Double Or Nothing What We Know

Last Thursday, February 7th was the 2nd Live Stream Event in a month for the new wrestling promotion All Elite Wrestling. This time it was to discuss details for “Double or Nothing” the AEW Paper View and follow up to last years “All In”. We learned of a few new signings, but more importantly we can now start to see the skeleton of a card forming. If we compare “Double or Nothing” to “All In” we can assume the card will be very similar as a refresher here is All In’s card.

(Pre Show)

SCU vs The Briscoes

Over The Budget Battle Royal (Winner to Face Jay Lethal for ROH Title)

Preliminary Matches

Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs Matt Cross

Christopher Daniels vs Stephen Amell

Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D vs Chelsea Green vs Madison Rayne vs Tessa Blanchard

Nick Aldis vs Cody (NWA Heavyweight Championship)

Hangman Adam Page vs Joey Janela

Jay Lethal vs Flip Gordon

Kenny Omega vs Pentagon Jr.

Marty Scurll vs Kazuchika Okada

Main Event

The Young Bucks and Kota Ibushi vs Bandido, Rey Fénix and Rey Mysterio

So going off the format of 2 pre show matches, and 10 matches on the main card we can fill in some slots.

Pre Show



Christopher Daniels made the challenge at the Ticket Event. I would imagine with OWE bringing rather nameless talent to United State Audience this would be a great way to kick off for the Pre Show. Also it could be free on TV or the Internet somewhere to create buzz.

Nyla Rose vs Kylie Rae


These two had a stair down at the ticket announcement. To give you an idea this match won’t be too far off from the famous NXT bout between Nia Jax and Bailey. Kylie Rae is referred to as “Smiley” Kylie Rae and her entrance song is a remix of the Pokemon theme song. Don’t let that fool you she can work, here is a match she had against arguably the greatest female wrestler on the planet Tessa Blanchard. Nyla Rose is a transgender wrestler who is big and works big. She can mix it up with just about anyone. They will play to their size difference and present a true David and Goliath story. The match will be awesome, but no one knows who they are so it’s a good idea to put them on the pre-show.

Main Card

Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs Joey Janela


You have to imagine this will kick off the show simply because, by the time we reach the show the Youtube series Being The Elite will have successfully turn MJF into the biggest heel in wrestling and Joey Janela into the most lovebale babyface. These two will tear the house down and be impossible to follow.

Sonny Kiss vs (TBA)


Sonny Kiss confirmed that they will be a part of Double or Nothing. This is a wrestler who could grow into a big star for the company, placing them against a big name could help elevate their status… So where can we find a sleazebag who can wrestle a gender bending pro wrestler… (The sounds of a man singing, “if you like Pina Coladas” lightly in the background.)

Britt Baker MD vs (TBA) AEW Women’s Championship


Britt Baker is someone who has created a lot of buzz for herself on the indies, but she is still not a top billing type like Tessa or Chelsea Green. So depending on her opponent she could be early in the card. I would like to see her square up with another women of her popularity. If I could pitch one name it would be Ivelisse. I don’t think it does AEW any good to bring in a big name to face their would be Women’s Champion.

Jimmy Havoc vs (TBA)


Very quietly AEW signed one of my favorite wrestlers ever. Jimmy F*cking Havoc is in AEW and you have to imagine the indie veteran is fixing to have a blood bath with someone at Double or Nothing. This could also be a perfect spot for Jungle Boy to fill. With that being said Jimmy Havoc has made it perfectly clear he has his eyes on someone special.

Brandi vs (TBA)


The Chief Brandy officer made it clear she is not just an executive she is here to wrestle. I would imagine it would be a big name for Mrs. Rhodes but who knows.

Cody vs (TBA)


It is being teased that Cody’s opponent will be a big name. I would imagine it is a soon to be former WWE Wrestler and could be any of the following, Dean Ambrose, Randy Orton, Goldberg or Brock Lesnar. The one opponent not listed here is Marty Scurll, his contract with Ring Of Honor will be up right before Double or Nothing. He arguably is a big name especially since he is the only former Elite member not in AEW. All of this could be in Jeprody tho wiht Cody needing surgery on his meniscus keeping hom form wretsling at Double or Nothing.

PAC vs Hangman AEW Championship


This match was confirmed at the Double or Nothing Ticket Event.

Best Friends vs (TBA) AEW Tag Team Championship


Chucky T and Trent Barreta are officially bringing their friendship to AEW. It seems that none of the Executive Vice Presidents will be competing for titles at Double or Nothing so it’s easy to believe that Best Friends will be fighting for the titles. Who could their opponents be? Well The Usos still have not signed a new WWE contract and their contracts are up after April.

Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega


This match was confirmed at the Double or Nothing Ticket Event. These two have a lot of history from New Japan and are arguably the biggest names on this card and in this company. Another matchup between these two would be good for everyone. I also would help end the bridge from their first match in New Japan, to their second one on The Cruise of Jericho now to their third match up in AEW.

Main Event

The Young Bucks vs The Lucha Bros.


The Young Bucks made the challenge and at the Double or Nothing ticket event the Lucha Bros accepted. The Young Bucks said that Tag Team wrestling will get the spotlight it deserves and what a way to kick off the Tag Team division. This could be for the AEW Titles or it could just be a barn burner.

This is all hearsay with the exception of PAC and Hangman. I can imagine this being the card, but it’s hard to say, and I think we may not know the official card till the day of. Either way AEW has been around for about a month and they have already stirred up a lot of positive buzz, fingers crossed they deliver again.

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