The 5 best/worst things about Spittin Chiclets

For those of you who don’t know, Spittin Chiclets is a Barstool sponsored podcast that features two former NHL players, Ryan Whitney, and Paul Bissonnette. They talk hockey and recant stories to two Stoolies, one being Rear Admiral and the other Producer Mike Grinnell. The podcast at its best is a peak behind the curtain of the NHL. Former and current players shedding a light on the personalities in the league. At its worst it is a series of crappy opinions that are not grounded in fact. Throw in a couple of random betting tips form a degenerate gambler and that’s the show. I have listened to this podcast from about episode ten till now. I will always listen because for me it is the closest thing I have found to being back in the locker room with the bois. However as a decent human and more importantly someone who truly understands the game there are some glaring problems with the podcast. Oddly enough these things happen to be the same. The good things are often the bad things, and here is why.

#5 The addition of Biz Nasty

The show use to only feature Whitney, RA, and Grinnell. Then in April of 2018 they made the decision to make the recurring guest Paul Bissonnette aka Biz Nasty a full time member of the pod. Biz became a household name in his playing days thanks to his famous Twitter antics and sponsoring of a t-shirt company called Sauce Hockey. After his playing days came to an end Biz was a mainstay on podcast, radio show, and nightly tv as an NHL Analyst. Needless to say his personality is magnetic and you can’t help but smile when you see him. It could just be timing but the addition of Biz seemed to usher in a new era for Chiclets. The show went from being three dudes sitting on a coach talking hockey to a pro podcast that attempts to analyze the current NHL landscape. In the same breath of the uptick in professionalism all the sudden the podcast started to get more serious guests. Just recently doing interviews with current NHL stars like Steven Stamkos. Biz addition was a great shot in the arm to the podcast and kept it from getting stale, but his relentless work ethic has forced the pod to get more serious along with their growing popularity.

#4 The Sponsors

If you think Joe Rogan’s commercials are long and weird you haven’t heard shit! Often Biz will misspell the main sponsors name during commercials. The read also seem to baffle the guys as if they have never read a book before. Constantly stumbling through the reads it can get downright painful. This podcast has so many sponsors and promo codes I’m not sure which one goes where. I just start plugin Biz-20 into every site I’m on to see what happens. I understand this helps the guys make money and the bigger they got the more likely this was to happen, but jesus bois lets record a few and keep them pre-recorded. It does not need to be a live read every week.

#3 The Hockey Analysts

Generally in hockey you tend to trust a guy who has played the game. You especially trust a former NHLer, but sometimes Biz and Whit are way off the mark. Now all props to them they own up to it and take full responsibility in fornt of the mic. However their lack of knowledge on advance metrics and simply using the eye test to talk about teams is irresponsible. If your professional enough to talk to legit NHL talent and have sponsors then you need to start to understand stats better. With that being said it’s always interesting to hear their reasoning as to why they like teams. Whitney especially seems convicted to his reasons until proven wrong. He can be right at times but he can also make predictions that are so far off the mark he becomes a rallying cry for a franchise to prove wrong. Like the 2018 Vegas Golden Knights.

#2 The Guest

Spittin Chiclets is a mixed bag. Sometimes you get amazing guests like Mike Comrie, Mike Commodore, or Ryan Malone. Sometimes you get guys who are afraid to say anything of worth. Then there are the occasional painful episodes where they talk to a guy who is so old they are barely able to complete their stories. Often the interview is the best part of the show, Whitney or Biz normally know the guy pretty well and can pull some great stories out of them. But when they can’t it can get rough.

#1 Rear Admiral

Rear Admiral is an original Stollie, much like I am an original Bencher. It is not beyond me that myself and fellow bloggers are closer to RA then we are to Biz or Whit. Yet this guy drives me up a wall. He is constantly inserting his unwanted opinion on hockey into conversations. Even when an idea is dismissed by Whit and Biz, RA continues to hammer it home. Particularly he thinks he is a wiz on goalies. The guy acts like playing in a couple of neighborhood street hockey tournaments makes him Mitch Korn.

Before Biz joined the show RA played host and would often ask Whit about his opinions on things. Now he just feels like an awkward fifth wheel that they allow to give gambling advice to keep relevant. You can tell he doesn’t belong when they interview a guy that Whit and Biz are really close with. RA starts to chirp up just to be noticed and ask dumb questions that the player laughs off.

A recent episode featured Ryan Reeves, Nate Schmidt, and Marc-Andre Fleury. In that episode RA straight up asked Fleury why goalies are so weird. The question went over like a fart in church, with Fleury politely laughing at the question and attempting to dismiss it. Yet RA persisted as if he was asking a hard hitting question. Eventually Fleury was able to satisfy him and the conversation moved on. I get why RA is there and I know a lot of people who love him on that show. However those same people are not people I generally hold in depth hockey conversations with. They say dumb things like the Penguins should trade Evgeni Malkin for draft picks. Needless to say I’m not his biggest fan but he does bring a common man element to the show.

Any way I do honestly listen and like this podcast. It is kind of like hockey, when its good its great but when its bad, boy does it suck. I encourage you all to listen to it and enjoy it. Fair warning it is not a kid friendly show, and if your prone to be sensitive over language and scenarios involving women I would skip it. Other then that it stands alone as one of the only hockey podcast that come from a true perspective of former NHL player. So for that it is awesome.


  1. I agree with most of what is said here, but it’s hard to take seriously with so many spelling errors. Surprising it isn’t double checked before publishing.


  2. I dunno, I kind of like RA. He brings a more wholesome tone to the show, save for when he goes on a swearing rant. I agree with the addition of Biz, too. Great article on Chiclets!


  3. I agree with most of it but not the bit about RA. A huge factor in the show is that you don’t have to be a former pro in order to feel included. If RA can have a seat at the table, so can I.


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