II was selected by the Buccaneers 38th in the second round of the 2018 draft and were hoping that the former USC running back could do some good for their team. People were excited to see what he could do, but they were sad to find out that he never really learned the playbook for the Buccaneers and did not earn the starting position. He never started a game and only played in nine games. In those nine games he managed a mere 44 rushing yards on 23 attempts and one touchdown. He was easily one of the most overhyped and most overrated players in Tampa Bay history.

Tennessee Titans – Marcus Mariotamarcusmariota 

Former Oregon quarterback and current Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota claims the title of the most overrated player for the Titans in 2018. While it is true that Mariota threw more touchdowns than interceptions this year there was one thing that has plagued him since he stepped foot in the NFL. That would be injuries ladies and gentlemen. Mariota has been injured time and time again in his NFL career this time being forced to miss a couple games. His passing yards were down and even though his rushing yards increased by a few yards his rushing touchdown number went down as well. I’ve always classified Mariota as overrated and sooner or later if he can’t stay healthy the Titans will have to find a new quarterback they can trust.

Washington Redskins – Paul Richardsonpaulrichardson

Paul Richardson takes the cake and of course the cake being the most overrated player for the Washington Redskins in 2018. Coming over from Seattle, Richardson was designated to try to be the number one receiver for Washington. He had the ability to do so. In 2017 with the Seahawks, he put up amazing numbers as the number three wide receiver. He posted 703 yards on 44 receptions with six touchdowns. Sadly, Richardson fell to injury to an AC joint in his shoulder and had to miss the rest of the season. His numbers didn’t do him justice for being the number one receiver however. In Washington, he played in seven games starting four of them and put up 20 receptions for 262 yards and two touchdowns. I have a hard time believing he would have put up better numbers if he wasn’t shut down due to injury.

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