Buckets of Violence

Sports is laced with famous duos, Pippen and Jordan, Messier and Gretzky, James and Wade, Kane and Toews, Curry and Durant, Malkin and Crosby. If you read over that list again you will notice two things. One, every pair has won multiple championships together. The second thing is that all the pairings come from either the NBA or NHL. Why you may ask, well it is simple you plebeians it is because these sports are simply elite. These two sports walk the line between a team game and individual effort. A great team can exists without a star player, yet a star player can make a team great.

Just like the list of Hall Of Famers above Thoughts From the Bench has a dynamic duo, Buckets and Violence.

Benny Bio: Ben Fiore (Benny Buckets) is the definition of a true sports fanatic, and a self proclaimed legend of comedy in the making.  Benny grew up playing almost every sport you can think of, and was mediocre at best in every one of those sports. Though he is still highly regarded as one of if not the best shit talkers in Kiski Area Soccer history. High School is the highest level of competition he has ever taken part in because he didn’t want all the attention of being the GOAT in whichever sport he took on as a career.  Currently he is active duty U.S. military as part of the Air Force and is stationed in Great Falls, MT. He also is a part time rec league hockey and basketball player ironically enough, and a free lance casual comedian. l Benny has been a student of all sports analysis and could probably make conversation on anything even remotely considered a sport. He mostly covers TFTB’s NBA content in his column Beyond the Arc. Basketball was easily the sport he grew up paying the most attention to, and chose to cover even though most western Pennsylvanians who are viewers of our page don’t value the sport enough…  Benny can be found on facebook as Ben Fiore, Twitter and Instagram under the handle @tftb_ben.

Violence Bio: The Masked Man of Thoughts From the Bench would prefer to keep his past a secret to protect his career we do know a few things. Johnny has been playing hockey since he was three years old. He grew up playing high school hockey in the states. Eventually played for two teams in the USHL on his way to playing for a D1 College Program. He ended his playing career after college and writes full time for TFBT. His favorite team is the Vegas Golden Knights. He specializes in goaltending analysts but is well rounded across the game. His views on the sport are some bizzare blend of radical and traditional for example. Johnny would like the NHL to switch to a 4 on 4 format while still allowing fighting. He wants there to be no offsides but wants their to be a chip in the puck similar to soccer giving definitive proof on whether or not it is a goal. He believes his superiority is plane to see just ask him. You can interact with Johnny on any of the major social media platforms. Johnny Violence on Facebook, violencejohhny on Twitter, and johnnyviolence00 on Instagram.

Together these two will bring you unique and original content. Crossing over between their sports and all of sports in general. Look forward to their upcoming collabs on Thoughts From The Bench.  Our intent is not to divide the TFTB team by any means, but we have noticed too many similarities resulting in this union of excellence. But with God as my witness so help me, if you cross us….well you get the point. A new era has arrived.

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